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Published by Aarthi Raghavan

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Published by: Aarthi Raghavan on May 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Author: Mike Kinghttp://LearnThis.ca Resource: 001
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Which came first, learning orpassion?
What is Passion?
I’m not sure about each of you, but I know that I get very passionate about things I learn. Or is itthat I have the passion for those things and so I learn them? Well, I really don’t know, probably a bit of both. I do however, find it very interesting how much I personally find that my learning and passions align so much in my life. Whether it's a similarities in my work and personal life or howI explore books, I continually see alignment of how the things I learn apply in so many areas of my life. Those are the areas I’m most passionate about and it continues to feed the passion in astrengthening cycle. The more I learn about something, the more I enjoy it, and so then the more Iwant to learn even more about it.
Passion Roadblocks
I’ve spent a lot of time reading leadership/management and business books to improve my careeand at the same time, most of the authors I’ve enjoyed most mix the business life with a personaltouch and write about applying this in your personal life as well. Changing bad habits andimproving oneself cannot happen solely in the workplace even if business books, performancereviews, your boss and your company are pretty much only concerned only about your day life atthe office. Your actions, mannerisms, character and passions are not completely separable fromyour personal life no matter how hard you try. In order to change these things, you need tochange them everywhere in your life. That’s where passion often plays its part. A passion can beso strong it will steer every area of your life, home and work and can drive a person to learn andfollow more about that area of desire.
Using Passion
 Now, I’m talking about a positive passion, something to improve your life or the life of others.Recognizing this, understanding it, following it and learning from it are then different for each person. Using a passion in your life can lead to an extremely successful meaningful life. It's a sadfact how many people in this world simply “get by” in life and don’t make the most of it. Oneway to do this is to have and use your passions in life to be more joyful and to live with purposeand meaning. I’m planning to explore the topic of passion in several upcoming articles.
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Find your passion in life
I last wrote about passion,one of mine specifically and now want to explore how to find your  own passions. A few people know already what their passions are, however, many more do not.Passions are not just a single thing or a onetime event, it is much deeper than that. Passion can’t be faked, it isn’t something you can turn on and off, and it never fails to survive through anycriticism.
Where does Passion Come From?
Passion exists because of many combined experiences and it drives a
 person (mind, bodyand spirit) to express, utilize, and hold true to core values with joy and enthusiasm. Passion isenergetic and lets difficulties be overlooked and ignored to help recognize the positive boundless potential in the people and events in our world.While that may sound great, finding your passions isn’t easy. Passion is often the cause of pain in people’s life so it gets buried and ignored with an attitude to simply get by in life instead of livingit to its fullest and taking the risks needed to continually follow your passions. Whether this is personal or professional, living with passion is often seen to be risky and may reveal truths aboutyou and your true values that are not always convenient from the mind’s perspective. Livingsafely can seem easier, however, it is certainly not as meaningful.
Finding your Passion
So, what are some of the ways then to find your passion? Here is one method I can recommendfor doing this on your own.
. First, you need to have some serious time to reflect and its best to do it alone with nodistractions. At least a couple of hours. Go somewhere you feel very relaxed, calm andcomfortable. Use a pen and paper and write out all of the major events in your life that youremember to be very positive and joyful. Then do the same for all the times you have feltcrushed, alone, sad, mad, and any other painful or hurting times in your life. Take some time for this, it can easily take 30 minutes or more. Pick events that relate to your career, education,childhood, family, friends, accomplishments, major events, fears, dreams, purchases, emotions,and spirituality.

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