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Exam Practice for Basic 2-Key

Exam Practice for Basic 2-Key

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Published by anuskis
This is the key for some exam practice for my basic students of English
This is the key for some exam practice for my basic students of English

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Published by: anuskis on May 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Key to Exam Practice and other things for Basic 2
Topic vocabulary
City adjectivesAround town
Going places- Public opinionsRail, road and air
1.uncomfortable2.expensive3.reliable4.crowded5.dangerous6.slow7.unreliable8.cheap1.office2.return3.station4.time5.platform6.train7.seat8.stop9.fill10.catch11.bicycle12.driver 13.petrol14.of15.takes16.passengers17.airport18.belts19.flight20.chec21.steward
Describing people appearancePersonality
1.goes out with2.get divorced3.married single4.pregnant5.engaged – get married6.divorced1.started2.sat3.talked4.did5.got6.left7.rented8.was9.had10.moved
Time expressionsClothes adjectives
1.in – at – on – in – in – ago2.ago on3.---- - on – in – at – in – on – on -----4.---- - at - ---- - ago1.informal2.trendy3.scruffy4.tight –  baggy5.formal6.unfashionable7.tidy8.smart9.casual
Culture in mindThe music world
1.designer clothes2.luxury hotels3.private yachts4.magazines5.paparazzi6.goldfish bowl7.cosmetic surgery8.marriage1.songwrite2.voice3.band4.on tou5.charts6.hit7.overdose8.fans9.records10.copies
Alexs emailE-mail o letter about a film
1.set2.about3.storyline4.soundtrac5.acto6.acting7.effects8.film set9.directo10.ending1.About2.keen3.prefe4.favourite5.funny6.like7.best8.when9.just10.actors
Money wordsCareers
1.credit card2.cheape3.discount4.change5.pay6.correctmoney7.expensive8.sell9.cost extra1.applied – get2.work – got – enjoying – leave3.get4.lost5.working6.started – got – retires – get
Talking about foodCooking at home
1.kind of – need – cooked – served2.serves – order – dish – bill – reserve3.order – dish – made from – served1.Coo2.Recipe3.Delicious4.Ingredients5.Sauce6.helping
A simple recipeImproving your story
1.Slice2.Add3.Heat the oil4.Stirring5.Cook gently6.Serve1.who2.although3.but4.when5.and6.which7.so8.that

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