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Tears Don't Fall v3

Tears Don't Fall v3

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Published by problematic1014
Tense dramatic thriller about two siblings whose past comes back to haunt them.
Tense dramatic thriller about two siblings whose past comes back to haunt them.

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Published by: problematic1014 on May 23, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Tears Don’t FallByJoshua Dean5/21/2010
FADE IN.SUPERIMPOSE on a black screen:"INSANITY: A spectrum of behaviors characterized by certainabnormal mental or behavioral patterns which may manifest asviolations of societal norms, including becoming a danger tothemselves and others.It can be the result of severe stress, loss, extremebetrayal, or even typical stress and anxiety, among othercauses."FADE IN:EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- ESTABLISHING- DAYOutside, a nice 2-story home. A pretty young woman, JESSICACHAMBERLAIN (23), boasts curly chest-length hair and alow-cut white top as she walks from her blue Corvette to thefront door of the house.INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- KITCHEN- DAYInside, an attractive woman, ABIGAIL CHAMBERLAIN (41) flipsbacon on the stove. She has a look of anger on herface. In walks Jessie, who strides toward the kitchentable, to see DOUG CHAMBERLAIN (44), a good-looking man,looking very professional, and RYAN CHAMBERLAIN (15), arather scruffy-looking boy, sipping on orange juice, with aGerman Shepherd puppy, KAISER, at his side.JESSIEHey, am I late?RYANNo, I don’t have to be at schoolfor about 25 minutes.JESSIEGood.She goes to sit down. She looks at Doug. He looksdepressed. Jessie bites her lip.JESSIEWhat’s wrong, Dad?Doug just glances at her.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.DOUGI have this meeting I can’t get outof tonight.ABBIE(interrupting)Yeah, because you absolutely
to go. You cant skip it. Yeah,right, Doug.DOUGAbbie, if I could get out of it, doyou really think I’d miss ouranniversary?Ryan looks at Jessie. The incoherent shouting hasbegun. Jessie just closes her eyes. She knows what she hasjust started. She looks at Ryan.JESSIE(barely audible)You ready, Ryan?Ryan just nods, annoyed.EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- DAYJessie and Ryan walk out of the door and toward Jessie’scar.RYANTonight’s gonna be fun.JESSIEShut up, Mr. Saturday Detention.They get into the car. Jessie drives off.EXT. HIGH SCHOOL- DAYA typical single-level small town high school, but there areonly a few people outside.Jessie’s corvette pulls up, and Ryan opens the door.JESSIEAre you gonna need a ride home?RYANI dunno.(CONTINUED)

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