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Published by Headpriest

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Published by: Headpriest on May 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do a key drill daily to work on reading your keys and getting on the move. Blockrecognition drills teach defensive ends different blocking schemes they will face andhow to react to them. One on one pass rush vs. an offensive linemen to teach properangles at the qb and different pass rush techniques. Punch and seperate drills tokeep the outside arm and leg free if playing a 5 tech. on a tackle. Skate drill todefeat the cut block and to stay on your feet. Some sort of angle/form tackle drilldaily. Some form of the Oklahoma drill where you have to punch and seperate off of the offensive lineman and then make a tackle. Luke
Defensive Line Check list
1) Rule for defensive linemena) Attack and move the line of Scrimmageb) Control your gap responsibilityc) Defeat the block, escape, pursue, tackle2) Run Techniquea) Stancei) Inside hand down; inside foot back (left on right/right on left)ii) Toe to instep relationshipiii) Feet shoulder width apart (narrow stance)iv) Weight on balls of feetv) Back flatvi) Eyes up—focus on elbow of OLMb) Alignmenti) Credit card alignment to startii) Flex off the ball if you are being beatiii) Align DLM inside foot from outside eye to outside foot of OLMc) Pre Snap Readi) Light Hands or Heavy Handsii) Tight or wide splitsiii) On or Off Alignmentiv) What does PSR tell you about Potential Play(1) Drills—DLM will make calls in all drills involving blockers(a) PSR V. Common Blocking Schemes(b) Half-Line(c) Inside Run(d) Protectiond) Key on the runi) Read V of OLM Neckii) High hat, Low hat, V-toward you, V-Awayiii) Pressure Key is adjacent man(1) Drills(a) One on One Block Protection(i) Base(ii) Reach(iii) Scoop(iv) Down(b) Two on One block Protection(i) Down/Kick Out/Pull
1. Cross Face2. Pull Collision(ii) Double Team1. Split2. Spin3. Spill Two(iii) Reach Scoop1. Jump Through2. Ricochet(c) Anti-Trap/Log(i) Spill Drill(ii) Scwartz Drille) Initial Movementi) Get off with a power step (replace your down hand)ii) Second step (6 inch step) at the V of the OLM—Stab OLMiii) Get third foot in groundiv) Burn grass as you explode for penetrationv) Defeat block or Pass rush as Key(1) Drills(a) No Fish Hooks(b) Movements V. Trash Cansf) Blow deliveryi) Step with proper footwork (i.e. shaded foot first)ii) Back Flat, hands stab cuff, thumbs are upiii) Get eyes in the “V” of the neckiv) Stab the cuff (1) Drills(a) Six Point Progression(b) Stab Drill Progression(c) Type Writer Drillg) Separation and escapei) After blow delivery establish body controlii) Lock out armsiii) Escape(1) Push/Pull Rip(2) Push/Pull Punch(3) Wipe(4) Cut(a) Drills(i) Pipes and escape(ii) Pre Fit escape(iii) Press, squeeze Shedh) Pursuiti) Never follow the same color jersey(1) Drills(a) Ahead, Even, Behind(b) Backside End BCR(c) Effort Pursuit
i) Tackling(1) Tackle Progression(2) Knee Progression(3) O,1,2(4) Angle Tackle(5) Finish Tackle(6) Take-Away Progression(7) Drape the Quarterback(8) Chicken in the Ring3) Pass Rusha) Stancei) Hand out in front of youii)
up in sure pass situationiii) Elongate the stanceb) Keysi) Elbow of OLMii) Set of OLMc) Pass Rush Rulesi) Have a Planii) Crowd the balliii) Attack Half a Man—Active handsiv) Hand and feet work togetherv) Dive upfield and run the hoopd) Initial movementi) Big First Stepii) Burn Cushioniii) Lead with head, shoulders, hat, and handsiv) Work hands and feet together(1) Trap chute take off Progression(a) Explode of Stomach(b) 3 pt stance take off (c) Stab progressionv) Pass Rush Technique(1) Karate Progression (Pre-Practice Daily)(a) Cut(b) Hook(c) Saw(d) Strike(e) Walk-n-Spin(f) Speed Slip(g) Power Slip(h) Walk-n-Spar(i) Spar Conditioning(2) Pre-Fit Technique(a) Rip(b) Punch

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