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Kingdom of God Ministries Booklet of Prophesies and Words

Kingdom of God Ministries Booklet of Prophesies and Words

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Published by Richard Milford

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Published by: Richard Milford on May 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 26, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
 Psalms 91 verse 1 discusses this. Dwelling in the secret place of the Lord Most High. And thentells us that we will abide under the shadow of the Almighty.As Ephesians chapter 2 talks about dwelling in the heavenly realms with the lord Jesus Christ thecommon all important spiritual issue is dominion and protection. For us to dwell in the heavenlyrealms or to dwell in the secret high places of the Lord it means that we are conforming our mindto the things above and not to the things of this world. As we dwell in the heavenliest we areunder the protection of the Lord God Almighty. We need to turn our hearts to God and not to thethings of this world. Let’s begin to dwell on the secret place of the Lord the heavenly realms of our almighty savior and He promises that we will be under the shadow of the Almighty God. Theword shadow being used in the Old Testament means protection. If it us under the protection of the Lord God Almighty that means it us under the dominion and authority of the Lord. That’sright if you will set your hearts above and dwell in the secret place of the Lord God Almighty He promises to protect you as you given up your self will and have surrendered our will to His Will.What a revelation this is. Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Praises to the almighty Name of the Lord Jesus our Anointed Savior. The power and the anointing come by dwelling inthe secret place of the Lord. When Jesus went to pray He was actually committing His Will tothe Father and hiding in the Secret Place of the Lord and dwelling in the Heavenly Realms that’swhere the anointing is that’s where it comes from. The Jesus Anointing. The anointing that Jesus promised us when He went up to Heaven and that He would send down His Holy Spirit. Gloryfor this revelation. God reveals His Secret things to you as you begin to dwell in the secret placeof the Lord Most High. And gives you the anointing do that you have the power to do the Worksthat the Lord has already laid out before you so you can usher in the Kingdom of God both to the believers and to the Church. Yes God is revealing Himself to the unblemished Church of God.
February 23, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
The Lord is telling us to draw close to Him. Now is the time to hear the calling of the Lord. Thetrumpet is blowing. Arise to the Voice of the Lord. He is preparing for us to hear things of HisSecrets that will usher in the Kingdom of God. Arise for the time is now. Glory to His Holy Name. For we are the Hand of Jesus to receive his blessings and power and to be able to walk inHis Glory. Let’s walk in the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ in you the Hope of Glory.Living Faith to Faith as we walk in the wondrous ways of the Lord. Listen for His Voice. Listenfor He is showing you the Way of everlasting life and everlasting blessings The Kingdom of Godis within you. Open up your spirit and receive it for we dwell in the heavenly places in ChristJesus.
February 21, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
Arise and diligently seek My Face. Now is the time to seek My Face. Seek the things of the LordGod as they will be revealed to you as you abide in obedience and diligently seek after Me Ask and you shall find the things of My Face that have been hidden. By My Holy Spirit I will showyou truths that you can use to live in the fullness of God that I have already prepared for you
from before the beginnings. The sacrifice of My only Begotten Son had broken the veil The blood has broken the barrier. Walk into the fullness of the knowledge of the Lord God. FromGlory to Glory come into the experience and walk in the almighty power of the Lord JesusChrist. Did I not say that I would send down the Holy Spirit to lead you in all truth knowledgeand wisdom? Seek My Face. Seek my Face I will show the knowledge wisdom and truth whose power shall never fade away as you seek My Face you will be building on the Rock of the LordJesus Christ that will not be shaken. Walk into the knowledge of My Ways. Walk into theWisdom of My Ways.Seek now My Face. The days are short but my knowledge wisdom and power are everlasting andwill not fail you I will be your protector and shield in the times of trouble and tribulation for Ishall NOT fail you for My Word never returns back void. Arise, arise as you enter into the secretthings of the Lord as you walk in obedience and your faith will be everlasting Glory to Glory.Faith to Faith.
February 17, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
Yes Jesus is knocking at the door. He wants a people that will make God their top priority in lifeand not the cares of this world. Heaven and earth shall pass away but the Word of the Lord iseternal .Man shall not live on bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord. Turn to Jesus now for your every need and desire and cast your cares upon Him. He promises us that if we seek the Kingdom of God FIRST and then all of these things shall beadded on to you. The Word of God can be both a logos type of word or a rhema type of word.The Rhema type of Word goes forth with the power of the Living God and is a creative word andshall never return back void. Read the Word and let it enter into your spirit. Meditate upon theWord and let it sink into your spirit and then speak the Word of God and it shall have power toheal your every need and the people you come into contact with.Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords for this mighty Word from God glory to the presence of the Living God as we dwell on the Word of God.Halleluiah praises to the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
February 15, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
Abiding with Jesus Christ is walking in unity with the love and purpose of the Lord. GlorifyingGod by walking in the Love of Jesus Christ. Loving the Lord while dying to ones-self’s desiresas we walk in obedience to the almighty God we sense more and more of His presence. To lovethe Lord is to obey the Lord by listening to the Holy Spirit. As we make Jesus Christ our Rock we will find the power that Jesus had when he physically walked the earth. He sent down thecomforter so that we will be able to do the works that Jesus did. You will know that you arewalking in God’s will as you walk in obedience and as you do, you will be conformed into Hislikeness and image.Conforming to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ is actually a continuing act of obedience.Dying to your desires and living the desires of our Lord is walking in God’s will by yielding tothe Holy Spirit. Yes ask the Holy Spirit to continually fill your heart and spirit. Yes Come HolySpirit and change our hearts and anoint us with your love and power. Let us be part of theunblemished Church as we proclaim Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done
Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords praises to the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.Halleluiah Glory, Glory, Glory
February 13, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
I am the truth the life and the way he who believeth upon Me shall be saved and have everlastinglife saith the Lord. I am seeking a people who want to have their spirit and heart moved. Shakenand cracked by the Holy Spirit. I am seeking a people who want to have their spirit melted by theHoly Spirit so that I can mold you to the image and likeness of Me. Arise My People. Arise saiththe Lord. I am here to mold you like clay into My Image and Likeness and live from Glory toGlory. Arise My people for such a time as this There will be a moving a shaking and a crackingin the earth that is why I am calling for a people who will let the Holy Spirit put fire to your spiritnot only to melt it for My Glory but to give you power so you can do the mighty works the Lordthat have already have been laid out before you. Come Come saith the Lord for this is your timeto be mightily anointed. Arise, My people. This is your time to be used for the mighty works of the Lord.I will shape you to My Image and Likeness. And as I shape you for My Glory you will grow tohave even more deeper and intimate relationship with Me. You will hear My Voice. You nolonger will wither and be swayed by the wind but you will have the solid foundation of TheLord. As you usher in the Kingdom Of the living God. You will be that unblemished church youwill be that Holy Church. You will be that Rock that will not fade away but will bring in theKingdom of God with power might and authority. And Jesus the King and you part of the churchof the Bride.Glory Glory Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Halleluiah. Praise to the Mighty Nameof Jesus.For My Word goes forth and shall NOT return void. Step into this mighty Word of the Lord andclaim your inheritance as your spirit is not of this world but of the almighty Living God.
February 11, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
Trust in Me trust in Me for I will direct your paths. Trust me for my ways are above your ways. Now is the time to hear My Voice listen for My Voice I will direct your paths I will protect youand guide you. Stay close stay close do not lose faith but keep close. Now is the time to walk inMy Ways. Abide in My ways.
February 9, 2010 by kingdomgodministries
Jesus is looking for a people that will be holy and spotless and be a part of the Church of theLiving God. Jesus is coming back for a holy and spotless bride. As we step out in obedience toHim we become more and more conformed to the image of the Living God His Only BegottenSon Christ Jesus. Walk in the ways of Jesus. Experience the docia power of Jesus. Read theWord of God and the Word of God will have Rhema. It is a Living Word. Your faith will growand grow as the outward manifestations of the Living God become more and more evident inyour every day walk.

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