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Born Alive Would I Have Rights

Born Alive Would I Have Rights

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Published by Barry Bench
Born Alive would I have Rights?
Do new born children have rights?
What if they survive an abortion healthy?
Born Alive would I have Rights?
Do new born children have rights?
What if they survive an abortion healthy?

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Published by: Barry Bench on May 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Born Alive would I have Rights?
Please get past the first paragraph to understand what I am asking. Let me start by sayingthat I am 100% PRO LIFE and proud to be so. I do not dance around my disdain for thepractice of abortion; to me it is tantamount to murder. But it is the law of the land, a judicial activist law of the land. If you want it legal the states should be the ones deciding,not the federal government and definitely not a judge. Now that I have that out of theway and hopefully I have not lost everybody.With abortion being legal in this country, the Center for Bio-Ethic reform reports thatNumber of abortions per year: 1.37 Million (1996) and Number of abortions per day:Approximately 3,700 in the United States. Somewhere between 50 and 80 children peryear survive the abortion process and are alive and breathing. Meaning that they are bornin the United States but yet they are not afford the Rights guaranteed to all citizens. Howcan this be? Are they not American Citizens once they breathe on their own? Even thoughthe mother wanted an abortion, does this child deserve protection?So my first quest to the readers is do you believe this should have child has rights? Doesthis child deserve all means necessary to save their life?Let me paint another picture for you. A child is a child whether the child is willingly wantingborn. The child is no less a child if born alive even if the child is born from the result of abotch abortion. The child born in a botched abortion is in trauma having been torn fromthe womb. The child gasp for breath, reaches for something to grab, kicks and cry aloud.We are talking about the most defenseless of all people, the new born child of a botchedabortion attempt. I simply ask that you imagine, put yourself in that room.The room is cold and bright, screams of a crying newborn can be heard. The child; havingbeen taken out of the comfort and warmth of the womb, the only place the child hasknown. The Child rushed out of the darkness of the womb into the cold and bright lightsof a loud cold room. The Child now lying on the floor or in a bucket is tossed aside;screaming, scratching, and clawing to cling to its precious short lived life. This Child is leftto die. This is repeated 50 to 80 times a year in this country. Could you leave the room?Could you let the child sit there and die? Answer the question honestly. Could you leavethe child that has been ripped from the womb into a bright sterile cold room and tossedaside to die, could you would you leave the room? If you did would it haunt you? Wouldyou look at your own child and ever wonder?I refuse to believe that anyone that believes in GOD or has any morals could leave thatroom. But it happens 50 to 80 times a year. Now let me ask would you support a law
requiring that the baby born in a botched abortion be afforded the same rights that youhave.
Would you support that law?
Would you think any less of someone that would let the child die or not support thislaw?
Answer it honestly and I believe you could have not respect for someone thatcould not support this law.
Now let me ask could you vote for a politician that could vote against the law?
Could you support a politician that not only voted against it but openly advocatedagainst the law?
If you do still support them, are you not condoning the killing of a child?
Could you kill the child yourself?
By voting to for this person are you inadvertently condoning the killing of this child?Well you may have already done so. First let me state unequivocally I am not a racist, butthis is the reason I could never support Barack Obama. Also let me point out the there is aso called fact finding group called FactCheck.Org. It is funded by the Annenbergfoundation. For four plus years (1995-1999) Barack Obama spent as founding chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. So they tried to claim the following part of my story as false but later admitted that it was true. I take the rest from Illinois StateSenate records.. While Barack Obama was a State Senator he advocated for abortionist. He crossed theline however in 2001, a line that frankly should have been heavily reported and he shouldhave been questioned about. What came up in the Illinois state legislator was anargument over babies being born alive after a botched abortion.
Here is the actual legislation being debated. It was called the Born Alive act.
SB1095 EngrossedLRB9206290REdv1 AN ACT concerning infants who are born alive.2 Be it enacted by the People of the State ofIllinois,3 represented in the General Assembly:4 Section 5. The Statute on Statutes is amended by
adding5 Section 1.36 as follows:6 (5 ILCS 70/1.36 new)7 Sec. 1.36. Born-alive infant.8 (a) In determining the meaning of any statuteor of any9 rule, regulation, or interpretation of thevarious10 administrative agencies of this State, the words"person",11 "human being", "child", and "individual" includeevery infant12 member of the species homo sapiens who is born aliveat any13 stage of development.14 (b) As used in this Section, the term "bornalive", with15 respect to a member of the species homo sapiens,means the16 complete expulsion or extraction from its motherof that17 member, at any stage of development, who after that
18 or extraction breathes or has a beating heart,pulsation of19 the umbilical cord, or definite movement ofvoluntary20 muscles, regardless of whether the umbilical cordhas been21 cut and regardless of whether the expulsion orextraction22 occurs as a result of natural or induced labor,cesarean23 section, or induced abortion.24 (c) A live child born as a result of an abortionshall be25 fully recognized as a human person and accordedimmediate26 protection under the law.27 Section 99. Effective date. This Act takeseffect upon28 becoming law.
This law would simply require doctors to do everything to save the child once the child wasborn. A child is a child whether the child is willingly wanting born. The child is no less a

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