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Case Study

Case Study

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Published by Herwincaye

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Published by: Herwincaye on May 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I. PERSONAL BACKGROUNDAga Marie Iyvone T. 16 years old resides at 281 Purok 3 San Luis, Landayan, San PedroLaguna was born on January 14 1993. Her parents were Mr. And mrs Antonio Toledo which alsoresides at 281 purok 3 San Luis Landayan San Pedro Laguna. She has two siblings in the family andshe is the second child among her siblings. Her eldest brother is Crisporo Aga 17 years old and MerryAntonette T Aga, 2 years old.During her grade school, she studied at Landayan Elementary school, school year 1997-2004.After she graduated in the said school, she enters San Pedro Relocation Center National High Schoolduring her High school years school year 2004-2008. After the graduation, she decided to took nursingas her course in college. According to her ,she choose nursing to help ill people to become better andto earn money as well. She found universal college and decided to learn more regarding nursing aspectin this institution. Moreover, she studied here because it is near in their residence and the tuition fee ismore economical than the other school.According to her, science is her favorite subject because it is easy to understand than matthwhere critical thinking and analysis is nnecessary. Death note is the movie that she like most andusually watch it on internet.She discribes it as animated violent, where the main character of the animemovie kills bad people through writing their names on the death note. She also has a favoritism on all blue colors except dark blue because she believe that dark blue colors is irritating to the eye. She alsoloves to eat specially food that are soupy such as “sinigang” and 'Nilaga”. Adobo is also one of her favorite dishes simply because according to her it is very delicious and yummy. Her favorite actor isAljor because he is handsome and more importantly he is talented in acting while her favorite actressis Toni Gonzaga because she is beautiful and has a talent in hosiing, acting , and singing as well. Shelikes to listen to music such as melow rock like probinsyana. She likes it because it relaxes and being peace.
According to her there are some things that she likes and dislikes most. One of thhe things shelikes is people who are kind,approachabe, and trustworthy. She dislikes who are snobbish and“maarte”. His daily hobbies are drawing and surfing the internet and watching death note.II. PSYCHOSOCIALDuring her younger years she encounters good and bad experiences. The bad experience thatshe encounter was she always quarel with her brother and she always beaten when she commitmistakes. Another bad experience is she almost bump by a car that cause a traumatic experience thatshe can't forget. She also compared by her parents to his brother in terms of anything. Another unforgetable experience is she asked to choose for whom she want to accompany with, her mother or her father. She is afraid to be alone specially in the dark. Also he is afraid in snake. According to her,she frequently feels nervous and when she got scolded, she always depressed for about a week andthinking what she have done. When she commit even a single mistakes or she ruined somethingimportant, she thinks that if what her mother says. During her high school life she never had a crush onopposite sex but she likes girls much because she is confucius if she is a male or a female. She feelsalone when she she enters second year because her were gone and changed ssections. She missed her friends so much, their bonding, and gimiks but due to differences in section and schedule they arefrequuently met so she befreinded with other peers. She also frequently attends masses during sundayin their nearby church and sometimes attends masses during first friday of the month in school.Moreover, she feels happy in school than at home because she feels free from her parent's control.III. OBSERVATIONBased on my observation, I described her physically as chubby but cute and approximately 5

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