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R Mermel NY Statewide Survey 5 10 _2

R Mermel NY Statewide Survey 5 10 _2

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Published by Elizabeth Benjamin

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Published by: Elizabeth Benjamin on May 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello, my name is _______________ and I work for Action Research. We’reconducting a survey of current attitudes here in New York and I’d like to askyour opinion on a few issues.
New York Statewide SurveyMay 2010
1. Are you registered to vote here in New York?Yes 100%2. Are you or a member of your family an employee of a newspaper, television orradio station, or a political party or candidate for political office?No 100%3. With which political party do you identify: Democrat, Republican, Independent orsomething else?Republican 28%Democrat 48Independent 17Conservative 4Other/Not sure 44. Did you get a chance to vote in the November 2008 general election forPresident?Yes 100%5. Thinking ahead to this year’s November election for Governor, how would you rateyour chances of voting in the Republican primary – would you say:You probably will vote 17%You definitely will vote 83
 6. Using the numbers 1 to 5, with 5 meaning very interested and 1 meaning notinterested at all, how would you rate your interest in this year’s Republican primaryelection for Governor?2 3%3 164 195-Very interested 637. In general would you say things in New York are headed in the right direction orwould you say the state is headed off on the wrong track?Right direction 11%Wrong track 76Not Sure/Refused 148. In general would you say things in the United States are headed in the rightdirection or would you say the country is headed off on the wrong track?Right direction 37%Wrong track 48Not Sure/Refused 159. If this year’s November general election for Congress were held today for whomwould you vote?The Democratic Candidate 39%The Republican Candidate 25Independent or Other Candidate 7Not Sure/Refused 3010. Now I would like to read you a list of issues that some people from this part ofNew York have said are important for their next governor to deal with. Pleaselisten as I read the list and tell me which one issue you think is most important.Creating jobs 31%Reducing governmentspending 19Cracking down onpolitical corruption 15Improving Education 10Reducing school andproperty taxes 10Improving Health care 10Moral issues like lifeand marriage 2Not sure/Refused 4
 11. Which of the following is the most important economic issue facing New Yorkfamilies today?Jobs 54%Government Spending 23Taxes 22Not sure/Refused 1(12-18) Now I'm going to read you the names of some prominent people and I wouldlike to ask your opinion of them. I'd like you to tell me if, in your opinion, they are oneof the best, or if your opinion is favorable or unfavorable. If you just know the name orhave never heard of the person please just say so.
Oneof theBestFavor-ableCan’tRateUnfav-orableJustKnowNeverHeardNotSure/Refused
12. Myers Mermel
<1 1 5 1 1 90 1
13. Carl Paladino
2 9 11 7 11 58 2
14. Rick Lazio
1 20 20 23 12 21 2
15. Steve Levy
1 11 14 9 11 53 2
16. George Pataki
3 39 13 35 5 3 2
17. Andrew Cuomo
8 52 14 18 4 2 1
18. Barack Obama
16 43 7 32 <1 - 2
19. In the Republican primary election for Governor were held today and you weregiven the choice between: A. Real Estate Developer B. Former Congressmanand Lobbyist C. Democratic County Executive D. A Conservative smallbusiness owner who’s created jobs, who would you support?A. Real Estate Developer 6% [Carl Paladino]B. Former Congressmanand Lobbyist 7 [Rick Lazio]C. Democratic County Executive 7 [Steve Levy]D. Conservative small businessowner who’s created jobs 59 [Myers Mermel]Not Sure/Refused 21

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