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Is There a Real Zodiac

Is There a Real Zodiac

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Published by nuwaupianmystic

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Published by: nuwaupianmystic on May 24, 2010
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Is There A True ZodiacThe Holy Tablets Ch.15 Tab. 3 vs 23-3423 The Essenes were ascetic and advocated a vegetarian diet.24 Some of the Essenes were astrologers.25 Their system of astrology has passed on from the Ancient Mystic Order of Melchize-dek, Of which they were a branch.26 They were to log the birth of an individual.27 This was called solar biology,28 For you would not only be what sign you were born under,29 But because your father was one sign and your mother another sign,30 The 33 and 1/3rd chromosome that come through your father put his sign into you.31 And the 33 and 1/3rd chromosome that come from your mother put her sign in you,32 And then the 33 and 1/3rd that makes up the sign you were born with 3 signs equallymanifesting in their character.33 The Essenes believed in selective birth for selected characters.34 So the Essenes were holders of great mysteries within their order and much symbol-ism was used within their community.Ques: So who were the Essenes?Answer: The Essenes by definition of their name the word is seir from where you get theword Usir or where you get the word Sirius. The Essenes were astronomers not neces-sarily astrologers but astronomers and the dealt with the science of tracking the starsystems to be able to determine the birth of individuals. They lived out in the Qumranareas which would be the Jordan area of today in a region called Ammon today and youknow as an Egiptian or Tamarean you here the word Amon and you see the word inthere Amun as in Amun Re or the great deity of ancient Egipt the one who kept the se-crets hidden. Now the Essenes themselves were disciples or students of the AncientEgiptian Order also known as the Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek or they weredisciples after or high priest after the Order of Melchizedek, and in the degree of Chris-tianity as you
re reading from The Holy Tablets in the 15th chapter and that chapter iscalled the Christians. That is a degree that is being given to you coming from The DeadSea Scrolls or The Tablets of Qumran, the Qumranian tablets that were found in Pales-tine in the year 1947. So now these Essenes were actual spiritual masters or studentsof the spiritual masters cause the masters the 24 elders from the 1st Akkatrial all the
way down to the 23rd Sandalfun. They set up various spiritual centers or schools on thisplanet where their students were able to go to and study and be initiated into the greatermysteries of Ancient Egipt. Now mind you in ancient Egipt there were two forms of mys-teries or mystery schools, there were the lesser mysteries and the greater mysteries.The greater mysteries were of course those things that were only given to a selectedfew students which you find in a book written by The Master Teacher called The Scienceof Healing where he explains the masters would come to their students in a vision stateor a dream state for lack of a better word, and in that state would convey certain pass-words or certain things in the vision state that the individual would have to rememberwhen they would be awoken physically while awake and then they would be questionedand if they could remember that information or those passwords or that information theywere given in that vision state then they were ready to be initiated into the greater mys-teries. If they were not then The Supreme Grand Heirophant of the order or sacred mas-ter would say they are not ready for initiation and they would be left to stay amongstthose who were only studying the lesser mysteries which was information available toall. The Essenes were one of the sacred brotherhoods of ancient times don
t want tosay ancient but lets just say over the last 2 to 3000 years coming out of The AncientEgiptian Order.Ques: O.K. can you explain what solar biology is?Answer: O.K. solar biology and its very good that you asked that question because solarbiology, what often times what most Nuwaubians who have just started reading orwhatever the case maybe, when they hear solar biology they think that we
re talkingabout astrology of today that you find so many people hooked into. No. Solar biology istwo words solar and biology. Solar dealing with the sun and biology bi, two dealing withthe two systems which is the circulatory system and respiratory system of the humanbody, and how the sun which produces centripetal forces coming from the universe likeall great suns or stars produce and how that has an affect on the human species that
son the planet as well as the animals for that matter and how it affects nature and howthis whole system has been set up by The Great Source Alyuwn Alyuwn Al, known asRe known as Anu and how these things coincide with one another. So solar biology it-self is actually dealing with that system and how the universal forces, the nature forcesaffect human beings, not to be confused with astrology, which is more of a pseudo-science which The Master Teacher wrote a book on years ago called “ The Zodiac,What
s Your Astrology Sign Brother”, and in there he gives a detailed explanation aboutall the traps and pitfalls of astrology which we like to refer to today as “ Lunar Astrology”,because there was solar biology then there
s lunar astrology. Lunar astrology comingfrom the beings the Lunarians, those beings from Nirvana those East Indian Hindus de-scendants who descended to this planet and the certain things that they brought here.Ques: So if solar biology and lunar biology are two different things and you said that theEssenes, they studied astronomy how did the zodiac come about?
Answer: O.K. so when you asked me how did the zodiac come about you have to re-member that Tamare, known as Egipt, falsely called Africa today, that it is the home ofthe original deities, that that continent called Africa today or what we know in ancienttimes as Tamare it
s the birthplace of the zodiac. You overstand? Now often times you
llhear people use the phrase “ what
s your sign?” Now this is a phrase that
s used to startconversations and its often done in attempts to see why a person does a thing or acts acertain way. Bear in mind with this that the world your living in today has been filled withan increased amount of negativity. The forces of demon man whether you want to callhim the white man or the black devils in black skin have been very successful today bybaiting so many people today into astrology. And they have done this by way of certainsouls like John Edwards, “Crossing Over” and all these different people where theyhave these types of shows that make people say well maybe that is for me and you as aNubian or Nuwaubian or a black person or an African or a person of African descent,once you get in there they are only going to take you down the wrong path towards fur-ther enslavement of your soul and your mind. So now solar biology or what you
re ask-ing about the zodiac, let
s bear in mind that the very word zodiac is two words zoe andzu meaning animal and diac di = die and ac di diameter. Diameter deals with a circum-ference a circle and ac deals with an arc. So when you speak of the zodiac so when youspeak of the zodiac you are speaking of the animal circle. And that animal circle is foundin ancient Tamare in the temples of the Egiptian deitess HatHor or called Hathor by thegreeks and when you get there you read and find on the walls of this temple of HatHor,you find the temple of Dendera and you find the zodiac of Dendera and within the centerof it sits the Tamarean deitess known as Taweret, whose name has a symbolic meaning.In time we will get into that. Now realize this the actual English word zodiac comes fromthe greek word called zodiacuskiclus and that word means the wheel of the animals.This is actually taken from the word golious which is another greek word that meanstower. Now the reason they took this from the word meaning tower was because in an-cient times we had the BenBen or we had the Tekhenu as its called in Tamare or we hadthe Minaret amongst our essene brothers called the shriners and they use to climbthese towers to be able to view these constellations by night and how they moved. Theyrealized now that this zodiac was a base actually on a band of constellations. Now letsstop for a moment and give you what a constellation is as opposed to what a galaxy is.A constellation is a grouping of stars that does not necessarily just have stars but actu-ally forms pictures. So certain constellations where they say well that looks like awoman or that looks like a dog call that the great dog called Canis Major the lower dogsmaller dog called Canis Minor. Then you have actual galaxies and galaxies themselvesare actually dealing with pictures that are not images like the milky way is just a spiralgalaxy they
ll say a cluster of stars, from the word galaxia meaning milk. So now the zo-diac itself because you asked me where did the zodiac come from the origin of the zo-diac is found in the Temple of Dendera as we said and that
s actually located today 37miles north of the place in present day Egipt known as Luxor in a village there known asIunet or Eunet called by some. Now the origin of this zodiac is called dendera. The discof dendera itself was found on the ceiling as we said on the walls of the Temple ofHatHor. The disc itself was only 12 inches in diameter and it was there one of the tem-ples of HatHor was found. There
s quite a few, and these temples were used as centerswhere the priest would chart the constellations to determine when a couple should con-

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