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Socialism and Its Harmful Effect on Society

Socialism and Its Harmful Effect on Society

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Published by harbingerpasha

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Published by: harbingerpasha on May 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Socialism and its harmful effect on society
Socialism is perhaps a trend for moderation of extremely exploitative existing socialrelations. If one considers the enlightenment era of Europe following the revolutionof 1688, perhaps including the work of the half century before such as that of  JohnLocke, it is easy enough to discern a trend away from the concentration of powerand leadership by kings. Nobles took power from the royals and eventually lostpower to the state. The practice of parle ments or talking at general councils of regional leaders became a broad practice that supported a synthetic refoprmationwithin more modern democratic government formations along withe the example of the ancient Greek and Roman efforts at repubolicanism. Socialism is a continuationof the historical trend toward the enfranchisement of the masses with actual equalpolitical and economic rights
Political philosophy does not always provide models that are selected by voters democratically before selection and implementation as a prevailinbg fact of governance in a nation. Genmerallythe actual nprevailing concentration of political and economic power is somewhat disperssedthrough various popular reforms or radical revolutionary transitions, yet the concentration of  power within the hands of elites is a prevailing fact i n virtuql any political social structure.Socialism is the movement to return power to the masses.In that regard socialism may be at odds with state socialism. A popular rural socialization of  produce nat be offset by the feudal taxation of goods. Often socialism is a response of collectiveaction to a particular political oppressor or challenge. In that regard socialism is something likecorporatism that builds up power to address larger economic challenges of either a naturalresource production challenge or political consolidatio of power issue versus the mkasses or astate.Socialism in various phases of actualization may oppress individual rights. It is reasonable to saythat almost any form of government may oppress individualrights, and that crimes may oppresssindividuals even in the abcense of a governemnt authority. Fundamnetally the central issue for socialism and for democracy is about how to assure that individual rights are best defenbdedagainst minority tyranny; how elites of na communist party, of corporatist global boards, of fascissm or other statists organizations might be kept from reducing the massess to waage slave,serf, peon or social zombie status. The propaganda of theconcentrated wealth and power may be extreme, intelligent and controlling. They may own the broaqdecast media annd determine who can be elected through political contributions and other financial supports. The masses may be daft and entranced by television and entertainment-socialism would be an effort to rectify the situtation and return individual and egalitarian prospects for free enterprise to a good condition with reduced power for the financialelites.Obviously there are many status' and conditions, forms and roles for socialism to play inreturning political and economic power to the individual and out of the hands of mass corporateorganizational control. Socialism may be takenn over by bureaucratic elites that are simply daftthemselves and inclined to repress individual effort and ownership of private property. The bestrole for corpraism today is to be a fair arbitrator of social enviromental vital interests and toassure in each nation that the economic effects of corporations and of individiuals do not in amass concatentation destroy the prospects for environmental health or for the well being of the

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