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Veritas Error Codes

Veritas Error Codes

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Published by raghu405
Common error codes the show up in VCS functioning .Use this as for reference for any other support on the error codes , contact Symantec
Common error codes the show up in VCS functioning .Use this as for reference for any other support on the error codes , contact Symantec

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Published by: raghu405 on May 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VERITAS Cluster Server error messages and error codes
Details:10001 Please look for messages in the log file10003 Invalid message for agent10004 No agent pid specified for agent %s10005 Getting id messages from agent %s not started by engine10006 Invalid agent attribute: %s10007 Agent does not exist: %s10008 Warning: Agent %s has faulted %d times since %s10009 Agent %s has faulted %d times in less than %d seconds. Will not attempt torestart.\n\t Correct the problem and use 'haagent -start' to start the agent10010 Stopping all agents10011 System not in running state; cannot start agent %s10012 File %s not found10013 %s not a regular file, or execute permission is not set; cannot start10014 Agent file not specified for resource type %s10015 Cannot start %s; please check file10016 Agent %s for resource type %s successfully started at %s10017 Agent already started10018 Invalid channel10019 No connection (ipmhandle) with agent %s: cannot stop10020 Cannot stop agent %s: Some resources are not in offline state10021 Agent %s not started so cannot be stopped10022 Agent %s stopped10023 Agent %s not sending alive messages since %s10024 Agent %s has not sent startup message since %s; restarting the agent10025 Unable to add '%s' attribute; return: %d err mesg: %s10026 Invalid system name10027 System %s not in STALE_ADMIN_WAIT or ADMIN_WAIT; \n\tunable toforce node into LOCAL_BUILD10028 Cluster configuration is writable. Must type \n\t'haconf -dump -makero' or \n\t'hastop -all -force'10040 Cannot find %s; no link analysis for this node10041 Cannot find %s; no load sampling for this node10044 LogSize must be an integer 10045 LogSize must be at least %d10046 LogSize must be at most %d10047 CounterInterval must be at least 3 seconds10048 Attribute %s does not exist10050 No username or password in login message10051 System %s does not exist; Unable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD10052 System %s not in cluster; Unable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD10053 User %s does not exist10054 Cannot encrypt password; error 0x%x user %s
10055 User %s has wrong password10056 User %s has logged in10057 User %s has no password10058 UserNames attribute contains no username to check; no logins allowed. Usehauser command to add users10059 Unable to force node into LOCAL_BUILD. Please try again10060 Local build from disk failed with message: %s10061 Config dump to disk failed with message: %s10062 Local build from disk failed with message: \n\tNo such file or directory10063 Local build from disk failed with message: \n\tConfiguration syntax incorrect10064 Local build from disk failed with message: \n\tConfiguration is stale10065 Cannot delete %s error %d10066 Entering RUNNING state10068 VCS engine will exit to prevent any inconsistency. Review names of systemslisted in VCS configuration and ensure that they are present and thaT node ids areconsistent in the LLT configuration files on all systems in the cluster 10069 All systems have configuration files marked STALE. Unable to form cluster 10070 All systems have stale configurations10071 last RUNNING node has failed or build from local disk failed. Unable to form acluster;10072 Cluster waiting for administrative action10073 Building from local configuration10074 hacf does not exist!!!10075 Building from remote system10076 Local node leaving cluster before joining as versions differ.\n\tlocal ver: %d.%d.Current cluster ver: %d.%d10077 Received new cluster membership10078 Local node restarted in Read-Write mode, and it is the only node in the cluster. Node transitioning to ADMIN_WAIT10080 Membership 0x%x, Jeopardy 0x%x10081 Unable to update attribute10082 Invalid argument to enable10083 Enabling LinkMonitoring10084 Cannot enable LinkMonitoring when GABSIM is enabled10085 Invalid argument to disable10086 Disabling LinkMonitoring10088 No event name specified10089 Invalid character in event name10090 Event %s already exists; cannot add it10092 Attempting to modify non-existent event10093 Invalid message for event10094 Event %s added10095 Event deleted10096 Condition %s exists for event %s10097 Condition %s added to event %s\n10098 Action %s exists for event %s
10099 Action %s added to event %s10100 Condition %s deleted10101 Condition %s does not exist for event %s10102 Action %s deleted10103 Action %s does not exist for event %s10104 Event does not exist: %s10105 Event %s triggered by group probe triggering condition %s10106 Event %s triggered by group probe triggering action %s10107 Event %s condition %s not satisfied10108 All conditions satisfied for event %s10109 Performing action %s for event %s10110 Event %s triggered by condition %s10124 GABSIMSERVER host = %s10125 GABSIMSERVER: couldn't open connection to the host: %s10126 Cannot heartbeat; errno %d10127 No group name specified10128 Group name is a reserved word or contains invalid character(s)10129 Attempting to add existing group10130 Group limit of %d reached; cannot add more10131 Attempt to modify non-existent group10132 Invalid message for group %x10133 Group does not exist: %s10134 System does not exist: %s10135 System not part of resource's SystemList %s10136 Group added; populating SystemList and setting Parallel attribute recommended before adding resources10137 Resources exist; cannot delete group10138 Dependencies exist from/to this group; cannot delete group10140 Arc exists from %s to %s10141 Arc from %s to %s would cause loop in the dependency graph10142 Groups restricted to maximum of one dependency10143 Maximum 3-level dependency tree exceeded10144 Could not link groups %s and %s10146 Could not unlink groups %s and %s10147 Could not rename group10148 Initiating online of Resource %s on System %s10149 Initiating offline of Resource %s on System %s10151 System not part of group's SystemList %s10152 Must specify system on which to online/offline group %s10153 Manual operations are disabled for group %s10154 Group %s is frozen10155 Group %s has agent(s) that failed on system %s10156 Group %s is migrating to or from system %s; on-offlining prohibited duringswitch or failover 10157 Group %s faulted on %s; clear faults first with hares -clear 

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