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2010 World Cup Sweepstake Kit

2010 World Cup Sweepstake Kit



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Published by Monster UK
The FIFA World Cup; bringing together great countries and great players. It could also bring you and your colleagues closer together.
The FIFA World Cup; bringing together great countries and great players. It could also bring you and your colleagues closer together.

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Published by: Monster UK on May 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Get your ofce involved in this year’s action inSouth Arica! Simply print this kit o and get yourcolleagues to cough up!
Thesweepstake kit.
The FIFA World Cup; bringing together great countries and great players. It could also bring you andyour colleagues closer together. There’s nothing like introducing a bit o healthy competition in yourworkplace, so we’ve put together this handy kit to help you set up a sweepstake in your ofce.
How to Play
Cut out all the countries rom the next page, olding each a couple o times beore throwingthem into a hat or bowl.I you have more that 32 people who want to play you may want to print o and cut out twosets. I you have less than 32 people who want to play, we’ve ordered the teams with the mostlikely winners at the top so you can discard some o less likely nations.Wander through your ofce asking people to take part. Beore they pick a team, each playermust contribute money to the prize pot. Make sure you collect the money beore they choose ateam – some people may be reluctant to pay i they pick out North Korea.Write the name o each participant on the admin sheet and put a tick i they have paid.Once all the teams have been distributed, sit back and enjoy the World Cup.Ater the tournament, hand out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The prize amount will depend onhow much each player puts into the pot, so or example:a.£1 Each – 1st Prize £20, 2nd Prize £8, 3rd Prize £4b.£2 Each – 1st Prize £30, 2nd Prize £20, 3rd Prize £12c.£5 Each – 1st Prize £100, 2nd Prize £40, 3rd Prize £20
 Alternative Rules
To maintain interest or those with teams likely to get knocked out early, consider introducing aprize or the team that lets in the most goals during the group stage. Rather than cheering onthe underdog, your participants will be hoping they’re on the wrong end o an 8-0 scoreline.I your colleagues are bickering about who gets to pick a team out o the hat frst, considerholding a penalty shoot-out in the car park to settle the argument.Rather than handing out the prize in cash, you might want to put the proceeds behind the bar inyour local pub where the winner can have a cocktail o their choice.
Kit instructions
FIFA Ranking: 1Best World Cup: 4th 1950
FIFA Ranking: 2Winners 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
FIFA Ranking: 5Winners 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
FIFA Ranking: 3Best World Cup: 2nd 1974, 1978
FIFA Ranking: 4Best World Cup: 3rd 1966
FIFA Ranking: 13Best World Cup: 3rd 1962
FIFA Ranking: 17Best World Cup: QF 1970, 1986
FIFA Ranking: 15Best World Cup: 4th 1930, 1962
FIFA Ranking: 21Best World Cup: Last 16 1994, 1998
FIFA Ranking: 18Winners 1930, 1950
FIFA Ranking: 19Best World Cup: Last 16 2006
FIFA Ranking: 10Best World Cup: R1 1994
South Korea
FIFA Ranking: 49Best World Cup: 4th 2002
FIFA Ranking: 33World Cup Debutant
FIFA Ranking: 31Best World Cup: R1 1982, 1986
New Zealand
FIFA Ranking: 79Best World Cup: R1 1982
Odds 4/1Odds 5/1Odds 12/1Odds 14/1Odds 22/1Odds 40/1Odds 66/1Odds 66/1Odds 80/1Odds 100/1Odds 125/1Odds 150/1Odds 200/1Odds 250/1Odds 250/1Odds 2000/1
FIFA Ranking: 7Winners 1966
FIFA Ranking: 9Winners 1978, 1986
FIFA Ranking: 6Winners 1954, 1974, 1990
FIFA Ranking: 8Winners 1998
Ivory Coast
FIFA Ranking: 25Best World Cup: R1 2006
FIFA Ranking: 23Best World Cup: R2 1986, 1998, 2002
FIFA Ranking: 27Best World Cup: R2 2006
FIFA Ranking: 20Best World Cup: QF 1990
FIFA Ranking: 16Best World Cup: 3rd 1930
South Africa
FIFA Ranking: 88Best World Cup: R1 1998, 2002
FIFA Ranking: 26Best World Cup: QF 1998
FIFA Ranking: 20Best World Cup: QF 1934, 1938, 1954
FIFA Ranking: 45Best World Cup: Last 16 2002
FIFA Ranking: 29Best World Cup: R1 2002
FIFA Ranking: 36Best World Cup: R1 1982
North Korea
FIFA Ranking: 102Best World Cup: QF 1966
Odds 5/1Odds 15/1Odds 14/1Odds 16/1Odds 28/1Odds 50/1Odds 66/1Odds 80/1Odds 80/1Odds 125/1Odds 125/1Odds 200/1Odds 200/1Odds 250/1Odds 750/1Odds 2000/1
Sweepstake kit

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