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Veteran Newsletter May 2010

Veteran Newsletter May 2010

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Published by JOEMAFLAGE

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Published by: JOEMAFLAGE on May 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to the SecondMonth of the newsletter
and thank you for reading!The positive response
from last month‘s issue
was great to hear; it is ourhope that the newsletterbecomes better eachmonth. For that tohappen, we need yourinput. If you have anyarticle topics, or if youwould like to write your own piece, we willgladly try to work it in. We hope you enjoy, andwe look forward to hearing what you think.
Thank you very much!
 Additional Benefits for Active Duty Time Served 
From: Social Security Administration (SSA)
Please share this with anyone who's hadactive duty service between January 1957 toDecember 31, 2001 and planning for retirement.In a nutshell it boils down to this: You qualifyfor a higher social security payment because of Military service, for active duty any time from1957 through 2001 (the program was done awaywith 1 January 2002). Up to $1200 per year of earnings credit credited at time of application -which can make a substantial difference in socialsecurity monthly payments upon yourretirement. You must bring your DD-214 to theSocial Security Office and you must ask for thisbenefit to receive it! Social Securitywebsite: http://www.ssa.gov/retire2/military.htm 
This is something to put in your files forwhen you apply for Social Security down theroad... It is NOT just for retirees, BUT anyonewho has served on active duty betweenJanuary1957 to December 31, 2001. FYI - thisbenefit is not automatic, you must ask for it!
2010 Memorial Day Ceremony
 A Day of Remembrance
From: Sherry Swann (Secretary of Fort Custer  Advisory Committee and Event Coordinator)
Memorial Day is the holiday held in theUnited States of America in memory of the deadservicemen and servicewomen of all wars. Thelargest ceremony held in our area annually isalways held the day before the date of the actual
holiday. This year‘s ceremony will take place on
Sunday, May 30
, at 2 p.m. at Fort CusterNational Cemetery, 15501 Dickman Road,Augusta, Michigan. The ceremony is sponsoredby the Fort Custer National Cemetery AdvisoryCommittee, Inc. We encourage area residents of all ages to attend this stirring patriotic event.Attending an hour-long event like this is awonderful way for young people to learn whythey should take pride in being an American.For Memorial Day weekend, over25,000 American flags are placed on the gravesby volunteers and proudly fly along the avenue
of flags. Michigan‘s Fort Custer NationalCemetery has been selected as the Nations‘ best
for the sixth year in a row.
This year‘s guest speaker is Maj
.General Kurt J. Stein US Army TACOM isKeynote speaker. Lt Col J Nadrasik MichiganArmy National Guard. Mrs. Laura De Roo BlueStar & Gold Star Flag Mother will be speaking.Scott Durham, Lakeview High School teacher,
will emcee this year‘s event. Chaplin Greg Van
Heukelom will provide the invocation andbenediction. The Lakeview High School Band,under the direction of Darin Schmidt, willprovide patriotic music. Lt. Col. Nicholas BatchUS Army Ret. Will sing the National Anthem
and ―America the Beautiful ―sung by
Ms. Linda
 Veterans & Military Families Monthly News
May 2010 Vol. 1 No. 2
We would like to express our appreciationto all of the fighting men and women inthe United States Military. Thank you for  your service to this county.
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate‘s committee.
 520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933p. 1
Carter-Thomas, By- ChanceGospel Group will doingpatriotic music. Deb Gardinerwill perform one popular song
―American Solider‖. Echo
Taps will be played by Lt.Col. Nicholas Batch & sonAlexander. Kalamazoo
Bagpipers will play ―AmazingGrace‖ sung by Ms. Linda
Carter-Thomas. Mr. Floyd
Carmichael will sing ―OneThis Day.‖
The program will begin with a fly overby the 127
Fighter Wing, MI ANG and thePledge of Allegiance, lead by Medal of Honorrecipient Cpl. Duane Dewey USMC (Ret.).Color guards from youth groups including the,Michigan Youth Challenge Academy. Willaccompany the Fort Custer National Cemetery
Tuesday Honor Guard... Veterans‘ organizations
will lay wreaths in honor of our war dead. Riflesalute will be done by the Fort Custer TuesdayHonor Guard.Provided by American Legion Post#298. Refreshments, including cookies, coffee,fruit punch andbottled water will beserved.For furtherinformation aboutdonating a flag tothe Fort CusterNational CemeteryAdvisoryCommittee for thecemetery please callSherry D. Swann,Program Chair, at(269) 964-0309.
Memorial Day Reflection
 By: Sean M. Furr Specialist 4, US Army Veteran
Many civilians don‘t realize the
significance to veterans of things like MemorialDay, The American Flag, and fellow soldiers(veterans). There are emotions involved withthese things that only veterans can appreciate &understand.A few years ago, myGrandfather died. As ayoung man, he visitedFrance along withthousands of others of hisbrothers in arms, afterarriving at some nowfamous beaches inNormandy. After his stint inEurope, he returnedstateside and married mygrandmother. At the timethey married, she already had four of the sixchildren she would have. My Grandfather spentmost of his life being a hardass, but to those of us who loved and knew him, he was a verycaring and loving man.He was to be interred at Yankee SpringsNational Cemetery. During the funeralceremony at the church, I was doing well. It waswhen we arrived at the cemetery that thingsstarted getting emotional.After my uncles and I loaded the casketon to the bier, the Honor Guard draped the flagover his casket. I instantly had a lump form inmy throat and felt my face flush with blood. Thepreacher gave his graveside spiel and then oneof the Honor Guard gave his speech. The verylast line still burns into me:
―A soldier nowsleeps‖
-- tears began to well in my eyes. That isa powerful declaration.The height of emotion came when Tapsbegan to play. There was no holding back thetears & emotion. I looked around to see if anyone saw me crying, and noticed that two of 
my uncles and my great uncle (Grandpa‘s
brother) were also crying. We were all veterans
at different times. The ―civilians‖ present were
not as moved by this service as they were at thechurch.There is a love for our Country, ourFlag, and our fellow veterans that simply cannotbe explained to those who did not serve.Hopefully, we can help them understand a littlebetter, this and every other Memorial Day, andin doing so, get more support for our brothersthat need help. It is shameful the way our
government ―forgets‖ those of us who put our 
lives on the line to protect this great nation andits citizens.
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.Not authorized by
any candidate or candidate‘s committee.
 520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Flags at Fort Custer
p. 2
Flags at Fort Custer
Do You Love America?
 By: Denny Gillem Lt. Col., US Army, Retired 
Too many Americans
don‘t love America. We
are threatened frommany directions, bothexternal and internal.Yet, many Americansseemingly neither knownor care. You know, the
opposite of love isn‘t
hate. The opposite of love is indifference. If you hate something you care enough to want itto hurt or damaged
and that caring might
change. Indifference means it‘s of zero
importance in your life. And the future andsecurity of America seems to be of zeroimportance to many Americans. We must wakethem up.We Americans have more freedom,liberty, and rights than any other people in theworld. We enjoy wealth and prosperity thatdwarfs that of most of the about 200 countries inthe world. And we have become so fat andhappy that we act like this abundance issomehow our divine right, bestowed by God
upon us because we‘re so go
od; thus, it willnever go away. We hear a great deal about ourrights but never about our duties.Freedom is not free. Our foundingfathers put everything on the line to create ournation
and many of them lost everything.Freedom has had to be defended in everygeneration. Our nation has fought many wars toprotect freedom. We must remind folks thatfreedom needs to be defended through bothvigilance and service.America today seems mostly concernedabout fishing poles, Ipods, and partying. Noneof these things are in any way wrong, but whenthey become the primary focus, freedom can slipaway. When a person is indifferent to freedom,to America
the indifferent one no longer lovesAmerica; he or she is willing to let America fendfor itself.We are at war today. Radical Islam has
sworn death to all Americans. They aren‘t going
away, because they love their religion and theircause and their way of life
so they will fightand die for it. But, Joe Average-American just
doesn‘t care.If you‘re reading this, you‘re likely one
of the people who does love and care forAmerica. Care means to act, to get involved.Involved means to invest both your time andyour money. So I really relate to and appreciatefolks who are actively seeking a smaller, less-intrusive government.This year is an election year. This
year‘s elections will determine the future of our 
nation. We have our primary elections thissummer. The general elections are thisNovember. Thanks for joining me as anAmerica lover.
Please Support Veteran‘s Radio with―Frontlines of Freedom‖
Hosted by Lt. Col. Denny GillemYou can hear it every Saturday at 1pm on1260 AM the Pledge (Zeeland, MI),or by visiting the website atwww.frontlinesoffreedom.com 
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.Not authorized by
any candidate or candidate‘s committee.
 520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933p. 3
For Memorial Day, volunteers areneeded to assist the cemetery staff in theplacement of small flags on headstones outat Fort Custer National Cemetery(Augusta, MI) to honor our deceasedservicemen and servicewomen. The annualevent will take place at 9 a.m. on SaturdayMay 29, 2010. Volunteers of all ages arewelcome to participate. Refreshments willbe served for all participants.The flag placement takes place onthe day before the annual Memorial Dayservice at Fort Custer National Cemetery.Please come out and join us, to honor ourfallen heroes on this important nationalholiday. If you have any questions, pleasecall (269) 964-0309.

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