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Gender Transgression Final Project

Gender Transgression Final Project

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Published by BlueEELI

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Published by: BlueEELI on May 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Final Project: Moments of Gender Transgression 
“Examining gendered roles thru writing and visual production”Solicitation Letter Due: Friday, June 11Final Project Due: Friday, June 25 This assignment is an opportunity for you to explore the construction of gender, gender roles in our society and your understanding of those.Specifically in this assignment you will construct a 1000-word opinion piecethat could conceivably be printed in a magazine or submitted to a blog of your choosing. You should browse the Internet for blogs or magazines aboutgender that might accept a piece like the one you want to write/video andwrite a letter of solicitation to this blog/magazine, “pitching” your project tothem.
Moment of Transgression
means you will need to self-identify as aspecific gender, most likely one to which you feel you belong. In your letterof solicitation, you will identify your own gender and sexuality and makeclear to yourself and your audience what the rules, norms, and social scriptsare for this role. You’ll then
sensitively select
which of these roles you willdefy. When you do this, you should note what you observe as the responses,reactions, and consequences to your transgressing behavior. Does anythingchange? For whom? How? Why, do you think? Write all your notes up into anopinion piece that fits into the overall description of the assignment. Your transgression should not be a simple one. For example, if you identifyas a straight male, dressing like a female is somewhat simplistic andobvious. I want you to really brainstorm the roles that we play, the ones thatsociety pressures us into and polices us to enforce, then choose one of thesemore covert, less-discussed roles to transgress.I’ll create a special discussion board for conversation about how you mightgo about crafting a creative and thoughtful project, but keep this in mind:
 Your transgression should not place yourself or other people indirect line of bodily injury/harm. Neither should the act(s) involvebreaking federal or state laws. Consequences of the transgressionare the sole responsibility of the agent (that’s you).Questions to consider:
How does the production of meaning affect gendered roles?Why are differences important?If meaning cannot be fixed, how does that impact our understanding of gender and gender roles?What does it mean that we’re able to transgress gender?What did you learn about gender fluidity or sexuality fluidity fromtransgressing it?

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