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Harry Potter and the Heir of Merlin

Harry Potter and the Heir of Merlin

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Published by Bookworm-93

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Published by: Bookworm-93 on May 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER ONE- DUMBLEDORE MAKES A HUGE MISTAKE-On the evening of October 31st 1981, Voldemort decided to attack the Potters. Afew weeks before that night one of his death eaters had come to him and told himthat he had overheard a prophesy being told to Professor Dumbledore about his possible defeat. What he could deduct from the prophesy was that he would have tokill three infants to make sure that it didn't come to pass. He had decided togo after the Potter twins first since he had already received the coordinates oftheir safe house from another of his death eater spies. He would worry about getting the location on the Longbottom brat later. So it was with great anticipation that he left his lair that evening to make his way towards the Potter's home.He felt that this required his own handling of the situation. As he made his way towards their house he started thinking about his plan. (I will kill the parents first then take care of the twins); an evil smile appeared on his face when he thought of leaving death and destruction in his wake. Oh how he loved to causepain.He only told his trusted inner circle of his plans; even if he did trust them heonly told them a few minutes before leaving, he felt that this way if any of them thought of betraying him they wouldn't have the time to warn the light side.He thought there was a spy amongst his lower death eaters so he didn't want to take any chances that word would leak out to them. Then after the meeting he leftto make his way to the Potter's house in Godric's hollow. Little did he know that the spy was actually in his inner circle of death eaters and that as soon asthe Dark Lord left his hideout the young death eater had apparated to the gatesof Hogwarts where he quickly made his way to the castle. Once he had given the warning to Dumbledore; the young wizard returned to his post at the death eater camp so that he wouldn't blow his cover in case that Voldemort was successful andreturned to their secret base.After hearing what his spy had to say the aged Headmaster rushed to his fireplace and was able to contact Sirius and Remus at their apartment; both young men made their way towards the Potter's home by way of floo. Sirius had taken a few seconds to warn James by way of a magical two way mirror just before they both left their apartment. He told James that they were coming to help them escape; he told James to be prepared to flee to the safety of the school. Remus and Sirius got there just in time to see the front door be blown open by a powerful curse that the Dark Lord had sent towards it. They saw him start to make his way towardsJames. In a panic both young men sent curses towards Voldemort in hopes of distracting him so that Lily and James could get the kids and get away without anyone being hurt. The dark wizard sent them both unknown spells making them hit thewall and fall unconscious then he turned his attention towards the stairs goingup to the floor where he knew the babies were sleeping. He cast a paralyzing spell on James then made his way upstairs; because of the time he wasted in cursingRemus and Sirius he decided that he would come down and kill his three enemieslater since he knew that others would be here soon. He wanted to make sure thatat least the children would be killed before the old muggle loving fool stoppedhim. First he needed to get the prophesized children out of the way for good.In the children's bedroom Lily was holding Jasmine while Harry was standing in his crib crying and extending his arms so that his mom would pick him up too. Since Jasmine had shown a bit of uncontrolled magic indicating that she would become a powerful witch both parents had thought that she was the prophesy child so Lily planned on hiding her first then coming back for Harry; in her mind the goodof the wizarding world had to pass before her son.When Voldemort burst through the door of the nursery the first thing he saw wasHarry alone in his crib while the other baby was in her mother's arms. Going after the easier target and giving Lily a look of hatred and a smirk he aimed his wand towards the boy and shouted the killing curse. The curse hit Harry on his fo
rehead and rebounded towards Voldemort. The backlash of the curse caused the ceiling to fall down on the room's occupants. What happened next became a blur in Lily's mind as she got hit over the head with some falling plaster. A few minuteslater she and both babies were found unconscious and all that was left of Voldemort was a smoldering pile of burnt robes.When the adults picked up the babies they saw that Jasmine had a light crescentshaped scar over her heart that had been caused by some flying debris while Harry was left with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead from the killing curse. When Dumbledore came into the room he looked at the scene and came up with the wrong conclusion. He enervated Lily and told her and James that Voldemort had beenstopped by Jasmine. He told Lily that the little girl had stopped the Dark Lordwith the power of love and that was why she had a scar over her heart. He said that Harry probably got hurt by another spell which would explain why he also hada strange scar on his forehead. He then showed Lily the remains of Voldemort and told them that they would now have to come and stay at the castle until thingscalmed down a little.Since Lily couldn't remember anything about the attack she believed what Dumbledore had said. She explained how she and James had always thought that Jasmine would be the one because of her early accidental magic; James agreed with her andso did Sirius and Remus who had witnessed some of Jasmine's magic feats. Remus was a bit uneasy about the whole thing as something deep within him told him to not jump to conclusions too quickly. It was his inner wolf and Remus just quietedthe wolf down putting his thoughts out of his mind as they others spoke of whathappened. Dumbledore told them that this was proof that she was the chosen onethen he asked if they could both come and meet him in his office. He also requested that Sirius and Remus come along so he could explain his plans to them. Whenthey got to school they left the twins in the infirmary with Poppy and made their way to the headmaster's office. Poppy cast a healing spell on the scar over Jasmine's heart and after a few minutes it disappeared. She tried everything sheknew on Harry's scar but for some reason nothing made it better all she could dowas give the baby a small dose of pain potion so that he could fall asleep andbe able to rest. The fact that Harry's scar didn't go away made Poppy uneasy. She shrugged it off thinking that Voldemort had probably used some dark magic on the boy and like most cursed scars it would stay for a while. Baby Harry slept onnot knowing that the aged headmaster that he was brought up to think of as a grandfather was now planning to turn his small world upside down. The only one that seemed to know what would happen to the boy was a bright red bird that watchedin the shadows by the window while a shadowy form stood next to him.Meanwhile when the others arrived at Dumbledore's office they sat down and had some tea to calm their nerves; once every one were served the headmaster startedspeaking. He had a serious expression on his face and the twinkle in his eyes was gone."This as been a trying night for all of us. I have a bad feeling that Voldemortis not completely gone so this is why we have to plan for the future and train Jasmine for her upcoming battles against the evil wizard and his death eaters." Dumbledore sat up in his chair leaning on his desk while crossing his hands. He looked at the four wizards in front of him and they saw that the seriousness of the situation in the expression on his face. In a very serious tone which they didn't hear to often from him he started explaining what needed to be done."What I have to say will not make you happy but you must understand that this will be for the greater good to follow my plans. To save the wizarding world you will have to sacrifice something important. I will take all four of you to Dumbledore Manor where you will be able to live and train Jasmine. At my Manor you will be protected by the Fidelius charm for which I am the secret keeper. Unfortunately you will not be able to take Harry with you as you will be too busy trainin
g your daughter and he will feel left out and might become jealous of the attention your are giving her."Lily jumped up and started yelling at the old man. "You're not serious Albusâ
¦ you can't mean that we won't be raising our son. He is after all the Potter heir and he will need to be brought up accordingly. I love my son I can't leave him behind. Even if he's not as important as Jasmine he will still need to be taken care of."Albus watched the four young adults who all seemed shocked at his proposal. Witha sigh he bid her to sit down. "I can understand your reluctance at doing thisLily but Harry can always be taught his role as the Potter heir once he arrivesat Hogwarts for his schooling when he turns eleven. Being older he'll learn quickly and by that time Jasmine will be well advanced in her training and you willbe able to spend some time with Harry. This way he won't grow up to resent you and he will be told why he had to be sent away when he is old enough to understand. Once he understands his duties he won't give us any trouble. He will be too busy learning magic and learning what it is to be a Potter to think about the years he spent away from you. You will be able to spoil him a little; and like anychild he will eventually forget his years away from you and enjoy being broughtback to his family. He'll be too grateful to be brought back to the wizarding world to make too much of a fuss."Lily gave Albus a look that said "You have got to be kidding old coot." Sensinghis wife's unease James just turned towards his wife and took her hand in his."Lily I think Albus may be right." He said. "After all Jasmine will need our undivided attention and we will not be able to give Harry the care and time he needs. I don't want to loose my daughter to Voldemort so I really want her to be well trained so she is ready to face him later. She will be very powerful and she will need to learn to use her powers wisely so that she doesn't hurt anyone and with Harry in the way she won't be able to concentrate on her task. We can make sure that Albus places Harry with a loving family so this way he will be happy and well taken care off. This way he will also be hidden from the death eaters that are left out there. We also need to get Peter and question him as to how in the hell did Voldemort get our coordinates from him. I have a feeling that we nowknow who the spy in the Order is; and to say that we considered him one of our best friends." James seemed really mad at the idea of his friend betraying them.He looked back at his two fellow marauders and they seemed to be thinking the same thing about the betrayal of their other best friend.Lily closed her eyes for a moment while thinking things over; when she opened them she reluctantly nodded her agreement. A few hours later Jasmine, three of themarauders and Lily were sent by portkey to a huge Manor where Jasmine's training would start as soon that she would be able to hold a wand. But before they left they told the headmaster about Peter being an rat animagus and they gave him afew places where their ex-friend could be hiding. Dumbledore took over the responsibility of finding Harry a family to live with. Harry was sent to live with the Dursleys; the headmaster thought that as his family they would take good careof the boy and he would resent his parents less if he stayed with actual bloodfamily. Being raised in the muggle world he wouldn't hear anything about his parents or his sister so he wouldn't find out about his situation until he receivedhis Hogwarts letter. He also got the ministry to place orders for Peter's arrest. A few days later both his problems were taken care of. Peter was arrested andsent to Azkaban and Harry was sent to his relatives.Late during the night of November third he left Harry on the front steps of theDursleys' home; all that he left behind with the boys was a letter explaining what had happened in the wizarding world and why they would need to keep Harry with them until he was old enough to return. The Dursleys were not happy and yelled

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