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Transcript Of Armstrong Press Conference

Transcript Of Armstrong Press Conference

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Published by Cycling Fan
Lance Armstrong's press conference directly after Floyd Landis released his confession. This happened at the Amgen Tour of California in 2010. The transcript was recorded by Telegraph.
Lance Armstrong's press conference directly after Floyd Landis released his confession. This happened at the Amgen Tour of California in 2010. The transcript was recorded by Telegraph.

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Published by: Cycling Fan on May 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lance Armstrong press conference: transcript in full
From Telegraph, UK
Right to reply: Lance Armstrong says it is 'sad' Floyd Landis has made doping claims against him Photo: AP
Lance Armstrong:
Obviously everyone has questions about Floyd Landis and his allegations. Iwould say that I’m a little surprised, but I am not; this has been going on for a long time. Theharassment and threats from Floyd started a few years ago and really, at that time, we largelyignored him. Johan can speak to what Floyd exactly wanted from us and the team. A year ago, Itold him, ‘listen, you do what you have to do.' We are not gonna, we have nothing to say andnothing to hide.They started again with some consistency and energy about a month ago before this race whenFloyd continued to text, email and harass myself, Johan, Dave Zabriskie, Levi [Leipheimer],Andrew Messick, the CEO of Amgen, right around the time that they [Ouch-Bahati FoundationRacing Team] was trying to get into this race. Floyd made pointed threats to Messick and to theleadership of Amgen that if he wasn’t let in the race he was going to say X, Y and Z about their  product.I would remind everyone that this is a man that, first of all, from our perspective and fromwhat’s gone on at US Postal and Discovery and all of those Tours, we have nothing to hide. Wehave nothing to run from and if anyone has any questions we would be more than happy toanswer them.
I would remind everyone that this is a man that has been under oath several times with a verydifferent version. This is a man that wrote a book for profit that had a completely differentversion; this is somebody that took close to a million dollars from innocent people for hisdefence under a different premise and now when it’s all run out the story changes. So we are alittle confused, maybe just as confused as you guys.But with regard to the specific allegations and the specific claims, they are not even worthgetting into. I’m not going to waste your time or my time. I think history speaks for itself here.We’ve all followed this case for the last four years. We’ve followed Floyd winning the Tour andwe don’t know what he did or didn’t do when he was on that team [Phonak]. We can only speak about what he did when he was on our team. We followed the case, we followed all the dramawith regard to the case and now we see something different. That is about it.
Did you ever pay the UCI [International Cycling Union] any money?
 Absolutely not. No. That is the other thing, if you get into it. Obviously we’ve seen the email andthat is not correct. But a lot of other things in the email, the timeline is off, if you go year byyear.Ultimately all of the other emails that have been sent around will come out. The emails to myself will come out. All of the emails to Andrew Messick will come out, to John Burke from Trek. For someone that says he is here to clear his conscience, why are you sending emails to other  people’s sponsors, other people’s partners, to the organiser of the race, to the sponsors of therace? That has nothing to do with your conscience. So, eventually that will all come out. But, no,absolutely not.
Why did he pin-point you and Johan Bruyneel?
 He didn’t. He pin-pointed a lot of people and I mean, let’s be honest. Obviously my name will beat the top of the story and my name will be in the headline. But, it goes from myself to Johan, toLevi, to Zabriskie, to Andy Rihs, to Jim Ochowicz to Michael Barry, to Matthew White, to SteveJohnson, to Pat McQuaid. At the end of the day, he pointed his finger at everyone still involvedin cycling, everyone that is still enjoying the sport, everyone that still believes in the sport andeveryone that still working in the sport was in the cross hairs.I’m standing here with you guys because I won the Tour de France seven times. But, you have tokeep in mind that the yellow jersey of this race [Dave Zabriskie] is also in the cross hairs andthat is not by accident. Maybe that is a good strategy to get more attention but if I look at, I canuse Allen Lim as an example, someone that I view has the highest standards and the highestethics of anyone in this sport, the fact that he is thrown in there speaks volumes to the credibilityof this and I think that’s, if I walk away with one word to sum this all up - credibility. Floyd losthis credibility a long time ago.
What do you think about all the details in the emails?
 I think if anyone browses the internet or the news groups of anyone’s Wikipedia page, that timeline is easy to put together. I could have made it even juicier. Some of it is off, obviously thetiming and the dates are off again, if you saw the rest of the emails that we have it speaksvolumes to his mental state, and, the time of the day that he sent it, I don’t need to fill you guysin on people’s habits or lifestyles.
Did you contact him after he was emailing you?
 It started a couple of years ago and as texts and I wrote him back after a while. Johan can speak more about what he wanted from the team but after a few of them they got to be so annoying thatI wrote him back and said, ‘Floyd leave me alone. Do what you have to do, I’m going to be fine,don’t worry about me but you have to stop texting me, annoying me, you have to stop harassingme.’
Did you see him at the Tour of the Gila?
(small stage race in New Mexico last month)I saw him every day at the Tour of the Gila. Not one word was said. It was ironic because notone word would be said to any of us during the race. We heard stories about him talking tohimself. But we would get home and all of a sudden we would have these emails from him atnight. Strange.
Why do you think he chose to send the emails now?
 I think the timing of the race is obvious. As I mentioned, he didn’t get in the race. To be honest, Iwas surprised that it didn’t come up in Sacramento. We were all fully expecting it to come outthen. These emails have been out for quite some time.
Will you be taking legal action?
  No, my days of legal action are over. Legal action takes time energy and a lot of money. I havesued a few people in my day and have been successful there in proving my innocence. But, Idon’t need to do that anymore. My energy needs to be devoted to the team, to Livestrong, to mykids. I’m not going to waste time on that.
Will you cooperate with a Federal Prosecutor if they investigate this?
Do you think this will affect the rest of the season, the Tour of California or the Tour deFrance?
 It’s definitely news and juicy, but at the end of the day bike fans are going to see the peopletalked about here, myself, Levi, Zabriskie, George, Johan, they know the truth.

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