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Infant Mmdst Final

Infant Mmdst Final

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Published by mitsuki_sylph

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Published by: mitsuki_sylph on May 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PERSONAL-SOCIALProcedure Score Analysis Interpretation
Regards facePassedPassedPassedThe tester smiledand talked to thechild and didn'ttouch him.Pass if the childsmiles back.During the test, thetester sees if thechild smiles to her or to the parentwithout anystimulation.Pass if child smileson his own at anytime during the testwithout any sti-mulation.The tester placed thechild on his back.The tester wentwithin 12 inchesface to face with thechild.Pass if the childactually looks at thetester.During the wholetest, the child oftensmiles at the tester even though thetester is not talkingor looking at him.Social smile is present. The senseof sight isdeveloping.The child smiles back when the tester is talking to him. Heeven producessounds like cooingsound. This is thechild's way osocialization. Thechild has anincreased socialawareness.The first time thetester came face toface with the child,the child curiouslylook at her. Child’svision is good. Thechild is studying aface with a fixedstare.
The client was able to pass the three activities: smiles spontaneously, smile responsivelyand regards face. For personal-social sector, the client has no developmental delay.
Procedure Score Analysis Interpretation
Grasp Rattle
. Regards cheesecurls
Reaches object
Follows 180ºPassedPassedPassedPassedWhile the child issitting on hismother’s lap, thetester put the rattleat the back of child'shands.Pass if the childgrasps the rattle for a few seconds.As the child issitting on hemother’s lap, thetester droppedcheese curls in frontof the child.Pass if the childlooks at the cheesecurl.As the child issitting on the chair,while his mother isholding him, thetester put toys (2 blocks of wood) infront of him.Pass if the childreaches toward thetoy.The child was lyingin supine position.The child instantlygrasps the rattle.Ability to hold smallobject is visible. Thechilds thumbopposition is beginning, but themotion is scoopingand not picking. Thechild shows eager-ness.The child looked atthe cheese curls andtried to get it. Itindicates that thereis a slight coor-dination of eyes andhands. The child’seye-hand coor-dination is deve-loped.He reached for thewooden blocks andeventually held 1 block. Vision isclear, especially if there is stimulation.The child can acceptobjects that arehanded to him andgrasp with wholehand. Visuomotor coordination.The child followedthe yarn as6
Follows pastmidlinePassedPassedThe tester put thered yarn in about 6-8 inches in front of the child andwiggled it to get hisattention. Then itwas transferredfrom his left goingto his right side in aslow motion.Pass if the childfollows the woolwithin his head andeyes through thecomplete arc formone side to theother.The tester watchedthe child to see if hetouches his handstogether in themiddle.Pass if the childtouches his fingerstogether in themidline.While the child islying in a supine position, the tester held the red yarn for about 6-8 inches infront of him andmoved it slowlyfrom one side in anarc over the middleof the child to theother side.Pass if the childevidenced by themovement of hiseyes as well as hisneck on the samemanner omovement of theyarn. The teste performed it twice.Presence of eyemovement wasobserved. The childhas a strong sense of sight. He was able tofollow movingobjects.The child oftentouches his handtogether during thetest. This means thatthe child isdeveloping self-discovery.The child followedthe red yarn fromhis left side to themiddle then pausedand from the middleto his right side. Thechilds eyesfollowed the yarn.The teste performed it twice.Eye movement wasobserved. Thechild’s binocular 7

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