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Interactive Pre-rolls - A valuable new branding tool - white paper

Interactive Pre-rolls - A valuable new branding tool - white paper

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A white paper on interactive pre-rolls and online video advertising, based on extensive research by
Metrixlab, SuperHeroes and Sanoma Digital. Interactivity proved to be highly influential on advertising effects.
A white paper on interactive pre-rolls and online video advertising, based on extensive research by
Metrixlab, SuperHeroes and Sanoma Digital. Interactivity proved to be highly influential on advertising effects.

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Published by: SuperHeroes Amsterdam on May 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the Netherlands, over a billion videos are viewedonline every month. Four out of every fiveNetherlanders aged 13 or over say they watchvideos online. This is a hugely varied audience andone that will grow exponentially. Not surprisingly,advertisers are increasingly interested in usingonline videos as an advertising medium.But what can pre-rolls do for your brand? How doyou develop the most effective concept? And whyare pre-rolls still only evaluated on conversionrates?Pre-rolls, 15-second ads shown before the start ofan online video, are usually shortened versions ofexisting TV ads. However, pre-rolls offer morepossibilities than other mediums, namelyinteraction.Metrixlab, working together with Sanoma Digital,Lassie and creative digital agency SuperHeroes,conducted the Netherlands’ first study into thepublicity impact of interaction in pre-rolls byconducting research on two interactive pre-rollconcepts developed for Lassie, a famous Dutchheritage rice brand. We wanted to find out what thisnew type of pre-roll can do for a brand, brandreputation and brand loyalty and how consumersrate them.Several interesting and striking conclusions weredrawn from the research. We found that interactivepre-rolls work when compared to standard pre-rollsand TV ads:
• Interactive pre-rolls have a stronger effect on brand recall,including better spontaneous brand awareness andtop-of-mind awareness• Interactive pre-rolls attract more attention• Interactive pre-rolls are better remembered• Interaction with a pre-roll is well appreciated• Interaction in the pre-roll increases conversion
The following pages show the research in detail.
Online video is booming. In November 2009, over 30billion videos were viewed in the United Statesalone. To put this into perspective, during the sameperiod 12 billion search engine searches wereperformed.Online videos are also being viewed in theNetherlands at a huge rate and it is estimated thatthere are approximately one billion videos viewedonline every month. YouTube, Uitzendinggemist.nl,RTLgemist and MSN Video attract millions ofvisitors and more and more websites are starting tooffer videos in addition to regular content. It’s clearthat the use of online video is growing and growing.The question is: how can advertisers takeadvantage?The pre-roll, a 15 second ad shown before the startof an online video, has now been introduced toonline marketing. Usually a shortened version of anexisting TV ad is produced. However, pre-rolls offermuch more opportunities than TV, namelyinteraction. Consumer interaction with pre-rollshas been tested in the Netherlands and elsewherebut results were always measured only in terms ofclicks and conversions. But is the effect thatinteractive pre-rolls might have on brand equityunderestimated? We thought it was about time for athorough investigation into the effectiveness ofinteractive pre-rolls.
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The aim of the study was to analyse the effect onbrand equity and make a comprehensive evaluationinto the effectiveness of interactive pre-rolls. Wewanted to find out what an interactive pre-roll cando for brand awareness, preference and purchaseintent as well as how interactive pre-rolls areevaluated, appreciated and remembered.The study, conducted by MetrixLab, took place inDecember 2009 in a controlled environment onNuvideo.nl and Zie.nl. The study was commissionedby Sanoma Digital, Lassie and SuperHeroes.
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Creative digital agency SuperHeroes developed fourdifferent pre-roll concepts as part of a campaigncelebrating 50 years of Lassie’s Magic Rice. Thepre-rolls ran for a period of six weeks on Nuvideo.nland Zie.nl. During this period, there were no otherLassie ads available in any other medium: thesetting was 'closed'.Overview of the concepts:
1. Little Bowl, Little Bow
Little Bowl, Little Bowl was a game similar to the well knowngame ‘Little Ball, Little Ball’, in which the consumer tries toguess which bowl a cherry tomato is hidden under within 15seconds. When the consumer clicked on the correct bowl,there was a response and the pre-roll was extended so thatthey could play the game again. The pre-roll could bestopped using a close button.If the consumer did not click on the pre-roll, then the videostarted automatically when pre-roll ended
2. The Magic Pan
The Magic Pan was a so-called ‘out-of-player’ pre-roll. Theconsumer was asked, “What do you want to eat tonight?”.Lassie’s Magic Pan then crash landed at the top of theconsumer’s screen, interrupting them. The consumer wasasked to pull the Magic Pan’s handle to generate a recipe. After viewing the recipe, the consumer could choose to pullthe lever again to view another recipe or close the window.If the consumer did not click on the pre-roll, the video startedautomatically when the pre-roll ended.
 3. Standard pre-roll: the Magic Cook trailer 
This was a non-interactive standard pre-roll. The videostarted automatically when the 15-second ad finished.
4. Split roll
This campaign was designed to see whether a pre-roll viewer wishes to choose which pre-roll he or she wants to see.Consumers could choose to see Little Bowl, Little Bowl or the Magic Pan. If no choice was made, the video startedautomatically after 15 seconds.
Metrixlab tested the Little Bowl, Little Bowl and theMagic Pan concepts in a controlled environment. As the standard pre-roll trailer and the split rollconcepts were more traditional, they were notincluded in the brand impact test for interactivity.They were, however, included in the conversionstudy.

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