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The origins and continuing life

The origins and continuing life

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Published by: Hermono Teguh Budianto on May 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The origins and continuing life--------------------One of the true nature of Al-Quran, which distinguishes it fromThe Bible, as mentioned above, was that forillustrates the repetitive assertion aboutto the omnipotence of God, Scripture is referring to andiversity of natural phenomena. In the case of a large number of these phenomenaHe also gave a detailed description about howphenomena was evolved-the causes andconsequences. All these details are worthnote. These statements are contained byAl-Quran about human beings, are among the mostI was shocked when I read the book forthe first time in its original Arabic. Only theoriginal alone can explain the true meaningstatements that very often disalahterjemahkandue to the reasons mentioned above.What makes these findings so important isthat all of them refer to a lot of sensenot yet known at the time the Quran was revealed toand a new human-fourteenth-century later provedentirely in harmony with modern science. In this contextabsolutely no need to search around for explanationswhich tend to appear fake in several publications and evenin the histories of medical science in whichMuhammad regarded as having the abilitiesmedical (as well as the Qur'an so-calledcontaining medical prescriptions, an idea thatnot entirely accurate). [1]Origins of Life--------------------The Qur'an gives a very clear answer to the question:At what point life begins? In this section Iwill submit the verses of Al-Quran, in whichstated that the origin of man is (are) water.The first paragraph below is also pointing to the formation ofuniverse."Do not the Unbelievers see that the skies and itthe earth together, then We separated them and usmade from water every living. Then they woulddo not believe? "(Sura 21:30)Definition of 'produce something from something else'did not cause doubts. The phrasecould also mean that every living thing is madeof water (as an important component) or that allliving things originated from water. The second meaning is fullyin accordance with scientific data. In reality, lifederived from the nature of water and water is a componentThe most important of all living cells. Without water lifebecomes impossible. If the possibility of life onother planets be discussed, then the first questionalways: Is there enough water to support life in a placethese?
Modern data lead us to think that living beingsincluding perhaps the oldest in the worldplants: algae have been found from the periodnamely pre-Cambrian time of the oldest inland familiar.Organisms that are included in the animal world may appeara bit more later: they emerge from the sea.The word here translated as 'water' onthe reality is ma '[2] which means both water in the skyor water in the ocean or any kind of liquid. In this senseThe first water is an essential element for allplant life"(God alone), which has lowered the water from the sky. ThenWe [3] to grow (of water) in pairsvegetation is different. "(Sura 20:53)This is the first reference to a 'partner'vegetation. Later we will return to the notionthis.In a sense both of which refer to all types of liquids,the word is used in the form of non-course toshows the basic substance that is in the making of allanimal life:"And Allah has created every animal from water."(Sura 24:45)As we shall see later, these words can alsoapplied to the seminal fluid. [4]Thus, the statements in the Qur'an on the originlife, whether it refers to life in general,elements that gave birth to the plants in soil orseeds of the animals, all in full conformity with the dataModern scientific. None of the myths about the origincommon life is considered correct by the person at the timeAl-Quran was revealed to man mentioned in the textthese.Continuity of Life--------------------The Qur'an refers to many aspects of life in the worldanimals and plants. I have been describing all the thingsin my work before it is published in1976 (English edition, 1978). In this study Iwant to focus on the space given inAl-Quran to the theme of continuity of life.Generally speaking, the comments provided abovebreeding (reproductive) plants in the world of naturemore extensive than that refers to the breeding ofanimal world. However, there are many statements whichworking on the theme of human reproduction, as we willsee below.Already represents a knowledge that is recognized that there are tworeproductive method in the world of the plants: namely the

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