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Published by: api-26004654 on May 27, 2010
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PC Miracles Connection
Issue 40May 2010
How To Get YourEmployeesTo Cheerfully PutIn MORE Hours
How To Get Your EmployeesTo Cheerfully Put In MORE Hours
Should You BeAfraid of Windows 7?
Details On Page 2
What To Do WhenYou Outgrow YourEmail
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What’s So SpecialAbout The Number 17?Full Story On Page 4
You Could Be TheWinner!
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Who doesn’t want employees that are more productive in the workplace? Yet personalissues, illness and family obligations often prevent employees from coming in. That’swhy so many employers are now enabling remote access to their network.Whether you call it “working from home,” or your “virtual office,” the idea is thesame; your network is configured to give you and your staff the ability to work fromsome location other than the office. While most business owners and managers pulling60 hour work-weeks love the idea of putting in some of those hours from the comfort of their home, they often fear that employees given the same luxury won’t be as productive.However, studies have shown that employees working from home are actually far
productive than those who are limited to working at the office. The biggest fear is thatemployees will goof off and not take their job seriously; however, that fear is on the de-cline as more and more businesses are pursuing this (23 million and growing to be ex-act!)
While telecommuting will not work in every situation, there is no doubt that technol-ogy has made working from home extremely practical whether a few times a month orevery week. As a matter of fact, offering work-from-home options can give you a com-petitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best employees. Here are some addi-tional benefits to allowing your people remote access:
Employees who are sick can continue to work without infecting the office or losingan entire day of work.
Employees forced to stay home to take care of sick family members can continue towork instead of taking off long periods.
Inclement weather or heavily congested traffic won’t shut down your office.
Key managers with a heavy workload will actually be more productive if given theability to work from home on evenings and weekends.
Allowing employees flexibility during peak workloads (eg. CPAs during tax season)makes employees happier to put in the extra hours from a home office.
Employees with temporary or permanent disabilities can continue to be fully func-tional in a home environment.
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Windows 7UpgradeWithoutFear
Most business owners feelsoftware upgrades are akin tohaving a dental extraction: not apleasant experience. But anupgrade to Windows 7 canactually be pain-free. Here’swhy:
XP Mode.
If you’re worriedabout compatibility issues, fearnot. XP Mode allows you to runolder programs in Windows XPand simultaneously run every-thing else in Windows 7. If yourmain business software runswell now in Windows XP orVista, it should run just fine inXP Mode.For even more peace of mind,make sure you contact yourbusiness software vendor andget their a-ok before beginningan upgrade. You can also trythis on a “test” PC beforerolling it out on your network.
Installation Time.
Windows7 set-up is significantly fasterthan Vista or XP (previousversions of Windows). Boot-uptimes are multiples faster too.
Stuff Just Works.
When youplug in a new scanner, cameraor other device into yourcomputer, you don’t want tofight with pop-up messages thattell you to search for drivers.You just want it to work theway it’s supposed to. WithWindows 7 that’s what you get.
PC Miracles Connection
How To Get Started With A Work From Home Program 
While there are several options for remotely accessing yournetwork, there are two primary ways used by most. They are:
Remote Web Workplace:Pros
: It’s easy to use. This method of remote access automati-cally comes with most Microsoft Small Business Server soft-ware. As long as your server is configured properly, youshould be able to use the remote features.
: Your desktop in your office has to be turned on andfunctioning. Because this method actually takes over yourcomputer, any issue with your computer that requires aphysical reboot (meaning you need to be there at the ma-chine) renders your work from home session impossible.
Virtual Private Network (VPN):Pros:
Doesn’t rely on another computer in the office to work.Also, a VPN has some flexibility, since it can be set up as ahardware or software VPN.
Tends to run a little slower than remote web work-place. Basically, if you need to do a lot on your desktop PC,VPN may not be for you.
Want to find out which method is right for you?
Remote Workplace Action Plan
 During the month of May & June, we’re giving away aFREE remote workplace Action Plan development. We’llreview your current situation, help you clarify what youwant, discuss various options and put together an ActionPlan on the most cost effective, hassle-free way to implement this in your business.
Get Your Free Action Plan Today:
Call us now at 248-620-2201E-mail: info@pcmiracles.com 
Cleaning Tips For Flat Screen Monitors
Unlike their CRT cousins, LCD monitors require a bit of special care when cleaning. Their displays are much more sensitiveand are easily scratched and damaged. Follow the easy steps below to safely clean your flat screen monitor in just a fewminutes.1. Turn off the monitor. A dark screen will show dirty or oily areas better.2. Use a dry, soft cloth and very gently wipe the screen. A great choice would be the microfiber type of cloth used to cleaneyeglasses.3. If the dry cloth didn’t completely remove the dirt or oil, don’t press harder to scrub it off. Pushing directly on the screen cancause pixels to burn out.4. If necessary, dampen the cloth with distilled water or with an equal ratio of distilled water to white vinegar.
 1.Avoid using paper towels, toilet paper, tissue paper, or something like your shirt to wipe the LCD screen. These non-ultrasoft materials can easily scratch the screen.2.Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, acetone, or ethyl acid. These chemicals can react with thematerials that the screen is made of which could damage it or make it go yellow.3.Never spray liquid directly on the LCD screen or it could run inside the monitor and cause damage.
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Using a free e-mail account can be frustrating; no helporganizing your messages, keeping track of appointmentsand deadlines, or staying on track with projects. Plus, if you want to share your electronic rolodex of prospects, vendors & clients with employees, it’s a pain in the rump. Worse yet, there’s no way to store and keep your e-maildata safe and secure, and no easy way to retrieve it whenyou need it.
The Answer To Your Email Woes
For many businesses, Microsoft Exchange is the answer.This e-mail system automatically puts you and youremployees’ contacts, e-mail, calendars, and tasks all in oneplace (Outlook) where they are easily accessible, backedup, and secure.But the cost of setting up this type of system used to becost-prohibitive for some companies. A server needs to bepurchased along with software and other network components. Even on the smallest of networks, this would add up to thousands of dollars for set-up plushundreds of dollars each year for maintenance.
Fortune 500 E-mail, Mom & Pop Price
“Hosted Exchange” is the cost-effective alternative. Forthe cost of a few lattes per month, you can have a greatsystem for organizing your contacts, calendars and tasks,plus have peace of mind that your email data is safe.Not convinced on features and cost savings alone? Hereare 4 more reasons to consider Hosted Exchange for yourbusiness:1)
Quick Set-Up.
Installing an Exchange server at youroffice could take a full day or more to complete. WithHosted Exchange, there is no server to set up. Justconnect to the Internet, enter your log-in, and you’reoff to email land.2)
Disaster Recovery.
 With Hosted Exchange, youremails, calendar, contacts and tasks are all stored in aniron-clad data center and then replicated to anotherdata center. Even if the network in your office goesdown, your email service isn’t interrupted.
3) Grows As You Grow.
Need an email account for thatnew employee? Looking to upgrade Exchange to anew version? Hosted Exchange makes both thesetasks a snap.
4) Keeps You In Synch.
In real time, your laptop,home PC, work PC, and mobile phone all have thesame email, contact, and calendar information.
Want To Learn More? Call Us Now:248-620-2201
One Big Reason To Ditch That “Free” Email Account 
PC Miracles Connection

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