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Revised Communication Plan Development SOW

Revised Communication Plan Development SOW

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Published by prnewser
FDA looking for communications support.
FDA looking for communications support.

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Published by: prnewser on May 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Statement of Work 1.0Introduction1.1Background
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a Federal scientific law enforcement agencywith the legislated responsibility to protect the public health of the 262 million consumersas it may be impaired by foods and food additives, drugs, biological products, cosmetics,medical devices, and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation-emitting products andsubstances. FDA’s programs are national in scope and international in effect, and itsactivities directly affect and heavily impact upon multi-billion dollar industries, inaddition to protecting the public health of hundreds of millions of American consumersOffice of External Affairs (OEA), Office of the Commissioner (OC), Food and DrugAdministration (FDA), is responsible for providing developing and executing allcommunications for the FDA. OEA works closely with the people and programs acrossthe agency on a daily basis to develop and execute communication strategy that supportsthe agency’s mission.
The purpose of this requirement is to define the requirements needed to receiveconsulting services that will support the communication plan development for the OEA.This development requires expertise to assist the OEA in improving internal and externalcommunications.
1.3Project Scope
The contractor shall participate in meetings, teleconferences, email correspondence, andother online collaborative systems to guide the project team to a successful projectconclusion. The contractor shall advise the project team based on his/her successfulexperience with similar projects, critique team work products, and facilitate stakeholder meetings. The contractor shall contribute to and coordinate collaborative development of documents including a stakeholder communication plan, an analysis of alternativeapproaches to each of the office components, a risk assessment and cost benefit analysis,an implementation plan.
2.0Description of Work 
The Contractor shall:a.Meet with the OEA leadership to discuss current and desired communication processes. b.Plan and facilitate OEA leadership team discussions and conduct individualinterviews within and outside OEA, including external stakeholders.
c.Conduct research to gather information from internal and external stakeholders asneeded. This may include, but is not limited to, focus groups, surveys andinterviews.d.Analyze data gathered through researche.Write and present a report on research results to OEA leadership.f.Facilitate planning meeting(s) with the appropriate OEA and FDA leadershipusing the aforementioned research results as baseline data for communication planning.g.Write draft communication plan using information from the aforementioned planning meeting and research.h.Present draft communication plan to OEA leadership team for consideration andfeedback.i.Write final communication plan and present it to OEA leadership team for reviewand approval/acceptance. j.Provide appropriate internal and external communication training to FDA staff, ascalled for in the communication plan. This should include at least one on-siteinternal communications training event and one on-site external communicationstraining event.k.Participate in closeout meeting with OEA leadership.Coordinating Instructionsa.The contractor shall provide OEA leadership the opportunity to review andapprove the approach for each action to be taken (15 days after submittal) under Section 2.0, Description of Work, before execution. b.The implementation of the final communication plan document, once delivered,will be the responsibility of OEA leadership.
3.0Task Deliverables and MilestonesDeliverableTaskDue Date
Formal CommunicationAssessment documentMeet with OEA leadership todiscuss current and desiredcommunication processesWithin 2 weeks after thecontract is issuedA project schedule of actionsto be takenCreate and submit projectschedule of eventsWithin 3 weeks after thecontract is issuedA report on the results of research (including, but notlimited to, results from, focusgroups, surveys andinterviews)Conduct interviews, focusgroups, and other discussionswith identified individuals,groups, and stakeholdersConsistent with projectschedule of actions to be takenA report on baseline data to beused for communication planningAnalyze, summarize, andinterpret research datagathered during interviews,focus groups and other discussionsConsistent with projectschedule of actions to be takenA draft internal Facilitate a communication Consistent with project
communication plan as aresult of planning meetings planning meeting with OEAleadership team and FDAinternal stakeholders usinganalyzed data and reportedresults, and write draft action planschedule of actions to be takenA draft externalcommunication plan as aresult of planning meetingFacilitate an action planningmeeting with OEA leadershipteam and FDA externalstakeholders using analyzeddata and reported results, andwrite draft action planConsistent with projectschedule of actions to be takenA final internalcommunication planReview and incorporatecomments on draft action planfrom OEA leadership team.Write and submit finalcommunication plan for review and approval by OEAleadershipConsistent with projectschedule of actions to be takenA final externalcommunication planReview and incorporatecomments on draft action planfrom OEA leadership team.Write and submit finalcommunication plan for review and approval by OEAleadershipConsistent with projectschedule of actions to be takenInternal/ExternalCommunication Plan Training
This should include at leastone on-site internalcommunications trainingevent and one on-siteexternal communicationstraining event.
Consistent with projectschedule of actions to be takenParticipate in closeout meetingParticipate in a closeoutmeeting with OEA leadershipConsistent with projectschedule of actions to be taken
Criteria for Acceptance
The OEA will review contractor deliverables in accordance with the requirements andstandards stated in the criteria established and any directives issued during the term of thecontract. The OEA Management has the authority to accept or reject deliverables.The acceptance of deliverables and satisfactory work performance required herein shall be based upon timelines, accuracy and suitability of the Offeror’s proposal. The specificdeliverables and schedule of delivery shall be as agreed upon and documented.Deliverables will be submitted to the OEA Project Officer.

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