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Solar Returns

Solar Returns



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Published by Moonlightshadow

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Published by: Moonlightshadow on Jun 02, 2008
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Solar Returns
By Ron BippusGENERAL RULESThe Solar Return chart is calculated for the exact moment in time that the Sunreturns to its natal position, and is set in the place where you currently live. Itforecasts the general outlook for the year ahead, and should be used as part of awhole spectrum of techniques that include transits, progressions, and directions.The Solar Return is a snapshot of the zodiac at the precise moment that thetransiting Sun conjoins the natal Sun. This makes the Solar Return similar to ahorary, which makes predictions based on the quality of time that a question isasked or an event occurs. It points out where the action is by its emphasis on certainhouses and signs. The Solar Return is always set up for your present place of residence, not for your place of birth. Going somewhere else for your birthday tochange the nature of the coming year does not really work, since you would have tostay there all year to experience the change in the rising sign.INTERPRETATION1.
The rising sign and the house cusp it represents in the natal chart are the primefocus for the year. If the sign is intercepted in the natal chart, it will be a veryfrustrating and difficult year. Any planets in the first house also strongly influencethe emotional tenor, but the signs on all four angles are always important. The SolarReturn Ascendant and its ruler show the general approach to life, and the attitude,health and fortunes for the year ahead.2. The house that the Sun is in points at a major issue for the year, and shows wherea great deal of energy is being applied. It shows the basic life pattern for the year,and if there are many aspects to the Sun, it will be a very active year. Fewer aspectsindicate less activity and a more tranquil year. The house in which the Sun falls inthe SR chart is the birthday month's forecast and influence, and each house after isthe following month, since the Sun transits at the rate of one sign or house permonth. Each house is treated as events in that month, and the sign and planet rulingthe cusp influences the outlook for that month. The chart is used like a clock, with12 months on its face instead of 12 hours. As the Sun conjoins or aspects otherplanets in the SR, it will generate events.3. The Solar Return is a horary chart, and can be interpreted without reference tothe natal chart. Special attention must be paid to the aspects of the transiting Moon,since its last aspect before it changes signs determines the final outcome of all issues.a. If the Moon is void of course not much will change unless there are overwhelmingindications for change by house and aspect.
b. If a planet changes signs before the Moon does, then all efforts for change arewasted, nothing will come of them.c. If the final aspect is an opposition, then there will likely be a separation fromlovers or employers.d. If the final aspect is a square, then challenges are met successfully, indicating avery good year.e. If the final aspect is a conjunction to a benefic, or a trine or sextile, theneverything will turn out well.4. The SR can be interpreted as a temporary natal chart for the year.The houses with several planets in them have the strongest influence on the comingyear. If the planets are somewhat scattered, then the chart must be assessed byhemisphere and quadrant. If there are more planets in angular houses, then thisindicates many new projects for the year ahead. A preponderance of planets in thesucceedent houses indicates the completion of work already under way. A majorityof planets in the cadent houses suggest a year of changes and mental activity andstress.The Moon in the Solar ReturnThe Moon shows every day activity. In Fire Signs, it's very active, social, andpossibly temperamental and confrontational. In Earth, there are practical andmaterial concerns. Financial affairs are important, and need to be worked on andbalanced. Emotions are strong, but quiet and introverted. In Air, communicationsand social activities, learning and cooler, detached emotions prevail. Energy levelsare fairly good. In Water Signs, it's an emotional year, with family and relationshipconcerns and low energy.The Moon sign signifies people with the qualities of that sign in your life. TheMoon's aspects, if strong and numerous, can cause emotional and health tensions,and a very active daily routine. If there are few aspects, life is more relaxed andslower, and you will have time to catch your breath. SR Moon above the horizon,your concerns are mostly focused on career and social connections. Below thehorizon, the year involves subconscious personal problems.Conjunct the MC, it is an indication of career changes and changes in personalgoals. Conjunct the IC, family and emotional security issues are sharply highlighted.On the Ascendant, physical health and attitudes toward others are changeable,whereas on the Descendant it indicates long term relationships, legal partnerships ormarriage undergoing change.The Ascendant
The ascendant is what you want to be or achieve that year. The Descendant is whatyou project to other people, how others see you. Planets on the Ascendant indicatethe quality, character trait or goal you wish to achieve that year. Planets on thedescendant are the qualities that you project to others.CARDINAL signs rising indicate a very active year, with a lot of energy directedinto all areas of life.FIXED signs indicate concerns with financial or emotional security.MUTABLE signs indicate social activity and communication with others. The onlyproblem here is indecisiveness.TIMINGThe transiting Sun moves at the rate of 1 sign or house per month. Therefore, if youcount from the first house following the house that the Sun is in, then that would bethe first month after your birthday. The other months are similarly counted. Watchfor the Sun conjuncting planets or points in the SR, since this triggers events. Use allinner transiting planets for event prediction, especially the Sun, since it is the mostimportant planet in a SR. The aspects made by the Sun as it moves through thezodiac generate events.INTERPRETATION1. Put the natal planets around the inside of the chart, or print a bi-wheel. Thenatal/SR planetary aspects can be quite revealing. Also watch the transiting innerplanets making aspects to both SR and natal planets.2. SR Mercury by Aspect, Sign and House indicates thinking and communicationpatterns for the year. Watch for retrograde and direct stations on a sensitive natal orSR point.3. SR Venus shows emotional and financial patterns, and how its conjunctions canbe used to accomplish beneficial changes.4. SR Mars shows action and energy patterns for the year. As it conjuncts planets inthe SR and natal charts, it provokes temper and causes frustration, but can besource of strength and courage.5. SR North Node indicates areas of challenge and growth, whereas the South Nodeindicates areas of stagnation and previous activity that needs to be left behind. Theouter planets as always indicate major events and activities.

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