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Redmen Parent Handbook

Redmen Parent Handbook

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Published by A-1 Printing Inc

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Published by: A-1 Printing Inc on May 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7-12 Player(s)/Parent(s)Handbook 
Bucyrus Redmen Football
A proud tradition since 1896…www.bucyrusredmen.com 
Things WE must do to be Successful!Athletes:
Obey all procedures.2.
Trust coaches and teammates3.
Give great effort!4.
Handle adversity.5.
Know assignments.
Assistant Coaches:
Be Loyal.2.
Be Positive.3.
Respect each other.4.
Voice opinions.5.
Do a great job teaching our players.6.
Be fair.
Head Coach:
Be loyal.2.
Treat everyone with respect and fairness.3.
Be organized.4.
Give assistants responsibility and authority.5.
Be concerned about coaches, families, athletes.6.
Let coaches and players know if they have been derelict in their duties.7.
Work harder than everyone in the program.
Accept, execute, and defend ALL POLICIES AND DECISIONS WE MAKE!2.
Exhibit character and never embarrass yourself, family, school, or team!3.
Be positive and never doubt we will be successful!4.
Care and expect to win!5.
Be honest with each other!
Bucyrus Redmen Football Procedures for Winning:
Don’t beat yourself.2.
Concentrate on what you can control.3.
Believe in US!
Bus Regulations
All members of the football team are required to ride the bus to and from allgames and/ or scrimmages. All students are reminded that regular bus rules andregulations are in effect. Players may ride home with parents in the event of illness or injury on the advisement of the team doctor.
Pre/ Post-game Meals
Pre- and Post-game meals may be arranged by the Bucyrus Football Parents.Players are reminded that these meals are donated by the Parents’ Club. As such, theyshould be received in a courteous, respectful fashion and
Medical experts have determined that proper rest is vital to the performance of any athlete. For this reason, players are expected to observe curfew. Players should beasleep by 10:00 PM the night before the game and by 11:00 PM the night before practice.Junior Varsity Players may be excused from this rule Friday nights but should still beasleep as early as possible. Players are under parents’ guidance/police regulationsSaturday night as far as curfew is concerned.
Proper nutrition is essential to performance. Parents are encouraged to providemeals high in nutritional value but low in fat and sugar. During times of extreme heatand humidity and before games, parents should eliminate pop, high sugar content, andcarbonation from their son’s diet. It is recommended that players drink large amounts of water. Failure to do so will cause players to dehydrate and performance to deteriorate.
I took many supplements in my college football days, but I would stronglysuggest that parents keep watch and not allow creatine, ephedrine, ma-haung, caffeine pills, beta-gen, and androstine to be used during the season. I would not allow anyephedrine or Ma-haung to be used ever as it is currently outlawed, but could be back onthe market soon. Whey protein and weight gainers are not a problem as long as they donot use the products listed above. Use of these supplements could cause cramps, heart problems, etc…
School Conduct
Players, because of their unique position on the team, are held in high esteem bymembers of the school community. Because they are highly visible, player conduct inand around the school must be above reproach. While it might be unfair, football playersare held to a higher standard than other students. They must accept this responsibilityand act accordingly. Disciplinary action will be taken by the head coach if problemsarise in school students, players, teachers, administration, and/or community members.Players will be disciplined for detentions, i.s.d, and Thursday schools. Other discipline

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