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Cosmic Orgone Engineering ( Wilhelm Reich )

Cosmic Orgone Engineering ( Wilhelm Reich )



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Published by Rafita
Wilhelm Reich llego la idea de la presencia de naves extraterrestres que supuestamente observaban a la comunidad de "Orgonon". El las llamaba "EA" iniciales de las palabras "Energía" y "Alpha"; sus tripulantes eran llamados CORE, siglas de "Cosmic Orgone Engineering".
Wilhelm Reich llego la idea de la presencia de naves extraterrestres que supuestamente observaban a la comunidad de "Orgonon". El las llamaba "EA" iniciales de las palabras "Energía" y "Alpha"; sus tripulantes eran llamados CORE, siglas de "Cosmic Orgone Engineering".

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Published by: Rafita on Jun 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wilhelm Reich
CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering)
OROP Desert
Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought
( Publications of the Orgone Institute, Vol. VI, Nos. 1-4, July 1954 )
Behavior of smoke;Nature of fog; Dispersive qualities of OR energy; Distribution of rainfall; Where doesthe moisture come from? Clues to answer; the ring around the sun; Seasonalexpansion & contraction of OR envelope.
DOR & Melanor; Smog; Symptoms ofDOR sickness; Quest for source of DOR & Melanor; Functional meaning of Melanor;Deterioration of forests; Scope of Cosmic Engineering; Clarification of the source ofMelanor; Visitors from outer space; Space ships & DOR; Principle of Life on Earthchallenged.
DOR Clouds; Stillness & bleakness;Disappearance of sparkle from the landscape; Human awareness of DOR; Geigercounter reactions to DOR; Use of OR potential; The lightning rod; Destroying &creating clouds; Lifting fog; The "spiral draw".
Change from earthly to cosmic perspective; Danger ofdesert to life; Mass functions have developed from primordial energy functions;Mountains impede OR streams; Deserts can be made green; Blueprints for thefructification of deserts.
DOR-affected clouds; Dissipation of clouds& absence of thunder-storms over Organon; Dynamics of drought clouds; Breakingdrought; Functions opposing drought.
Drought broken; Failure to draw from zenith;Protocol of drawing operation; Fog front rolls in from ocean; Gentle rain falls; Reportson OROP Ellsworth; Monitoring Oranur atmosphere; Plague activities.
Development of a new drought; Dilemnaresulting from drought; Failure of extended draws; Prolonged east to west OR flows;"Backwash"; heavy rain in New York; Tele-OROP; Destruction of thunderheads;Friendly activities on behalf of OROP Desert.
Request for rain-free day; Notpromised -- experimentation only; Problem of how to keep sky clear; Drawing fromwest with one tube; Rain prevented from falling over Rangeley.
CORE Operator a trustee only of naturalfunctions; Attempt to relieve cities; Weather Bureau informed; Simultaneous three-Cloudbusters draw; Protocol of OROP Boston; Storm unpredicted hits Boston; relieffrom heat; Desert is inevitable result of the immobilization of OR energy;Contradictions in Weather Bureau forecasts; Foundations of Oranur Weather Control.
The Galactic ORStream is real; DOR Removal near ocean; First report of a student operator; Nothing isunimportant in Cosmic Engineering; Drawing against Galactic Stream; Rain goestoward northeast while winds come form northeast; Chain reaction storms; Droughtagain broken; Caution and daring needed; Gradient of dryness toward Southwest;Need to regulate Cloudbuster operations; Space ships & space problems; Outlook.
(A) Rules to follow in Cloud Engineering; (B) Protocols of the first 97 DORremoval operations [Only one example included]; (C) Documentary record oninformation given regarding Oranur, DOR & Weather Control [Not included]
Introduction to OROP Desert
The story of OROP Desert is long and complicated. Let us begin with the word OROP.This word was coined to designate all operations on the part of human beingsregarding DESERT. Desert here includes drought, atmospheric conditions which leadto drought and desert, and the technical means, based on the scientific understandingof nature, which could, possibly, do something beneficial about the prevention ofdrought and desert development."OR" is included because the scientific data underlying our technological data ondesert development have been worked out in the realm, method, research andtechnical development of thought, which differs from other systems of thinking in that itis neither mechanistic nor mystical, but functional, energetic.Thus, "OROP" comes to designate engineering operations involving the COSMICENERGY FUNCTIONS.This does not end the introduction of OROP Desert. The physical desert outside innature is a matter of millennia of cosmic events. Many places on our planet were onceflourishing green, fruit-bearing countrysides which nourished rich and happy humancultures and civilizations. Only 25,000 years ago, the Southwest of the USA, so thearchaeologists and geologists tell us, was inhabited by men living on green lands. Thisis true, without going into detailed proof here, of the Nile Delta, and the land whereJesus had walked the earth only 2,000 years ago, the whole region around Nazareth,today subsumed under the name "Near East". We are told by historians, too, that otherregions, such as the Mexican and South American plains and valleys, today poor,were once rich. This, I suppose, is also true of the Roman Empire, today reduced to apoor, plague-ravaged Italy.What underlies the making of deserts?It is obvious that deserts are not merely products of some unknown events in nature;they are spreading more and more over vast regions of our globe. The severedroughts which threaten to extinguish all human existence are truly functions of desertdevelopment. The following chart, taken from
US News & World Report 
depicts thespreading of this menace in the USA today.

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