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Published by: api-27788847 on May 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Competency-Based Approach
training method was developed primarily for Industry. The trainingwas based on what people were expected to do in the workplace. It emphasized what peoplecould actually do as a result of their training rather than simply looking at the amount of training that the employees attended.This method allowed trainers to match the training with required job competencies therebymaking the training totally relevant to the needs of the employee.This in turn increased the motivation of the trainees because they could see the directrelevance of what they were studying. It also kept the trainees task oriented and active. Lastbut not least, it made the assessment process easier because the outcomes required wereclearly stated in the competency standards.The application of this training method to adult ESL education started in the mid 1970s.The
Competency Based Approach
Competency Based Education
(CBE) was first usedin the language and orientation programs in refugee programs and adult literacy programs.A CBE approach can be used for learners with academic, employment, and self-enrichmentgoals as well as for those with basic survival goals.
CBE Nuts & Bolts
: an instructional objective described in task-based terms that include a verbdescribing a demonstrable skill such as answer, interpret, or request. Examples
"Students will be able to ..." 
Competencies include basic survival skills such as answering personal information questions,using public transportation, or obtaining food and shelter; or more academic or work-relatedskills such as taking notes during an academic lecture, following directions for a work-relatedtask, explaining one's position on an issue, or distinguishing between fact and opinion in anewspaper article.A CBE approach consists of four elements:
assessment of learner needs
selection of competencies based on those needs
instruction targeted to those competencies
evaluation of learners performance in those competencies.

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