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Orcad Tutorial (1024x786)

Orcad Tutorial (1024x786)

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Published by hisfer143

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Published by: hisfer143 on May 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Orcad TutorialOrcad TutorialOrcad TutorialOrcad Tutorial
1. Introduction
Orcad is a suite of tools from Cadence for the design and layout of printed circuit boards (PCBs). We are currently using version 9.2 of the Orcad suite. This document will give you a crashcourse in designing an entire circuit board from start to finish. This will be a very small and simple circuit, but it will demonstrate the major concepts and introduce the tools behindcompleting a PCB design. After you have completed this tutorial, you will know all the steps needed to make PCBs using Orcad.The circuit you will design is shown in the figure below. It is a dual polarity adjustable power supply. A center tapped transformer, some diodes, 2 IC’s and few resistors and capacitors areincluded in the circuit.Page 1 of 55Orcad Tutorial8/21/2007mhtml:file://D:\Husein%20Stuff\Studies\Reading\Orcad\OrCAD%20Tutorial\Orcad%20Tutorial.mht
Orcad really consists of two tools. Capture is used for design entry in schematic form. Layout is a tool for designing the physical layout of components and circuits on a PCB. During thedesign process, you will move back and forth between these two tools.
: Save your work frequently while working on this tutorial.
NOTE : It is recommended that you read this tutorial in 1024x768 display resolution.
2. Before You Begin
It is helpful to be very organized when you are designing. First thing is to have a separate folder for every project. If you have a folder called Projects on your drive, don’t put all yourprojects directly in that folder or you will create a mess that will waste your time in locating a particular file of a particular project. Instead you must have a new subfolder in it for your everyproject. Also Orcad will create many types of files for a single project and if you keep all of them in the same directory, it can quickly become very confusing. I like to make a directoryhierarchy and put associated files into subdirectories. As you will progress working in Orcad you will realize the importance of this strategy.So ready for some action and create a folder called
on a convenient location on your drive because you are going to browse it several times during this whole tutorial. Thencreate inside the
folder three new folders.
– for your schematic files.
– for symbol and footprint libraries.
– for your board files.
Your directory structure should look like the figure below.
Page 2 of 55Orcad Tutorial8/21/2007mhtml:file://D:\Husein%20Stuff\Studies\Reading\Orcad\OrCAD%20Tutorial\Orcad%20Tutorial.mht
3. Starting a New Schematic Project
Page 3 of 55Orcad Tutorial8/21/2007mhtml:file://D:\Husein%20Stuff\Studies\Reading\Orcad\OrCAD%20Tutorial\Orcad%20Tutorial.mht

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