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The Pope Speaks 25 May 2010

The Pope Speaks 25 May 2010

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Published by ThePopeSpeaks

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Published by: ThePopeSpeaks on May 28, 2010
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The Pope Speaks 
25 May 2010Pope Saint Gregory VII
Lowering of Standards
Bishop Hedley over a century ago wrote about reading: “The standard of right and wrong in things of this kind is constantly in danger of being lowered.(1903) Recently Ihad a discussion with someone on the lowering of standards, which has occurred in thepast century. What they did not realize is that we can lower our standards to the level of becoming sinful. Four decades ago my liberal Uncle said: “Have you noticed in church,that what used to be a sin isn’t a sin any more?” Of course, we know that right and wrong have not changed, only people’s perceptions of what is right and wrong. We have seen a level of degradation in the world, and have come to acceptdegradation as ‘normal’, when we should shun it. And things are getting progressivel worse. In some States in the United States it is now legal for a homosexual couple to get‘married’. Some other States, though have made it illegal. However, how many people livein this perverted manner? Three decades ago the United States Census invented the termPOSSLQ to cover the number of men and women living together. (Persons of theOpposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters.) In other words, the mortal sin of living togetheroutside of marriage was so common in 1980, that a term to cover this ‘class’ of people hadto be invented.Let us look at a family. The original couple was married and had five children. The woman, when meeting new people brags about how many children, grandchildren andgreat grandchildren she now has. Should she? Let us look at the facts. Of her fivechildren, one died in his early twenties. One married and is still married lawfully. Anothermarried and divorced, but has reunited with his wife. The older daughter is on her secondhusband, and the younger has also had two husbands and children by four different men inher life. Let us now look at the grand children. None are married, although three arePOSSLQs, that is living in sin. Thus none of this womans great grand children arelegitimate. Remember several of this womans grand children are also illegitimate.
News from the Church 
First of all Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week (Pentecost Week) areEmber Days. The Law of the Church requires fasting on all three days as well as partialabstinence on Wednesday and Saturday in addition to the customary complete abstinenceon Fridays.Laura update: As We are preparing this, We see the need to retire to the laura torepent of Our many sins!Franciscan Third Order. You will find several quotes from the rule of theFranciscan Third Order, which we joined eleven years ago this month. We have recently begun to review the current 1957 Rule, as well as the older versions of the Rule in order toimprove Our own spiritual life. Pope Benedict XV reminds us that the Third Order of Saint Francis is also known as the Third Order of Penance. And today penance isespecially necessary in order to avoid the temptations to be come dissipated. And penanceis so little practiced today, for few will be observing the fast of this Ember Week or any other obligatory fasts throughout the year. Penance has become a forgotten art. And yet Jesus says that if we do not do penance, we will lose our souls!
 We ask all to assist the Catholic Church through prayer and penance. You can also help by using the search and Amazon buttons on this page, which provides some money back to the Catholic Church.It takesmoney to run the Vatican In Exile. Any assistance you can provide will be great appreciated!
The Pope Speaks 
Standards in Reading 
 The printing press is one of the greatest forces of the modern world. Books andnewspapers are not only beyond all counting, but they are absolute necessaries of life, evento the poorest; and they work more good and more mischief than armies andparliaments.” Bishop Hedley said this a century ago, and then proceeded to give somegood advice on reading.I have said in the past that how we spend our time and our money indicates what wetruly hold to be important. The same can be said of what we read. How many of usspend any time reading a spiritual book? I have read many things on the necessity of training the imagination. In computers there is a saying, garbage in, garbage out and thesame is true of our minds. With a computer, we can completely wipe out the informationon the hard drive and start over. Unfortunately, once we have imbibed garbage into ourminds, it can remain for the rest of our lives. Will that impure picture I looked at as ateenager come back to me in my dying hour? I pray not!Canon 1399, paragraph 8 provides that the Law of the Church forbids: “books which declare duels, suicide or divorce as licit.Would this apply to a book where the maincharacters are divorced and remarried or possibly just dating. There is an excommunicationin the United States for a divorced Catholic who attempts to remarry! (It is interesting thatin 1977 the ‘catholic’ Bishops of the United States petitioned Antipope Paul VI to repealthis excommunication and he did.) Although we may be surrounded by divorce, we shouldnot condone it or read about it.Paragraph 9 of Canon 1399 (which was repealed by Antipope Paul VI in 1966),states that the Law of the Church forbids: “books which professedly discuss, describe orteach impure or obscene topics.” How many fictional books have ‘bad parts’ that shouldnot be read. In how many books does one or more of the characters commit an act of fornication or adultery? And we must be especially aware of books, which teach us false philosophy, that is afalse way of thinking. And this can be quite subtly done by the enemy of our souls. Welive in a world of almost no standards, so we must be especially zealous in protecting ourown standards and making sure they measure up to God’s.In 1888, Pope Leo XIII issued a constitution revising the rules of the Third Orderof Saint Francis, and Rule 8 states: “Let books or daily publications, from whichdestruction comes to virtue, be feared to be brought into their homes, and let them notpermit these to be read by those, who are under their authority.”

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