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WWII Essential Questions

WWII Essential Questions

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Published by KJH
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Published by: KJH on May 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why did the US fight WWII andwhat were its effects?
What was US Foreign Policy Prior to WWII?
Washington Isolationism ---> Monroe Doctrine ----> Roosevelt Corollary ---> Imperialism---> Neutrality before WWI ----> WWI------>Neutrality----->WWII------> Containment
THE 1920's NEUTRALITY MIXED an attempt to limit war and weapons,here are two vocabulary words which emphasize this idea,
The Washington NavalConference of 1921-22 and the Kellogg-Briand Pact .
The deals with Europe to avoidwar and lower arms and create open free seas would eventually fail. See these two dealsas weak US attempts to be a world leader after rejecting the League of Nations. With noreal world organization to enforce the provisions of the Naval Conference and Kellogg Pact,these deals aren't worth the paper they are written on.
During the 1930’s, Hitler took power in Germany and began his campaign of expansion andaggression. Europe dealt with him with a policy of 
he U.S. passed aseries of laws called the
Neutrality Acts
. Remembering the horrors of WWI and the lackof a lesson learned the US adopted this policy and intended on staying out of any Europeanconflicts.
EUROPEAN Appeasement Cartoon.
 Dr. Suess WWII CARTOONS How does the cartoonist view appeasement as a policy?2.Neutrality Cartoon A. 
(Map) England, an Americanally, represented the last beacon of hope against Hitler’s plan of continental domination.The same year Congress passed the
Lend n’ Lease Act
. This law aided England withmassive amounts of military aid to fight off Germany. America’s involvement began tolook inevitable. All that was needed was a cataclysmic event.
Why did the US enter WWII?
(Image bank) Japan, acting pre-emptively launcheda surprise attack on the US base in Hawaii. Destroying practically the entire fleet of USNavy ships and killing thousands of soldiers, the event marked US entry into the war. TheJapanese it is claimed were attacking to protect their own interests including resources inthe Pacific such as oil.(Conspiracy link – Did FDR know about Pearl Harbor) 
What are the essentials vocabulary of WWII?
The Allies
: The 3 main ones: The US, England and the Soviet Union. (Yes the commies)2.
The Axis Powers:
Germany, Italy and Japan3.
he secret program in the US to build the A-bomb.4.
he invasion of Europe by Allied forces inNormandy, France – 1944. This serves as the beginning of the Allied (American) assaultinto Europe by way of France. This will be the beginning of the end for the Axis Powers,with the Germans bogged down in the Soviet Union, the Americans could begin to boxthem in by pushing Eastward towards Berlin.5.
At the end of the war, theAllies met in Yalta to discuss their war aims. FDR and Stalin made a deal, in exchange forthe Soviets support against defeating Japan, FDR would allow Stalin to occupy EasternEurope. Stalin promised to allow these satellite nations to hold democratic election in thefuture. (Ha-ha) ON THE REGENTS YALTA IS SAID TO BE THE BEGINNING OF THE COLD

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