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vratt_ pre-release kit

vratt_ pre-release kit

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Published by vratt_
As of Sept 08, vratt_i (independent, weekly published e-publication dealing with issues within international society and culture) will be first in line of e-publications available to public without charge via internet at vratt.com under the vratt_ name.
As of Sept 08, vratt_i (independent, weekly published e-publication dealing with issues within international society and culture) will be first in line of e-publications available to public without charge via internet at vratt.com under the vratt_ name.

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Published by: vratt_ on Jun 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  _a fresh, independent e-publication _published weekly and distributed via internet without charge _focused on international society & culture _available as of sept 08vratt _ informational pre-release kit
vratt _ 
 _ thanks for the time you devoted to us by reading this document
In brief
As of September 08, vratt _ i(independent, weekly published e-publication dealing with issues within international society
and culture) will be rst in line of publications available without
charge via internet atvratt.com, and under the vratt _ name.
Starting conception of this e-publication is to be seen in creatinghigh norms for textual and visual contents, freedom in viewsof subjects and form of expression, as well as in establishingstandards that give vratt _ its independence and openness. vratt _ was found to be avant-garde in all means.Emphasis will be rather on the base idea - thought, then on formof its expression. Form of expression is up to those who cameup with that same thought, therefore the team does not mindmuch for excellence in common rules (language, precision, etc.)but for the sole basis of it (thought itself, solution, uniqueness,etc.). That liberty in expression is what vratt _ is all about.Although it is free and independent e-publication, vratt _ isexclusive to those, and aimed to those few who understand it,
nd it interesting and inspirational.
Overall vratt _ in its existence will try to promote and discussabout political and social diversity, critique, humanity, cultureand art, optimism, common sense, openness, ingenuousness,etc. In a certain view, vratt _ ’s initiative is to establish a healthynew culture within the existent, where alternatives are at alltimes reachable and meaningful.This initiative by current plans will involve development ofdifferentiable mediums throughout the educational and mediadomains.
As of September 08, vratt _ ’s International edition will beavailable (vratt _ i), while European and American editions will be issued two months later (vratt _ eand vratt _ a). Further development will be focused on preparation of edition relating
to Asia and Pacic (vratt
 _ ap
), and by focusing on specic areas
of interest.
vratt _ was founded as a result of search for more innovativecommunication concepts of sharing forward thinkinginformation. It was found without political, religious, social, or
any other prejudgments or prequalications.
vratt _ is a commercial e-publication, therefore self-funded, asmuch as needed for it to be free and open. It is not under any
external inuence in means of its contents, and the contents
are there due to the fact that team feels that the publishedmessage is very important or very creative.vratt _ will be published weekly due to need of its creators forit to be perfect. That way the team is able to compile uniqueselection of stored material and allow more time for interestedauthors to prepare the material.
vratt _ iwill be organized in two main segments - society and culture, ubiquitously relating to each other. Due to its avant-garde form, there will be no precise pre-set themes within thesetwo segments although there will be subjects within whichcontents will be found, these are: society_issues, society_ politics, society_environment, society_texts, culture_ideas,culture_diversity, culture_creativity, culture_art, culture_music,culture_new, culture_world, etc.
vratt _ will be, in accordance to its subjects and overall ‘’feel’’,mainly read by the population in between 20 and 50 years ofage, of both genders. Some of the main characteristics to be
found in the prole of the future reader are creativity, forward
thinking, openness, and awareness. Potential future reader
- member of the targeted audience - is educated, uent in
English as its native or second language, regular internet user,independently politically and socially aware or determined.
Information for supportive parties
vratt _ will be in constant search for external parties that couldsupport and learn to share its idea, in ways of providingcontents or support in any other form (excluding commercial)that could reach and/or increase values of the magazine’scontents while corresponding with the base idea and conceptof the publication.Most common supportive parties are to be found within variouscharities, humane, social, cultural, and other conscious non-
governmental and/or non-protable organizations, excluding
political, religious, and other analogous organizations that couldharm vratt _ ’s image in means of promoting their uniformity.
Information for collaborating parties
vratt _ promotes and supports openness to cooperate withsimilarly engaged collaborating parties, such as variousuniversities, institutes, media houses, publishers, etc. Thiscooperation could be seen in collaborative publishing of textsand other material that intends to reach wider audience due to itsimportance, uniqueness, creativity, or any other important factorof its existence, which is close to the vratt _ ’s conception.
Information for commercial parties
vratt _ is a commercial self-funded e-publication that providesadvertising-media space to interested commercial partieson a predetermined percentage of pages published (~10%),therefore number of advertisements published will be limitedto only few, consequently providing exclusiveness to thatpreferred few. vratt _ ’s conception allows advertisers to reachaudience throughout the world with perhaps more innovative,creative, or harsher advertising material then in the other mediatypes and brands. Published vratt _ , due to its form (.pdf), willintegrate on-line advertising with print media format, which willallow approach that is more direct to the targeted audience.Advertising rates, creative and ethical norms are available upon
request and soon will be published on the ofcial web portal.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact vratt _  ’s team at
atvratt.comor visitwww.vratt.com.
 _ pre-release _ overview

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