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Ultimate Seduction Guide

Ultimate Seduction Guide

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Published by Leunam Negrotemon
This is a compilation of all player tactics.
The is a "how to guide" in scoring with women. This article is too controversial for legal publishing because it contains things far too advanced for your intellect to comprehend. This article is too dangerous to show to women. This is the ultimate guide for getting girls.100% Guaranteed Success. The book is now available for reading and download.
This is a compilation of all player tactics.
The is a "how to guide" in scoring with women. This article is too controversial for legal publishing because it contains things far too advanced for your intellect to comprehend. This article is too dangerous to show to women. This is the ultimate guide for getting girls.100% Guaranteed Success. The book is now available for reading and download.

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Published by: Leunam Negrotemon on May 29, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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I have formed this Seduction Manual out of the clay of knowledge I have gainedfrom my countless socio – sexual explorations.This Seduction Manual is my automaton, my robot, to consistently answer newbies’ questions.The end goal in seduction, in success, is to make it natural. When it becomesnatural, you have no need for any seduction manual and can handle anythingwomen throw at you.” This maybe, the most excellent book you have ever readbut this book merely serves as a guide and just like any guide, it exist not to grantyou success but
the means to success.(You can skip the introduction and jump to the juicy part if you want)
1.I love myself. I walk through life without apology.2.I do not make excuses for anyone or myself.3.I don’t need to explain. I create my own rules and live with courage.
Winners focus on winning, failures focus on failure, powerful people focus on attack, weak peopledefend, and offence is the best defense.5.Winners never quit and quitters never win.6.Survival of the fittest, the strong shall live and theweak shall die.YOU, by the very nature of rejecting my lifeslearning’s, have caused your genes to be weeded out of existence and your penis is going to look like this: 
Seduction is not about
learning a skill 
, it’s about
removing your barriers.
Mating(Seduction) is as much a skill as digesting or breathing is a skill. You are, as ahuman, a social and sexual being. You are literally BORN TO REPLICATE(fuck).Unfortunately, due to conservative religious brainwashing, there have been lotsof people who somehow acquired a lot of inner roadblocks / mental barriers thatprevent them from getting sex like any normal guy: Insecurity, Shyness, Fear of offending the law of God, Negativity, Low Self Esteem/Negative Self-image andSelf doubts, etc. The key to seduction is simply removing all these inneroadblocks, and then you can easily rely on your masculine instincts. But, your masculine instincts has either been suppress or distorted so seduction is re-learned as a skill.
[Insert Picture Here]
I have dedicated my life to exploring andunderstanding humanity.This is my humble yet ambitious attemptto solve the greatest mystery in theUniverse:“Women”
This work is passionately dedicated to twenty very much loved girls in my lifeMichelle, Faye, Rita, Daphne, Beryl, Mariz, Aubrey, Jane, April, Vanessa, Leah,Christine, Josephine, Roda, Alona, Analyn, Grace, Lenzmar, Lorenel and to mysister Lourdes.The first draft of this book was published year 2007. I never thought that someonewould read this book but how I was wrong.This is dedicated to my lost love Josephine. I could never again regain my lost love.I could get every woman I wanted except her. I thought no one would ever read thisbook and I never expected it to be someone close to me. One day, she just wentaway. I tried to look for her but she quit her work and studies and all I got was a textsaying she is now in America and she could have fallen in love with me, DiegoManuel Montenegro, the smart industrious guy who wanted to be a ventureentrepreneur but no, not “Alchemystic, someone who seduces women for psycho –social experimentation”. Unfortunately, she’d googled me and discovered how
horrible of a person I am, I felt so bad; I sent her thousands of text and e – mailmessages but no reply. I called and called but no answer. Finally, I travelled to her new place, we meet and talk and talk for hours on only to endure the torture of watching her husband constantly kissing her and fondling her breast. It was toomuch, it’s sickening, we both said goodbye. The most depressing thing of all is I trulylove her. I thought I had become intelligent enough not to fall in love but sadly thereis no such thing as being enough. Enough is never enough. Now, I have to pay theprice of my mistakes. This is my last contribution to the world. May this book enrichyour life’s success!Education used to be attached to life and sexuality, that to be educated was to be aMan.Now, education, being de-sexualized, is pure trivia. You bubble in circles in ascantron, regurgitate the book or paraphrase the professor’s words back to him in anessay, or memorize phylum, orders, and species of taxonomic nonsense foscientific labs. You procrastinate when studying because you know that it is notknowledge, just trivia. Compare that to your eagerness to learn the information here.In this book, there is no trivia as everyone knows the knowledge in this book isconnected to Nature and to life. This sense of decline in education would becorrected if the departments (especially the Humanities) stopped being trivia,stopped being political, and embraced the natural order of things wherefrom thefields originated. The greatest dupe with women (and in life) is not the Nice Guy, isnot the Janitor but The Professor who is cocooned in the doctorates against life.The story of Alchemystic
So, Who I am and what did I experience to become who I am now? Alchemystic is a Non de Plumeof the strategist tactician Diego Manuel Ouano Montenegro. Basically, I am a Nice Guy and noamount of hypnotism, aggressive persuasion can ever change the way I think, or so it seems,Nevertheless, I did not give up. I knew that I already lost everything and nothing could ever changethe way I feel about myself. I knew I was still going to have fear but then it dawned on me, what if Icould somehow make it seem like I have no fear? What if I could artificially create the absence of fear? Well, I did! I decided to try the next best thing, which is artificially inducing the lack of fear byremoving the reason why I felt fear in the first place. Let me explain, the reason that cause me tohave fear of rejection was due to fear of loss but I have a fear of loss because I felt I didn’t have anabundant resources of girls. I knew I couldn’t change the way I feel, so I change the situationinstead. How do you remove this perceive scarcity anyway? The answer struck me; I didn’t haveabundant resources of girls because I never did try achieving, an abundant enough number of girlsto lose the fear of lost. So I tried pursuing, approaching women with actually of no other intentionthan to spend time with her. I made meeting with women a habit. I force myself to make it a goal tohave at least 1 date per day for 1 year until it becomes habitual enough that I wouldn’t actually bethinking about it that much anymore. Anyway, as I went on asking women out I found out it wasactually not as easy as it seems but I still regarded it as fun and easy. It is a game and it is supposedto be fun. If it isn’t fun then you’re obviously doing something wrong. Take it easy, relax. Onerejection is naught but merely a drop of water in an ocean of rejection for I only get 1 yes answer to adate for every 140 girls I’ve asked. But, I did not give up; I continued asking women out, 150 – 180times in a day. I received so much rejection that I felt numb whenever a girl rejected me. Rejection

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