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Published by Wayne Purdin

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Published by: Wayne Purdin on May 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Voice of The Sun Center of Phoenix
WINTER, 2010 (Vol. 3, Issue 2) FREE full-color version at www.suncenterofphoenix.com
Lessons on the Path 1Solar Cycle 24 is Heating Up 1Sungazing 101 1Serotonin Rising 2The Sun's Torsion Field 2The Influence of Solar Energy 3
At various times in my life I have experienced periods when the muses inspired me to writevery productively. Between July 27 and Novem- ber 27 of this year, I experienced such a periodwhen I wrote an average of one article a day for examiner.com as the National Alternative Reli-gions expert.I took 52 of the best articles and combined theminto a 100-page book of 50 chapters, entitled
 Lessons on the Path
. It is a compilation of spiri-tual teachings I have received over the past 40years, written in an intimate conversational style.Each chapter has one or more lessons in spiritualdevelopment and all the lessons tie together intoone great purpose, revealed in the final chapter.The chapters include:
Life is a Journey; So Keep a JournalWalking the LabyrinthGnosis, the Inner Guru and Finding Your PathPeter Deunov's Pentagram of the Spiritual PathPaneurhythmy, the Sacred Dance of LifeThe Theosophical Foundations of The Wizard of OzCreate Your Personal MythThe Master GameHow to Find the Ideal Spiritual CommunityThe Reality of Auras and Psychic Attack The Healing Power of Light, Color and CrystalsThe 12 Steps of Spiritual TransformationVegetarianism: Is it the Key to World Peace?The Yoga of NutritionMantra MeditationThe Power of Mantra and SongDangers and Symptoms of Kundalini AwakeningThe Blossoms on the Tree of ReligionWorking With Angels and Elementals2012: Doomsday or New DayHRM's Sungazing for Body, Mind and SoulHow to Find a Compatible MateWe Are All MagiciansVampires and Entities Among UsThe Nonphysical Cause of DiseaseReincarnation and Past Life ReadingsThe Reality of Ghosts, Life After Death and NDEsThe Return of the Divine FeminineGetting High on ReligionHave an Attitude of Gratitude and Get RichThe Combination That Will Unlock Your TreasureHaha Yoga
One of the chapters, “Serotonin Rising,Sungazing, and Becoming a Sun” I am reprint-ing in this issue of the Sun Gazette. If youwant to read all of the chapters, you can order the ebook from www.suncenterofphoenix.com  for only $5.00.
The Sun on December 21
After several months of unusual quietness, thesun is finally beginning to release some of thetension that has been building up over the lastfew years. Between December 9
and 20
, 45sunspots were formed and there were severalflares and one coronal mass ejection (CME), but it was not directed at Earth.Scientists predict that this sunspot cycle, num- ber 24, will be about 50% more violent thanthe previous cycle and will peak around theend of 2012. The last cycle was very violent.On April 2nd, 2001, solar flare number 9393 broke all records for brightness and strength,weighing in at the unheard of X class of 22.This was literally off the scale. The measure-ment scale had previously only been designed togo to a maximum of 20. This flare was consid-ered the largest of its kind ever observed, earn-ing it the name “mega-flare.” It was nearly threetimes more powerful than the March 1989 flare,which totally shut down Quebec's power grid,knocking out power to six million people for 9hours. The CME associated with flare 9393 hadover 10 billion tons of plasma, about as muchmaterial as Mt. Everest and it was ejected at aspeed of 11 million miles per hour. If an X-22level megaflare CME directly hit the earth, itwould cause widespread power outages and dis-able and shorten the life of many satellites. For the hundreds of millions of people on the gridand who depend on satellites for communicationand transportation, such an event would be in-convenient at best and life-threatening at worst.While some people are fearful about what Solar Cycle 24 and 2012 will bring, I am looking for-ward to it. Records of past solar cycles haveshown that high solar activity is directly correlat-ed with periods of renaissance and golden ages.The physical disasters that precede these eras of enlightenment may be necessary to shock peopleout of their materialism and open them up tomore spiritual pursuits. To me this is just the birth pangs of the
golden age, the passion anddeath before the resurrection. But that doesn'tmean we should just sit on our hands and waitfor it to happen. We need to be prepared for anyemergency, while at the same time laying thegroundwork for model sustainable communitiesof the Holy Spirit that will be the foundation of anew solar civilization. Each of us can be a pillar in this foundation when we exhibit the qualitiesof the sun: unconditional love, brilliant wisdomand inexhaustible strength.
There is an e-book being sold for $40 by GreggAurand on the internet called Sungazing 101. Itis a pirated copy of a copyrighted book, Livingon Sunlight by Vina Parma. Vina has graciouslymade his e-book available for free. Don't buySungazing 101, but do download the free ver-sion at http://www.scribd.com/doc/378210/The-Art-and-Science-of-Sun-Gazing-Living-on-Sun-light.I used to include a sidebar in each issue of theSun Gazette, explaining the technique in a nut-shell, but it is much better to read a comprehen-sive book, such as Living on Sunlight, or my book, The SOLution: Laying the Foundation for a Solar Civilization, which is available as an au-dio book or e-book fromhttp://www.suncen-terofphoenix.com.
The documentary film
Serotonin Rising,
due outValentine's Day, 2010, should be requiredwatching for everyone who feels depressed. Itstars Bill LeVasseur and Michelle Stanley withappearances by filmmaker David Lynch; Dono-van; Deepak Chopra; Harvard Professor TalBen-Shahar; author Dr. Larry Dossey; NIH Sci-entist, Dr. Jordan Grafman; and the Dalai Lama.The director and co-producer Tony Perri said ina recent interview: “The idea for the film
Sero-tonin Rising 
came to me in the year 2000. I waswatching a PBS TV special and the narrator reada few lines from a medical study. He said that if you do a good deed for someone your serotoninlevels will rise and your immune system will bestrengthened. He went on to say that the samething happens to the recipient of the good deed.The final words on this subject were what reallyhooked me: Any observer of the good deed willalso feel their serotonin rise and have their im-mune system strengthened. A few years later, Icame across a study conducted at the NationalInstitutes of Health by Dr. Jordan Grafman. Theresearch proved that the same regions of the brain that were activated when one receivedmoney were even more activated when one gavemoney to non-profit organizations. After review-ing my notes from the PBS special and conduct-ing more research on the topic, I was convincedthat people would respond favorably to thesefindings. I set about contacting Dr. Grafman andother medical experts to confirm the NIH experi-ments. At the same time, I began interviewingmore doctors as well as noted authors, spiritual-ists, visionaries, religious leaders, mind-bodyspecialists and philosophers. Everyone agreedwith the basic premise and many added theiown views and advice to the subject.“As we watched the interview clips and re-viewed stories of altruism and compassion, weall felt something wonderful. It soon dawned onus that we were becoming the "observers" of good deeds and our own serotonin levels weredramatically rising. It was at this point that wedecided people needed to see this film and that itcould make a positive difference in our world.We are now convinced that this documentary isthe World's First Truly 'Feel-Good' Movie.”The movie examines the various theories whyour serotonin level rises when we do gooddeeds. But I have a theory of my own. When wedo acts of kindness, generosity and compassion,we radiate unconditional love, just as the sun ra-diates light and warmth to everyone, regardlessof their status or character. When we sungaze,our serotonin level dramatically increases andsunbathing increases our endorphins. Butwhen we, in effect, become suns by radiatingwarmth (love) and light (wisdom) to others,our levels of serotonin and endorphins in-crease even more. We can connect with the physical sun through our eyes and skin andfeel some benefit, but when we connect withthe spiritual sun through our heart, it's muchmore powerful. It's like the difference betweenabsorbing a hormone through a skin patch ver-sus an injection into the blood stream. Another difference, which the film brings out, is thatthe good feelings generated by acts of kindnessare contagious. They not only rise in the doer and recipient, but in witnesses as well, andthey inspire the recipient and witnesses to domore acts of kindness. You may feel good gaz-ing at the sun, but passers-by are usually just bemused. Nevertheless, I feel that sungazing isthe key to becoming a sun.Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov said “The highestideal is to take the Sun as your model. The im-age of perfection is the Sun and if you adopthim as your model, if, like him you think of nothing but bringing light, warmth, and life toall creatures, then you will really work your own transformation. This desire to communi-cate light to others will make you, yourself,more luminous, more loving, and more alive.If you want to have a beneficial influence onhuman beings, tune in to the sun every day soas to receive some of his particles which youcan then communicate to others. The sun is theonly being who can induce in you the best pos-sible dispositions towards mankind.”The photo at the top shows Omraam MikhaelAivanhov and disciples tuning in to the sunduring their sunrise meditation at La Roche“the rock” at the Bonfin community near Fre- jus, France. Try it. Tomorrow morning, get up before the break of dawn and watch the sunrise. Then, throughout the day, shine your loveon others. To put it simply - rise and shine.
by Dr. Laurance Johnston
Although sungazing affects you through tradi-tional physiological mechanisms associatedwith increased sunlight, such as improved vita-min-D production and pineal-gland stimula-tion, the true benefits accrue by energeticmechanisms that are anything but routine.Specifically, the sun is composed of heliumunder tremendous magnetic, gravitational andelectric forces. When helium, an inert gas, isappropriately stimulated, primal energy isemitted. Due to the sun’s size, the amount of emitted inert-gas primal energy is huge. Thisenergy moves much faster than light. Althoughit takes light over eight minutes to reach earth,the helium-derived, inert-gas primal energy ar-rives almost instantaneously.
Hence, when yousee the sun rise, it actually has been over thehorizon for eight minutes; i.e., it takes this longfor sunlight to reach you. Because the sun’s in-ert-gas primal energy reaches you immediately,for eight minutes you can sungaze at the horizonat the point you will eventually see the sun riseand get exposed to the sun’s inert-gas primal en-ergy without looking at the sun.[
 Note: The dis-tance the sun travels in 8 minutes is about thethickness of a thumb at arm's length. The anglevaries depending on latitude and time of year 
.]Indoctrinated in prevailing scientific paradigms,I had difficulty grasping faster-than-light phe-nomenon. It sounded too much like
Star Trek’s
warp speed. Then I heard a lecture on torsion en-ergy by physicist Dr. Claude Swanson at the2009 International Society for Study of SubtleEnergies and Energy Medicine, and pieces start-ing falling into place.Unfamiliar to most Western scientists, Russianresearch has evaluated a new force called tor-sion, which helps explain phenomena that have been difficult to understand with previouslyknown forces (i.e., electromagnetic, gravitationaland, nuclear forces). Torsion also seems to cor-respond to the life-force energy described inmany ancient traditions, such as qi or prana.As discussed in Swanson’s book 
 Life Force: theScientific Basis
, torsion fields are generated by particle spin. Whenever a charged particle pro-duces electromagnetic waves, it also creates tor-sion waves. Because atomic particles spin (e.g.,electrons, protons, and neutrons), it is a univer-sal force. Torsion fields do not follow existingrules of physics, especially with respect to time,distance, and the speed-of-light limitation. For example, they do not diminish with distance, likegravity for example, and penetrate barriers that block electromagnetic energies.Because they don’t follow the rules, torsionfields also can explain many well-documented psychic phenomena - for example, why a mother immediately senses that her son has been hurt ina war half way across the world, why qigongmasters can exert healing many thousands of miles away, or why long-distance prayer maywork. It also provides a scientific conceptualiza-tion for mankind’s interconnectivity and greater oneness stressed by so many spiritual traditions.Relevant to sungazing, technologically sophisti-cated experiments have been carried out docu-menting the sun’s torsion fields. In the experi-ments, a parabolic mirror in a large telescope atthe Crimean Astrophysical Observatory focusedthe sun’s radiation onto sensors. The telescope,however, was fitted with a cover to keep out nor-mal light. The device detected a non-light peak of energy corresponding to the sun’s true posi-tion of the sun - not its position when its lightreaches the observer eight minutes later on earth.This signifies that torsion fields travel almost in-stantaneously.A similar experiment was carried out demon-strating the life-enhancing nature of this energy.In this experiment, the sensor was E. coli bacte-ria. Corresponding to the influx of torsion ener-gy, a large increase in bacterial growth occurred
when the covered telescope was pointing at thesun’s true position. If this parabolic-focused tor-sion energy can stimulate bacterial cell growth, itis not a big leap to conclude that collecting thisenergy through the focusing lenses of our eyesalso can build up life-force energy within our own cells.Consistent with these experiments, it has beenshown that the voltage through acupuncture points instantaneously responds to solar flares. Itdoes not require eight minutes for the solar flare’s
energy to reach the earth.In other words, the sun is emitting some faster-than-light force that immediately affects our  physiology.Today’s scientists are like the priests in Galileo’stime: they already know the answer, so why look through the telescope. Even though their pres-ence is a short blip in mankind’s long and richhistory, they are intolerant of the wisdom of theages supporting life-force energy.Paraphrasing Arthur Schopenhauer, every scien-tist takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. If it can’t be seenthrough their glasses, it doesn’t exist. However,to correct this myopic view of the world, Rus-sian scientists have devised torsion glasses thatallow us to scientifically glimpse at the life-sus-taining universe. Once the realm of mystics,they’ve touched the face of God.
Peter Deunov, the master teacher of OmraamMikhael Aivanhov, teaches in this article howthe sun's energy can heal various parts of our  physical bodies and increase our overall health.This articles looks in depth at the seasons anddaylight hours, teaching how the changing levelsof sunlight affect different parts of the body.The sun is a source of living energy for thewhole solar system. In relation to the earth, theenergy of the sun is positive. This energy devel-ops into positive and negative electricity, andinto positive and negative magnetism. The ener-gy of the earth in relation to the sun is negative(the earth has two kinds of energy, but the nega-tive is predominant, while of the two kinds of energy, which the sun possesses, the positive is predominant) . By the contact of these two kindsof energy, life is produced on Earth. The power-ful mediator, which unites and transforms thesetwo energies, is called ether by the scientists. It penetrates all space and the whole earth. Theoccultists call it vivifying plasma; the mysticscall it spirit. In the book of Genesis it is said:“In the beginning God created the heaven andthe earth. And the earth was waste and void;and darkness was upon the face of the deep:and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”The structure of the sun is the same as thestructure of the cells. The sun is composed of three regions: one of them prepares the ener-gies; the second one accumulates, collects andtransforms them; while the third directs themto the earth. These three regions exist also inthe cells: an outer region which receives thesolar energy; a second one which accumulatesit within itself; and an inner region, whichworks it over and transforms it into a vitalforce. These three regions are found also in theorganism in a more developed form. In the em- bryo, one can recognize them most easily. Thefirst, outer, visible envelope is called ecto-derm; the intermediary one is called meso-derm, and that which is in the center, the mostinternal, is called endoderm.The energy which our sun receives from thecentral sun of our visible universe is positiveat first, but afterwards it is polarized into posi-tive and negative. There exists an importantlaw that the more negative the earth, thegreater its capacity of receiving the positivesolar energy; and inversely, the more positivethe earth, the lesser its receptive capacity.Every celestial body receives energies by itsnegative pole and emits them by its positive pole. When a center is positive, it gives, butwhen it is negative, it receives. The positiveenergy creates, while the negative constructs.The greater part of the energy, which our sunreceives from the central sun, is consumed bythe sun itself. Comparatively a very smallamount of it is transmitted to the planets. Theenergies, which the earth receives from the sunundergo a considerable transformation, for asthey penetrate the earth layers, the latter ab-sorb all their nutritive elements and only thatwhich is not of any more use remains. Thusthe earth throws into cosmic space those ener-gies, which are of no more benefit to its devel-opment and growth. From there, by certainspecial ways, these energies return to the sun,which, on its part, redirects them to the centralsun for further modification and transforma-tion, until their primary rhythm is achieved.From midnight till noon the earth (i.e., a re-spective part) is negative and receives more,while from noon till midnight it is positive andgives more. Beginning at midnight, the earthstarts to project into cosmic space negative en-ergy and in return, to receive positive solar en-ergy. At sunset the earth is positive to thehighest degree, and consequently it gives most.In the afternoon, the earth starts to project intocosmic space positive energies, and after it hasemitted a sufficient quantity, it becomes nega-tive. This is gradually done and it is toward mid-night that the negative energies become predom-inant. The earth is negative in the highest degreeat sunrise, which means that at that time it re-ceives most. This fact is of highest importancefor us, since it reveals the great significance andvalue of sunrise. We must take into considera-tion the following law: we form a part of theearthly organism, and, therefore, when the earthreceives, we also receive and when the earthgives, we also give. This is exactly why the firstrays of the sun are the most powerful. At thatmoment, the human organism is most receptivetoward the solar energies. There is always morevital energy or prana in the morning than atnoontime, and the living organism absorbs thegreatest quantity of positive energies (prana) atthat time. The first rays of the sun (at sunrise)are most active; the sun is then at the apogee of its activity.The solar energy passes each day through four different states. From 12 o'clock midnight to 12o'clock at noon there is an influx of solar energy,and from noon to midnight - a reflux. The influx,which begins at midnight, reaches its culminat-ing point at sunrise; it is then most powerful andvivifying. It gradually decreases till noon andthen the reflux begins which reaches its highest point at sunset. According to the law of motion,that part of the earth which turns itself constantlytoward the sun and approaches it, is found in themost favorable conditions for its development,while that part whose distance from the sun in-creases loses most of the conditions. An hour be-fore sunrise the solar energies have a purely psy-chological effect on the cells of the human body,and by refreshing and invigorating them, create anew impulse toward activity in the whole body.Before sunrise, the rays which are refracted inthe atmosphere, influence mostly the brain. Dur-ing sunrise, the rays which come in a straightline, influence mostly the respiratory system andour sensitiveness; while toward noon, the samerays have an influence upon our digestive sys-tem. That is why the curative power of the solar energy is different during different hours of theday, before sunrise for the amelioration of thecerebral nervous system; at sunrise for thestrengthening of respiratory system, and from 9till noon, for the strengthening of the stomach,that is to say, during that time of the day, the sunrays have a curative effect upon the sick stom-ach. In the afternoon, the curative effect of thesolar energies is of smaller importance.At the first sight, it would appear that the solar rays are most curative about one or two o'clock in the afternoon, since the heat is greatest then.But if the solar rays had a curative effect throughtheir heat, why then could not the heat of thestove be a substitute for their curative power? Itis not the solar heat which is the main curingfactor, but this function belongs to other ener-gies of higher order, which we may call prana(vital energy) in regard to which the earth ismore receptive in the morning.

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