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Understanding the Fear of the Lord (Rev. Derek Prince)

Understanding the Fear of the Lord (Rev. Derek Prince)

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Published by Dias Lobato

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Published by: Dias Lobato on May 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2004
E R E K 
Understanding the Fear of the Lord
Benefits factor into many of the decisions we make—and certainly most of thebig decisions. When you are considering job offers, you compare the benefitpackages of two or more potential employers. When you shop for a home, youlook for an area that offers the benefits you value—a family-friendlyneighborhood, proximity to work or school, etc. And, of course, there arecountless benefits to healthy eating and proper exercise that apply to everyone.
onetheless, I have found that the mostvaluable benefits of all are experiencedwhen we apply the truths of Scripture inpractical ways to our lives. And this applies in nosmall part to the fear of the Lord. One of the bestwords to describe the fear of the Lord is
.Reverence is a response to a revelation of God. When God reveals Himself, I believe the onlyappropriate response is reverence. And with it goessubmissiveness. A submissive attitude toward God isan expression of the fear of the Lord in our lives.I want to share with you some of the benefits of thefear of the Lord. This is one of the most exciting aspectsof serving God. I can never read these verses withoutgetting excited. I hope you will get excited as well whenyou learn what the fear of the Lord will do for you. Let’slook first at what God said to man in Job 28:28.
 And to man He said,“Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, And to depart from evil is understanding.”
True wisdom is inseparable from the fear of theLord. Many people think of wisdom as somethingintellectual, like cleverness. But wisdom is notcleverness—because cleverness can be compatiblewith evil. The fear of the Lord is incompatiblewith evil.Psalm 25:12 offers another wonderful benefit of the fear of the Lord:
December 2004the teaching legacy of derek prince | dpm archive
Who is the man that fears theL
Him shall He teach in the wayHe chooses.
This verse indicates that Goddoesn’t teach everybody—and Goddoesn’t choose His students on thebasis of examinations. He choosesHis students on the basis of character. And He does not commitHimself to teach those who haveno fear of the Lord. You can go to aBible school. You can go to the besttraining center. But without the fearof the Lord you are not a pupil of God. You can be a pupil of humanteachers, but not of the Lord. And then two verses later—inPsalm 25:14—we find anotherwonderful thought:
The secret of the L
is withthose who fear Him, And He will show them Hiscovenant.
Isn’t that marvelous? If youfear the Lord He will share Hissecrets with you. You only shareyour secrets with somebody whois intimate with you—a personwhom you trust.Proverbs 10:27 tells us if wehave the fear of the Lord in ourlives we will live longer than wewould have without it.
The fear of the L
 prolongsdays,But the years of the wicked willbe shortened.
This doesn’t tell you preciselyhow long you will live, only thatyou will live longer than you wouldhave lived without the fear of theLord in your life. Who would turnthat down? You cannot afford tolive without the fear of the Lord.Proverbs 14:26 is one of themost amazing verses in the Bible.It’s a very short verse, but it says somuch about the fear of the Lord.
In the fear of the L
there isstrong confidence.
The fear of the Lord doesn’tmake you timid. It doesn’t makeyou weak. The fear of the Lordgives you strength. When you fearthe Lord you don’t have to fearanything else. It’s the remedy forall other ungodly forms of fear.Proverbs 19:23 is my favoritepromise about the fear of the Lord.
The fear of the L
leads to life, And he who has it will abide insatisfaction;He will not be visited with evil.
How can anyone turn down anoffer like that? As far as I’mconcerned, that’s the promise Iwant for myself. I can hardlybelieve that God would make anoffer like that. This same promiseis echoed in Proverbs 14:27 (“Thefear of the L
is a fountain of life,to turn one away from the snaresof death”) and Proverbs 22:4 (“Byhumility and the fear of the L
are riches and honor and life”)
Looking at Pictures
salm 2:11 presents us with apicture of the fear of the Lordthat seems rather challenging onthe surface.
Serve the L
with fear, And rejoice with trembling.
That doesn’t make sense to thecarnal mind. “Rejoice withtrembling”? This is what I call aspiritual combination. God putstogether two elements that seemincompatible, and asks us to trustin His wisdom to reconcile them.In Acts 9:31 we see a similar
December 2004the teaching legacy of derek prince | dpm archive
spiritual combination in Luke’sdescription of the early church.
Then the churches throughoutall Judea, Galilee, and Samariahad peace and were edified. Andwalking in the fear of the Lordand in the comfort of the HolySpirit, they were multiplied.
“The fear of the Lord”
“thecomfort of the Holy Spirit”? Howcan they go together? All I knowis that from God’s perspective,they do—and they should neverbe separated. As a result, thepeople of the early church wereedified and they multiplied.Perhaps that’s the key to churchgrowth: the fear of the Lord andthe comfort of the Holy Spirit.I’ve actually encounteredpeople who don’t believe youneed the fear of the Lord afteryou’re saved. I believe that’s whenyou need it most. In 1 Peter1:15–19 we see a messagewritten to people who’ve beenredeemed by the blood of Jesus.
...but as He who called you isholy, you also be holy in all yourconduct, because it is written, “Beholy, for I am holy.” And if youcall on the Father, who without partiality judges according toeach one’s work, conduct yourselves throughout the time of  your stay here in fear; knowingthat you were not redeemed withcorruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conductreceived by tradition from your fathers, but with the preciousblood of Christ, as of a lambwithout blemish and without spot.
Peter says to be holy in
your conduct. Not some. Notmost. But
. The very fact thatGod paid our redemption withthe blood of Jesus—the mostprecious thing in theuniverse—is a reason why weshould always walk in fear. Wemust be very careful that wedon’t somehow betray ourRedeemer, that somehow wedon’t lower the price of ourredemption to something cheapand insignificant
The How-to
don’t want to present you withthe importance of the fear of theLord but not tell you how to getit—because there is an answer.In Proverbs 2:1–5 we see an
statement that shows usstep-by-step how to receive thefear of the Lord.
My son, if you receive my words, And treasure my commandswithin you,So that you incline your ear towisdom, And apply your heart tounderstanding;Yes, if you cry out for discernment, And lift up your voice forunderstanding,If you seek her as silver, And search for her as for hiddentreasures;Then you will understand the fear of the L
, And find the knowledge of God.
Let’s look at the conditions—the “IFs”—for receiving the fearof the Lord.
If y
ou re
ive my w
ds, a
ure my com
ds w
in you.
Receive God’s Word with respect,with an attitude of submissionand obedience. Receive it as themost valuable element of yourlife. Treasure it. The Hebrewword means
to store something upin the secret place,
because it is of the most value to you.
o th
at you in
cline your ear to

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