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Published by normajeang

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Published by: normajeang on May 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amazing Designs Project: Hearts on Satin Pillowcases Page 1 of 4
Hearts on Satin Pillowcase  
Satiny pillows with hearts help you set a romantic and relaxed mood at bedtime. Create a set ofsilky pillowcases using this variation on an Amazing Designs embroidery design.
Skill Level:
Created by: 
Holly Kubick, Amazing Designs Educator
 Required Designs/Hardware:
Amazing Designs® Edit ‘N Stitch™ editing softwareAmazing Designs® Hearts I design collection (ADC-29)Amazing Designs® Amazing Box MAX™ to retrieve, convert and transfer the designs to yourmachine
Embroidery/Sewing Machine with 4”x4” hoop or largerSewing thread to match satin, deep red embroidery thread and white machine embroiderybobbin thread5/8 yard Ivory Washable Satin 54/60 inches wide1-1/4 yards Pink Washable Satin 54/60 inches wide1-1/3 yard of 1/2" wide ivory satin trimAmazing Designs® Stabilize It!™ Wash Away Medium Weight Water Soluble BackingTemporary Spray adhesive for embroideryWash-away basting tape (*optional but extremely helpful)Fine sharp sewing pins, scissors and/or rotary cutter, ruler and mat, and tape measure
Read through all instructions before beginning this project.
Amazing Designs Project: Hearts on Satin Pillowcases Page 2 of 4
Cutting Fabric:
Please note that working with satin can be challenging. It ravels quickly and is slippery. Prior tocutting, measure, clip-mark and draw/pull a thread to create a neat marking line for straight ofgrain and cross-grain cuts. Some satin will watermark and some may damage with pinning.Test your fabric before beginning.1. On each piece of satin, trim off the selvedge.2. Pink satin (body of the pillowcase): cut 2 pieces 1/2 the width of your fabric x 40 inches,using drawn thread marks as a guide.3. Ivory satin (hem/cuff of the pillowcase): Cut 1 piece 40 inches by 18 inches, using thedrawn thread marks as a guide. Make an additional clip and drawn thread mark 1/2 waydown the 18 inches side. This will be the cutting line after embroidery is complete.
See Diagram 1.
Embroidery Software
Note: If you are an advanced Edit ‘N Stitch user, save time by sewing both hem band embroideries at the same time. Skip down to the Advance Edit ‘N Stitch Users section below.
Open the Edit 'N Stitch program, and from the menu, set up the environment:1. Click
File - New 
, and select
Recipe - Normal 
and your machine's format. Click
.2. Under
Tools - Options 
- set your machine format and hoop size of 4" x 4" (100mm x100mm). Under
, select
Grid cross 
. Click
.3. If your hoop field is not white, Under
Tools – Options - Background 
, select white. Click
.4. Under
, click the word grid, and a checkmark appears. On screen you now have adesign field with a tab that reads 'design 1'.5. Under
File - Merge Design 
, a Browse box appears. Locate and open ADC-29 Hearts.Select the BLF format and open design #HEARTS04. BLF is the condensed/nativeformat for Amazing Designs, which allows the Edit 'N Stitch program to work with theoriginal design information. When editing, this is the ideal format, although the programedits all listed formats.6. Click the Color reverse tool, and the swirl stitching appears.7. Select
Edit - Copy 
.8. Select
File - New 
. Select
Edit - Paste 
. You now have a new file tab named 'design 2'.Save the design as Swirly heart.***, with *** representing your machine format.9. Select
File - Print 
. Follow your printer’s instructions to print a template on transparencyor standard paper as an aid to design placement.
Embroidery Software Instructions for Advanced Edit 'N Stitch Users
1. Set
Tools - Options 
as above with the following changes...Set to English and hoop size6X10 or your machine's equivalent. Under Grid, click to put the dot in the grid cross.2. Select
Check Rulers and grid3. Place your cursor on the top ruler. Hold down your left mouse button and drag a ruler(blue line) to the first 1” mark (above the 0). Repeat the previous step, setting the newruler at the second 1” mark (below the 0).4. Open the design and edit per the directions above. With the heart selected, place it sothat the ‘V’ portion is barely touching the top blue ruler line.5. You currently have the swirl heart on the clipboard. Click
and it appears atthe center. Right click and a box appears. Click
; enter 180 in the Rotationbox. Move the newly rotated design down so that the V of the heart barely touches thelower blue line. This design is not uniform. If you prefer to use the mirror image icons,do both horizontal and vertical mirroring.
Amazing Designs Project: Hearts on Satin Pillowcases Page 3 of 4
6. Click the
Select all 
icon. Click the horizontal center align icon or
Edit – Align - Horizontal center 
. Save as Swirly hearts center.***(your format).7. Repeat with the hearts positioned so that the scalloped end is positioned on the blueruler lines. Save as Swirly hearts right and left.***(your format).The rulers set the spacing, since we have a 1/2" seam allowance and 1/2" space allowedbetween the seam and the design. When hooping, use your hoops center mark, placedsquarely the middle drawn thread mark, aligning the vertical centers.
Design Placement and Stitching
When pillows are placed on the bed, the embroidered hems are facing the edge of the bed. Theseam is toward the foot of the bed. This means that each hem band must be sewn onto thebody of the pillowcase with embroidery in opposite directions. Think twice, sew once! Seenotation on
Diagram 3 
.1. Using
Diagram 1
as a guide, fold the fabric as indicated by the fine lines and iron eachfold to create a crease that will aid in placement. Each heart will be placed with 4"centers. Pay careful attention to the position of the ‘V’ end of the heart.2. It is a good idea to adhere the stabilizer to the back of the fabric. Test your sprayadhesive with your stabilizer to ensure they are compatible. Stabilize It! and 505adhesive work well together. Spray 505 to one sheet of the wash-away stabilizer.3. Place a strip of the wash-away basting tape to the 4 flat undersides of the inner hoop.Remove the release paper. Cut out your printed template, tape it to the seating grid andplace it on the hoop. With your ivory fabric right side up, place the inner hoop in positionover the center placement area. Check the design orientation. Roll the hoop over; thetape holds the fabric. Place your stabilizer on the back side of the design area, keeping itwithin the hoop field. Affix the outer hoop. In most instances, you will have the clamp ofthe hoop extending just over the edge of your table to hoop in this fashion. Double checkthat the fabric is smooth and the hoop appropriately taut. Stitch the design and repeat foreach heart, turning fabric 180 degrees for the left and right hearts.
Sewing Instructions:
1. Place the trim along one 40-inch edge of the pink satin, wrong side of trim to right side ofsatin. To reduce bulk, start the trim placement a scant 1/4" in from the edge and stop ascant 1/4" from the end. Stitch down the middle of the trim leaving a 1/4" seamallowance and 1/4" extending toward the case. Place carefully as this will later be usedas a stitching guide. With wrong sides together, serge a very narrow flat seam, or stitcha 1/4" seam allowance across the bottom and open side of both case pieces. If sewnwith 1/4" seam, trim very carefully to a scant 1/8". Iron the seams and turn so cases areright sides together. Iron seams as flat as possible. Turn cases wrong side out andseam again, using a 1/4" seam allowance, creating a French seam. Press seams again.Turn right side out. Press again.2. Wrap the ivory piece into position on the pink case and mark the exact seam allowance.Fold the hem piece, right sides together and seam, trim and overcast the edges.3. Fold under a 1/2 “seam allowance on the edge with the embroidery. Press.4. Slide this circle of fabric right sides together over the case, matching seams and havingthe hearts nearest the trim end of the case. Pin as needed. Turn the pillowcase andstitch, matching the crease with the trim stitching. Grade seam and overcast.5. Press under 1/2" on the remaining raw edge of the hem. Fold it wrong sides togetherand pin and iron as needed to allow you to ‘stitch in the ditch’ from the right side of thepillow case.

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