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Articles on Eschatology

Articles on Eschatology

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Published by MFD Jr

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Published by: MFD Jr on May 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All Rights Reserved By HDM For This Digital PublicationCopyright 1993 -- 2005 Holiness Data MinistryDuplication of this disc (CD or DVD) by any means is forbidden,and copies of individual files must be made in accordance withthe restrictions stated in the B4UCopy.txt file on this disc.
* * * * * * *Digital Edition 09/19/05By Holiness Data Ministry* * * * * * *CONTENTSIntroduction01 -- The Second-Coming Prophetic Scheme -- As I See It02 -- The 9:11 Fall And The 9:11 Rebuilding Of David's Tabernacle03 -- Christ Shall Return As Judge -- Not As Savior And Priest04 -- Earthly Israel -- Has Been -- Cast Out!05 -- How The Israel Of God Shall Have The First Dominion06 -- The General Resurrection07 -- Two Dangerous Presumptions Regarding Second-Coming Prophecy08 -- The Animals Will Also Be Delivered In God's Ark 09 -- The Israel Of God Shall Dwell Forever Alone10 -- Christ Shall Remain In Heaven Until...11 -- The World -- Out Of Whack And Back 12 -- The Consumption Determined Upon The Whole Earth13 -- Heaven And Earth Shall Pass Away At Christ's Return14 -- Margaret McDonald And The Interesting Pre-Trib Origin15 -- The Voices Of The Prophets -- Literally Unknown16 -- Chiliasm -- Is It The Right Messianic Interpretation?17 -- The Second Coming Significance Of Hebrews 9:26-2818 -- A Priest Forever -- But Never, On Earth19 -- Shall These Unbiblical Mixtures Be In A Coming Millennium?20 -- To Whom, And Where, This Scripture Shall Be Fulfilled21 -- Because Christ Is Greater Than...22 -- The Last Gentile And Jew -- Saved Before The Revelation23 -- Where On Earth Will You Live For 1,000 Years?24 -- No Such Thing As A Visible, Hopeless Salvation25 -- The Church-Age Binding And Loosing Of Satan
26 -- The Things Prepared For God's People27 -- Shall The Shadows Supplant The Substance?28 -- Not Two Earthly Sojourns -- Just One29 -- When That Which Is Perfect Is Come30 -- The Tribulation Saints Are The Church31 -- The Reign Of Jesus-Israel And His 12 Spiritual Sons32 -- Christ's Everlasting, Messianic Kingdom33 -- First The Spiritual Resurrection -- Then The Bodily Resurrection34 -- Revelation 20 Verse By Verse35 -- The Kingdom Fulfillments Of Revelation 21-2236 -- Caiaphas And The Revelation Of The Invisible King37 -- Pertaining To The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God38 -- No Mundane Messianic Kingdom Shall Come39 -- Galatians 4:30 Correctly Interpreted40 -- When The Tares Shall Be Gathered Out41 -- Dr. Daniel Steele Opposed Premillennialism42 -- The Hidden Significance Of The Name Israel43 -- Three Implausible Millennial Implications44 -- Three Millennial Considerations45 -- Facts About Israel From Romans 9-1146 -- The Two Appearances Of Christ Contrasted47 -- On The Perfect Day -- Everything In Part Shall Be Done Away48 -- Climactic Events -- At Christ's Return -- Not 1,000 Years Later49 -- Earthly Canaan -- A Strange Country To Abraham50 -- The Coming Restitution Of All Things51 -- Where The Saints' Affection Is Set -- And Why52 -- The Third Day The Lord Will Come -- (A Sermon Outline)53 -- An Important Factor In Prophetic Interpretation* * * * * * *INTRODUCTIONI make no apology for presenting my Second Coming views in this publication, whichviews differ greatly from those Pre-Tribulational-Pre-Millennial interpretations that are in suchgreat circulation today. However, in publishing them, I would emphasize that I consider one'sviews on Eschatology to be of far lesser importance than his or her views on Salvation. While Ibelieve as I do strongly, I am at the same time content for all to disagree with me on the subjectwho choose so to do.This is a potpourri collection of most of my writings to date on Second Coming themessince the publication of my book, "His Appearing and His Kingdom" (hdm0124). I refer thereader of this file to that publication for a more orderly arrangement of my thoughts on thesubject. However, while this publication lacks such arrangement, the reader will find much in itthat amplifies and enlarges upon thoughts brought forth in "His Appearing and His Kingdom." Itis my hope that this potpourri of eschatological writings will be a blessing to all who take the
time to read and study it, and I invite all who do so to "search the scriptures.. whether thesethings are so" (Acts 17:11) that are found in this file.* * * * * * *01 -- THE SECOND-COMING PROPHETIC SCHEME -- AS I SEE ITINTRODUCTION"A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still." It is an old saying, butstill very true today. In presenting this article, I do not expect to persuade large numbers therebyto see things as do I. If you want to believe otherwise, you will. If you feel compelled to believeotherwise, you may. This article is simply an attempt on my part to present concisely the sameviews that I have more largely detailed in my book, "His Appearing and His Kingdom."You can do three things with this article: (1) Ignore it; (2) Read it and disagree; or (3)Read it and agree with it in part or in whole. One thing you cannot do with it:-- debate itscontents with me. So, please do not write me in detail, or even briefly, regarding why and howyou and I don't see eye to eye on this subject. It is quite peripheral to the main line -- SecondBlessing Holiness -- and I prefer to express my views on the subject without raising "a tempestin a tea-pot" over them.Why raise the subject at all, then? Because it is what I believe, and to be honest, I dohope to convince some to accept these views -- but not at the expense of debate and alienationthat will hinder the main purpose of Holiness Data Ministry. If you simply cannot refrain frommaking some dissenting remark, please make it nothing more than a simple statement of the factthat you disagree, coupled with, I hope, your affirmation of continued love for me and support of HDM. -- DVM* * *I. WHAT SAITH THE SCRIPTURE? -- THE ONLY SAFE GAUGE OF INTERPRETATIONLet me begin by stating that neither the late-discovery nor the antiquity of a propheticinterpretation disproves or proves it. Because an interpretation is hit upon in later centuries doesnot disprove it, and because an interpretation (such as Pre-Millennialism) dates back to antiquitydoes not prove its validity. Some of the most precious holiness truth was re-discovered by theMoravians and the Wesleys in a late century, and some of the most pernicious errors (amongthem Pantheism and Anti-nomianism) date back to the very earliest centuries of the Church. Theone -- the only -- test for any doctrine is: "What saith the Scriptures?"For that reason, I fear not to disagree with Pre-Tribulationism that was not heard of in theChurch until 1830 when it was supposedly discovered by Margaret McDonald in Scotland, nordo I scruple to disagree with Pre-Millennialism though its roots date back to the earliestcenturies. I do not perceive the former as false because it was supposedly revealed in 1830, nordo I accept the latter as true because it dates back to antiquity. I once worked with a devout, but

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