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Outline Systematic Theology

Outline Systematic Theology

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Published by MFD Jr

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Published by: MFD Jr on May 31, 2010
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Outline of Systematic Theology
Dr. Greg Bahnsen 
Ephesians 4:7-16 The ascended Lord has chosen some to build up allGoal of ministry gifts: the Church attains unity & Christ’s stature
 What kind of man qualifies? Healthy men with healthy doctrinePersonal Qualifications: humility Doctrinal Qualifications:Holding fast the faithful word (knowing the truth) According to the teaching (the Apostolic deposit) That: for this purposeExhort: point out the right way Refute: answer the wrong way Sound doctrine: healthy, health giving doctrineSound doctrine produces a healthy life John 17:3 – true knowledge of God gives lifeLeviticus 18:5 – this do and you will liveRetrogression: Hebrews 5:11-14 “you have come to need milk”
In Order to Feed Christ’s Sheep John 21:15-171 Peter 5:1-4In Order to Convict Those Who Oppose – 2 Timothy 2:24-26In Order to Make a Good Confession1 Timothy 6:12-14 – to say what God says about Jesus Jesus’ statement to Pilate is our pattern & warrant
“To know God is to have a covenantal response to Him in all areas of life.”General: All men have a general knowledge of God All men are in a covenantal responseObedience: covenantal response bringing blessing Disobedience: covenantal response bringing cursing Special: Covenant relationship established by grace where, by His word and Spirit His peopleare able to please Him.Biblical examples:Exodus 14:4, 8 – God’s judgment causes Egyptians to “know” the Lord (General)Exodus 33:13 – Moses prays to “know” the Lord (Special)Isaiah 19:20-22 – Egypt “knows” the Lord because of the Savior (Special)
Intellectual element: basic information about GodEthical element: response to the right informationKnowledge: a justified true belief Romans 1:18-23 – everyone has a justified true belief about God, but an unrighteousand ungodly response to that knowledge.Self deception: conscious suppression of the clearly evident knowledge of GodRationalization: manipulation of evidence in order to reach a predeterminedconclusion3 types of knowledge:Propositional/Factual – know that X Skillful – know how to X Personal/Relational – know a personHebrews 11:6 – “must believe that He is” – Factual1 John 2:3-5 – “we know Him if we keep” – SkillfulPhil 3:8-11 – “that I might know Him” – Relational4 ways unbelievers know God1. Works of natureRomans 1 – the things that are madeRomans 2 – the way God has made man2. Works of judgment Exodus 14:183. Works of graciousness Acts 14:17 (rain, food, etc.)4. Works of redemption Matthew 11:20-21 The unbeliever’s knowledge: What they know – The wrath of God – Romans 1:18 What they don’t know – The way of salvationGeneral RevelationSufficient – to hold men accountable to God’s wrathInsufficient – to bring men to saving knowledge of God4 features of the Saving knowledge of God (based on grace)1. Personal address relationship (Abba Father)2. Take covenantal responsibility (blessing & cursing)3. Live in the presence of God (walk & talk with Him)4. Conscious of His personal redemptive work in heart
God is Knowable Because He Seeks Us!God’s Transcendence The quality of originating beyond creation or man’s temporal experience and exceeding itGod’s mystery, separation, othernessGod’s incommunicable attributes reveal His transcendenceIndependence (asiety) – He needs nothing Immutability (unchanging) – He remains the sameInfinity – He is limitlessUnity/Simplicity (no parts) – He is oneGod’s transcendence/His immanenceGod created & sustains the creationGod reveals & incarnates
Rationality Pertains to man’s reasoning/intellectPertains to what is known apart from observation of sensesPertains to authority of man’s mind (rationalism)Rationalism:Man’s mind is final court of appealFosters man’s independenceMan’s mind establishes limits of reality Reason should be used as a tool, not as a standard or law unto itself God is not irrational (nor is theology)2 Corinthians 1:19 – not yes and noHebrews 6:18 – impossible for God to lie Absent the only mysteries allowed in theology are divinely revealed mysteriesGod’s Incomprehensibility Isaiah 55:8-9 – God’s ways & thinking are not like ours Apprehensible – we can understand as God revealsIncomprehensible – due to our limitation1. Qualitative difference between God’s thoughts and our thoughts(His thoughts are creative)2. God’s thoughts are criteriological(His thoughts establish the standard or criteria)3. Awe factor (all of God’s thoughts produce awe)Necessity of God’s self-revelationOur knowledge of God is directly proportional to His desire for us to know Him
 The Necessity of Scripture Why a written revelation beyond natureGod’s salvation purpose establishes the necessity of ScriptureLordship requires specific communicationCovenant relationship requires covenant stipulationsInscripturation: the written deposit of divine revelationReasons for written form:Corrupting influence of sin (man’s tendency to misunderstand)Problem of generational transfer of revelation Testifies to the permanence of God’s revelation The Sufficiency of ScriptureIsaiah 55:11 – God’s word accomplishes His purposeMisunderstanding of Scripture is a reader problem not a writer problem2 Timothy 3:15-17Hebrews 1:1-2 – The Incarnation: the apex of God’s revelation (God’s final word) John 14:26 – The Spirit will remind the Apostles of all that Jesus revealed John 16:13 – the Spirit will lead apostles into all the truth Acts 20:27 – The whole counsel of God is now available through the writings of the Apostles

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