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Modalities of Exercise & Electro Therapy - Ami

Modalities of Exercise & Electro Therapy - Ami

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Published by ami_amber
It includes basic modalities used in Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy....
It includes basic modalities used in Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy....

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Published by: ami_amber on May 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modalities Of Exercise Therapy & Electro Therapy
Ami (Amber)
Balance boardsmay look like something children playwith, but the truth is that balance boardsare great for  physical training and rehabilitative therapies. All physicalactivity requires various degrees of balance andequilibrium. A person’s sense of equilibrium and balanceare absolutely critical to normal bodily function, hand-eyecoordination, and motor skill activity. However, they caneasily be damaged.Balance boardsare used to repair a person’s sense of balance and equilibrium. But even aseasoned athlete can receive benefits from balance board training.Balance boardsare a funway to improve balance, strength, coordination, and reaction time for people needing toimprove their agility. Soccer players, skiers, and any board sports enthusiast will find the benefits of balance board training invaluable.The goal of balance board training is to challenge balance, sense imbalance, react quickly,and recover quickly from the imbalance through subtle physical adjustments. Even people atthe peak of their physical fitness will find balance board tasks to be a challenge until their   bodies become proficient at making balance adjustments. So it’s advisable for all beginnersto hold onto a chair or a table, or even use a wall, for extra support until they get accustomedto the exercises.Balance boardexercises are easy and fun. We have broken down the exercises into threelevels:
Beginner Training
Athlete Training
Strength Training
Beginner Training:
There are three basic movements associated with beginner training:
Front to Back 
Side to Side
Circular RotationTo accomplish these movements, it’s as simple as standing on the board and rocking in theaforementioned direction. If these movements seem difficult at first, use a chair or somethingto hold on to that will aid you from falling. Once you’ve mastered these three basicmovements, try kneeling on the board and doing them. With all exercises, attempt tomaintain your balance for as long as you can and make it your goal to progressively increasethat time with each attempt.These movements are also standard recommendations for people with balance problems andfor those in rehabilitative therapy.
Athlete Training:
Athletes who consistently train with balance boards will increase proprioception and anklestrength. This will improve coordination and overall athletic ability as well as decreasing therisk of potential ankle injury on the playing field.
Try to maintain your balance for at least 30 seconds
Repeatedly throw a ball against a wall and catch it
Modalities Of Exercise Therapy & Electro Therapy
Ami (Amber)
Stand on the board with one foot and with the other foot, draw numbers and shapes inthe air.
Try to maintain your balance with your eyes closed. *NOTE* This movement is veryadvanced and risky.
Strength Training:
With your hands placed at each end of the board, do push-ups
While sitting on the board, do crunches
With one foot on the floor and the other on the board,slowly rotate the board. This will gently stretch your lower leg muscles and ankle.
Do a set of squats. You’ll find these to be advancedmovements but very effective.
Balance boardsare wonderful core stability trainers, but people with back, neck or leg problems should be carefully instructed before using them. They’re considered to be onthe "extreme" end of fitness training equipment and should be used carefully. There is agood chance of falling, so anyone with bone density loss should be very careful.
Modalities Of Exercise Therapy & Electro Therapy
Ami (Amber)
Electronic Muscle Stimulation
Ultrasound, Interferential therapy Laser, cervical traction,Stimulator.
Electronic muscle stimulation is a technique that is widely used by elite athletes all over theworld. It has been shown to be effective and successful toward toning and building musclemass. This is why devices have been developed to accomplish this type of workout.The way it works is fairly straight forward. The electrical impulses control the muscles viathe motor nerves. Programming these impulses allows users to target their workouts for  power, endurance, or resistance. Here, powerful contractions can be received without the painof a traditional workout.A microprocessor controls the work of the muscles, while adhering to the principles of traditional training physiology. Not only does electrical muscle stimulation help buildmuscles, but it also encompasses the toning and shaping that improves overall physicalfitness. While it is not meant to take the place of a traditional workout, it can help supplementit and add to the benefits it can offer. It can also be a viable means of exercise for those whoare unable to participate in the more traditional methods of exercise due to health problems or  joint and muscle restrictions. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using an electronicmuscle stimulation machine if this is the case.Electronic muscle stimulation is effective for fitness training, as well as for musclerehabilitation. It helps build endurance so that the muscles may be used for a longer period of time. The resistance it also provides, will assist in expanding the range of muscle movementand help to promote strength. The recovery process is also shortened by this method, as the patient is able to exercise in a non-restricted environment without too much strain or tension being place on the body.This type of equipment has been successfully used in the physical therapy and sportsmedicine fields for many years, and has nothing to do with the various other pieces of exercise equipment that are commonly found on the market. As with any other workout, thereare stages that must be accomplished in order to reap the full benefits of this type of program.Many machines also come with DVD-based training material that is designed to walk theuser through the various steps involved in the process. Here, users will also be able to createan individualized training program that will best fit their individual needs. Before tryingelectronic muscle stimulation, it is advisable to check with a physician to make sure this isright for you.

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