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Alfred Campbell Garrioch (b. 1848)

Alfred Campbell Garrioch (b. 1848)

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Anglican Priest, Alfred Garrioch is profiled.
Anglican Priest, Alfred Garrioch is profiled.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on May 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reverend Alfred Campbell Garrioch.
(1848-1934)The Reverend Alfred C. Garrioch was born in Kildonan of i!ed-blood heri"a#e. $is fa"her %ohn was an &rcadian and his 'n#lish-e"is o"her was fro or* +ac"or,. Alfreds o"her 'li/a Ca0bell was "he da#h"er of Colin Ca0bell a Chief +ac"or for $2C Alfred s"died a" ". %ohns Colle#e and ob"ained a de#ree in Theolo#, in "he earl, 185s. $is bro"her was one of "he 67or"a#e la 7rairie Gan# "ha" a""e0"ed "o free Riels 0risoners in +ebrar, of 185 and ended 0 bein# ca0"red "heselves.Alfred "a#h" a" ". %ohns chool fro 188-181 "hen en"ered bsiness. :n 184 he becae a Chrch of 'n#land issionar, a" +or" i0son ;.<.T. where he was ordained a deacon in 18. $e was a issionar, in "he 7eace River =is"ric" firs" a" +or" >erilion where he was ordained a 0ries" and "hen fro 188 "o 1891 a" +or" =nve#an. $e was a" Ra0id Ci", ani"oba fro 189? "o 189@ and "hen served a" 7or"a#e a 7rairie n"il 1958. $e was an a"hori", on "he Cree and 2eaver lan#a#es and is *nown for wri"in# 2eaver-Cree-'n#lish dic"ionaries. $is =nve#an ,ears saw "he coenceen" of "wo fic"ion anscri0"s B
The Far and Furry North
B and B
 Hatchet Mark in Duplicate
.B 2o"h were sei-a"obio#ra0hical and 0rovided "hrillin# accon"s of life in "he r##ed nor"hwes". 2ac* in ani"oba Garrioch eno,ed his re"ireen" ,ears b, co0le"in# and 0blishin# "hese wor*s alon# wi"h "wo o"hersD
 First Furrows: River Country, Including That o !ortage la !rairie
 in 19?3 and
The Correction "ine
 in 1933 af"er his re"ireen" fro chrch ac"ivi"ies.$e and wife A#nes 2er"ha Crabbe (b.18) had "welve childrenE +ran* C. Garrioch (b 188) A#nes T. Garrioch (b 1889) Ale"hea . Garrioch (b 1895 wife of <. %. 2arlin#) Alfred . Garrioch (b 189?) riel C. Garrioch (b 1893) %ohn . Garrioch (1894) <illia >incen" Garrioch (b 189) Rober" $arold Garrioch (b 189) Aldos >ernon Garrioch (1898-19) %essie >ivian Garrioch (b 1955) >erona illian Garrioch (b 1951) and =oro"h, +rederica Garrioch (b 195).

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