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Published by Robert Bruton
My latest article on Forgiveness
My latest article on Forgiveness

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Published by: Robert Bruton on May 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ForgivenessAuthor: Robert Bruton –Dallas, TexasForgiveness is something that at some point in time during your life you will either ask for or give to someone. We all have done something we wish we had not. A great manounce said, “Those without sin cast the first stone”—Jesus ChristIf you are belaboring a grudge against someone you know or love. Here are a couple of questions I would like to pose.1.Is what the person done really unforgiveable?2.Are you holding on to the anger for another reason?Don’t misunderstand the questions here. Your pain is justified if you have been wronged.Certainly a mourning period is in order. Also at some point in time you have to let go of anger or it will consume you.Let me give you a for instance; Father leaves mom, leaving children behind as well. For the child this is a horrible thing. Not having anything really to do with the troubles of the parents but all the same being abandoned. Years roll by and on some level the childrenaccept it is what it is. But never let go of the hurt or anger. Is that really healthy for thechild? Certainly not! From the surface you can say the father was a real jerk. The father did indeed make a terrible choice. But is what the father did unforgiveable? Let’s takethis another direction. The father makes a poor choice, because of underlying problemswith themselves. That in hindsight years later the father wishes earnestly he had made adifferent choice. Problem is we can’t change the past. Let’s say the father has made realchange in his life, some would even say he is a really great man. Do we condemn stupidacts?In the beginning of this scenario the father could most certainly be considered all theexpletives a person could imagine. However, in so many cases of a stupid act, one can beforgiven on some level, if the person is truly changed. The real problem is people forgetthat they make mistakes themselves. Maybe not as severe a mistake as the father in oustudy, but certainly have had to say they are sorry for something. This is in no way justifying a stupid act. What we are establishing here is a mark to say, it’s time to let go.Yes you were wronged and have every right to be angry and hurt. But it’s time to let go.To free you of the burden of the wreckage of the past, to clear away what is broken. If you put enough debris in a river you can slow down its progress and even bring it to ahalt. You must allow life to flow through you. If you gum up the works with anger andhate, you will only bring anger and hate to yourself. Stop. None of this works unless both parties have made positive changes to their lives. If thefather in this study has done nothing to communicate with the child, well then you have

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