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Quill June 2010

Quill June 2010

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Published by strsmith

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Published by: strsmith on May 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We have a GPOC PRIVATE GROUP where you can exchange information with your fellow prospectors!You can include photos, discussions, add events and links. You can access the page by
searching for Gold Prospectors of Colorado onwww.facebook.com
      q     u        i         l         l
official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado
vol. 37 no. 6
Letter From Your President
Fellow Prospectors:
President’s Letter 
2New Members
2Modern Day Pans
3 June Calendar 
4Coyote Holes
5A Bad Day
6 Yearly Calendar 
So much happened this month that Idon't even know where to start! Thisyear, the volunteers have been awonderful asset to the educational andinformative aspects of the club and aregreatly appreciated. We diddemonstrations for the 4
grade classat
Patrick Henry ElementarySchool
on May 4th. The kids were likesponges and seemed to thrive on theinput of information.
s Go Gold Panning” on Woody'sclaims and Point Bar on the ArkansasRiver was a huge success. OnSaturday we had over 50 people showup and another 30 on Sunday. Asizable amount of gold was found.There were many different pieces ofequipment being used including a G-1and even an electric, homemade,elevated sluice box in which you couldwatch the gold accumulate on thedeep v-matting.
continued on next page 
Photo Courtesy of Laurie Gephart
Welcome To New Members
ArmondPietrosantiCODan & LeslieStefanskiMIMike & LoriBarkerCOGeorge & LindaCauserCOArloCrumbleCOBillCrumbleCOSandra Malone&
KenDanielKSPhillip & JenniferEdenCOWilliamFarmerKSRichard & SusaHornCOBenjaminJohnsonCOKeith & ShelleyJohnsonMNJohn & MaryKylerCOMarkLindenmeyerCOBillyLongCOJohnLynchCOCliffMcKinneyCOChuckMillerCOFreddy & DianeMockCORayMoretzCOChristopherReeceCORobert & SusanScottCOLawrence & Pauline
SmithCOSteve & JanetSwearingenCOSharonWasingerCORobertWhirlCORoxanneWitmerCOMichael & WendiZalakerILGlenn & ConnieBeattieCORay & DianeBrisenoCODonaldEichCO
President’s letter, continued
I would like to make special mentionof Mr. Woody Regal
for all of hisshared experiences with the new andprospective members whoparticipated in this event We had alarge panning trough setup at the topof the hill where the ancient river bedran and Woody did a demonstrationusing a scoop right off of the groundwhich produced 10-12 flakes of goldeach time he did it. The inspirationand education that the old timemembers of the club have sharedwith us is invaluable. Now, that iswhat this organization is all about!
Old ColoradoCity on the 29th-31
of May
is anawesome opportunity to shareknowledge and to educate the publicon the way gold panning was 100years ago. It is
what started this eraof the new frontier in the ColoradoPikes Peak Gold Rush of 1859. Goldpanning dates back to 5000 yearsago with the Egyptians.
Starting June 1st in Victor,Colorado, gold mine tours will featurethe modern mining operations ofCripple Creek and the Victor GoldMining Company. The cost is $5.00per person. Tour proceeds go to theVictor Lowell Thomas Museum indowntown Victor, where the tourbegins. Reservations may be madeonline atwww.VictorColorado.comorby calling 719-689-4211 with toursending in September.
June 12th-13th is our
next newmember outing on our Beaver Creekclaims and hopefully I'll have our planof operation approved by the U.S.F.S.allowing us to proceed with dredging.
Last but not least everyone needsto review our
Code of Ethics
on theGPOC website listing our rules forprospecting. These are the guidelineswe abide by forsafe and responsibleprospecting. We recently had tosanction an individual and ban theirmembership due to the bad imagethey were portraying. Theirundesirable behavior, failure to followthe governing laws of the land andtheir poor choices outside of our rulesresulted in these actions.
For the rest of you, I am proud toserve you in the days past and tocome. You
re all so helpful andwonderful to work with and make thisclub what it has become today. Goodprospecting to you all and may yourpaths be blessed with yellow stones.
Sincerely, Big Ben
The Prospector’s Quill is the officialnewsletter of the Gold Prospectors ofColorado. The opinions are those of theauthors and do not necessarily reflectthose of the club or its members. Theeditor, club, officers, and contributors donot assume any liability for damagesresulting from use of information in TheProspector’s Quill. Articles of interest arewelcomed. All articles submitted forpublication are subject to editing.Submission of articles must be receivedbefore the 20th of the month. Unlessnoted, non-profits may reprint or quotefrom articles, provided credit is given tothe author’s and publication and a copy ofthe newsletter the article appears in issent to the editor. If you wish to contactthe editor of the Quill please be awarethat in the web addressthere is only one L
Ben Higleypresident@gpoc.com
Vice President
Wayne Wittkopp
Elise Pearcesecretary@gpoc.com
Helen Bennett
Stacey Smithwebmaster@gpoc.com
Lin Smithquileditor@gpoc
Contact Info
Bob Hale (719)213-3383
Phil Vigil (719)391-9975
One Year
Patrick Hill
Two Year
Gary Beaderstadt
Three Year
Bob Bennett
Welcome Back
“Ninja Miner”
The “Ninja Miner” is a namegiven to miners in Mongoliawho use green plasticbowls to mine gold. Whenthey carry the large greenbowls on their backs theyresemble the shells of theTeenage Mutant NinjaTurtles. The green bowl iscircular with a flat bottomthat merges into a steepwall. The bottom may bereinforced with struts andthe rim turns outward foradded strength. With thegreen bowl more water andmaterial can be held.When communism fell inMongolia and after aseries of severe draughtswhich devastated theirlivelyhood of nomadicherding, thousands turnedto mining the gold placersleft behind by miningcompanies and the virgingold placers that are notlocated in the reserves ofthe mining companies.
Modern Day Gold Pans
Lotok - Russia
A pan that is used in Russia is called thelotok. The term “lotok” means tray. Inresearching lotok you may come acrossfood trays as well as kitty litter boxes!The lotok is not round but insteadconsists of two rectangular trays thatare joined on one short end by gluingetc. or as a single unit, in a gentle v.over which the water and sediments arepassed. The outside ends are a straighthorizontal line. In The World PlacerJournal the author describes the lotokas “being the favorite device for heavymineral prospecting along streams,recovering placer gold from chum drillsand bucket drills, and as a step incleaning gold concentrate from bucketline dredges.” The lotok is generallymade of wood, often as a single pieceand as a result it will float. Calm,consistent water aids in its operation.The Le Trap gold pan patented in 1981is similar to the lotok, employing thesame techniques to classify. It is asquare gold pan, which claims to “panlarge quantities of material quickly rightdown to the pure gold.” The Le Trappan contains more riffles than thetraditional pan offering more surfaces totrap the gold. The Grizzly gold pan waspatented in 2004 having a similar v-shape but operating in a differentmanner. The lotok is operated bymoving side-to-side and to-and-frounlike the North American gold pan,which is swirled.
“A gold panning and classifyingmethod and system includes agenerally rectangularly shaped goldpan having diverging side panelsand a plurality of valleys and ridgesin the front panel. A plurality ofnesting classifying screens areincluded to effect a first separationof material into portions composedof equivalent size particles. Theunique shape of the pan greatlyenhances the gravity separationtechniques for separating fine sandsfrom gold and gold dust.”
ROCK FAIR June 26th and 27th
Western Museum of Mining & IndustryThe Western Museum of Mining & Industry partners with the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society topresent the second annual "Rock Fair at WMMI". A family event to include children's activities, food vendors,rock & mineral identification, seminars on rockhounding and more. The museum will run the outdoor equipment on the 26th and as an added bonus they will run the Yellow-Jacket Stamp Mill at 10:00 a.m. and1:00 p.m.!
This Mill is only run one time per year - a special event in itself!
Le Trap Gold Pan AbstractPatent 4,289,241

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