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(2) Clemson University Power Program

(2) Clemson University Power Program



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Published by munichrangers

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Published by: munichrangers on Jun 04, 2008
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Clemson University Power Program
Joey Batson
Bench Press Training
Test your 1RM in the Bench Press2)
Start the program at Phase I, and work the different phases that correspond withthe training week 3)
Work off your 1RM and perform sets and reps that co
rrespond with that weight
Your goal is to hit every set and rep at your max. EX: if you hit every rep on eachset, bump your max up five pounds. Continue that process for all the phases.5)
Day #1 is your heavy day, use the grip you are most comfortable
Day #2 is your light day (speed). Drop the weight down 15
-25lbs and work of the
percents at that weight. (i.e. if you max is 300, drop to 275). Also use a closergrip for this day (18
24 inches)
Sample Training Program
Day #1
Bench Press (Ph
ase I, Day #1)
DB Bench: 2x12
DB Triceps Extentions: 6x10DB Front Raise: 1x12, 1x10
DB Side Raise: 1x12, 1x10
Rear Delt/DB Row: 1x12,10,8
Lat Pulldown: 1x12,10,8,6
Hammer Curls: 1x12, 5x8Day #2Close Grip Bench (Phase I, Day #2)
¼ Dips or Incline DB: 1x12,10 2x8EZ Bar Triceps Exetnsions:
1x12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 5
DB Front Raise: 1x12, 10DB Side Raise: 1x12, 10
Rear Delt/DB Row: 1x12, 10, 8Lat Pulldown: 1x12, 10, 8, 6Hammer Curls: 1x10, 4x8
Weekly Training Cycles
10 Week Weeks 1
2: Phase IWeeks 3
5: Phase II
Weeks 6
8: Phase III
Weeks 9
10: Peak Phase
8 Week 
Week 1: Phase I
Weeks 2
3: Phase II
Weeks 4
5: Phase III
Weeks 6
8: Peak Phase6 week 
Week 1: Phase I
Week 2: Phase II
Weeks 3
4: Phase III
Weeks 5
6: Peak Phase
RAM #1Phase I
- %s
10x40%, 8x50%, 5x60%, 10x65%, 10x70%, 10x75%Phase II
- %s
10x40%, 8x50%, 5x65%, 5x80%, 5x82%, 5x85%, 10x70%Phase III
- %s
10x45%, 8x60%, 5x70%, 3x82%, 3x87%, 3x92%, 5x80%, 10x70%
Peak Phase
- %s
10x45%, 8x60%, 5x70%, 1x
80%, 1x90%, 1x95%, 1x97%,
5x82%, 10x72%PROGRAM #2Phase I
10x40%, 8x50%, 5x60%, 10x72%x3 sets
Phase II10x40%, 8x50%, 5x60%, 5x83%x4 setsPhase III10x45%, 8x60%,
5x80%, 3x92%x4 sets, 10x70%Peak Phase:
10x45%, 8x60%, 5x80%, 1x90%, 1x95%, 1x97%, 5x82%, 10x72%
Squat Training Cycle
Day #1 is the first squat day of the week (heavy), Train with the weight in the
left hand column that corresponds with your max (1RM, 3RM, 5RM). Train
each phase with the percents as outlined. When you are able to achieve theproper sets with the weight prescribed then increased the max by ten poundsfor the next week.
Day #2 is the second leg day of the week and train with the percents byreducing your max by 75
100 pounds. This day is to be used as a recover
y day
or a speed day. You can also use this day to train the front squat. If you are
doing this than reduce your weights by 100
150lbs. Other forms of squats can
also be introduced on this day (box, safety bar). After a few weeks of trainingunload by
doing lunges.
Sample Workout 
Day #1
Squat (Phase I)
Clean (Phase I)
Leg Ext or Stepups or Lunges or Walking Lunges: 2x10
Leg Curl or SLD or Reverse Hypers: 3x10
Ab Work: Heavy
Lower Back: Recovery
Calve Work: 3x10-
15Day #2
Clean (Phas
e I) (Heavy Day #2)
Squat (Phase I) (Light Day #2) or Front Squat
Shrugs: 3x8
12RDL or SDL or Rack Lockouts:
Ab Work: Heavy
GHR: 2x8
Calve Work: 3x15-
20You may choose to clean first on day #1
Training Cycles
Phases 8 weeks 10 wee
12 weeks
Phase I
1 week 
2 weeks
3 weeks
Phase II
3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks
Phase III
5 weeks
7 weeks
9 weeks
8 weeks
10 week 10
12 weeks
Phase I
1 week 
2 weeks
2 weeksPhase
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
Phase I
3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks
Phase III 4
5-6 6-

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