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Math English

Math English

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Published by AlexandreManoel

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Published by: AlexandreManoel on Jun 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Plus + Minus Times x Divided by
True or false:
-two times four equals eight;-seven minus two equals five;-thirteen plus six equals nineteen;-forty five minus twenty equals fifteen;-eleven minus seven equals four;-eighteen times ten equals one hundred eighty eight;-thirty seven minus six equals twenty nine;-one hundred twenty divided by three equals sixty-nine divided by three equals three;-sixteen minus fourteen equals two;-seventy five plus fifteen equals ninety;-twenty seven divided by nine equals three;-ninety divided by two equals forty seven;-sixty times three equals one hundred ninety;-thirteen times three equals thirty nine;-two hundred minus two hundred equals zero;-one times seventy equals seventy;-thirty five divided by five equals seventeen;-seventy minus sixty equals five-seven times four equals twenty eight;-thirty plus twenty equals fifty;-six plus sixty equals sixty six;-ten minus five equals fifty-twelve plus thirteen equals twenty four;-thirty eight divided by two equals nineteen;-twenty plus sixteen equals thirty six;-two plus two hundred equals two hundred two;
-twenty plus thirty times three minus fifty divided by ten minus nine times one equals one.Math and Money Problems1) I went to the club last weekend and I had to pay U$10 just to get in, I ordered a coke and paidthe same price minus U$5. There, I played golf and tennis and paid 5 times what I paid to enter. The bottles of water cost each what the coke costs divided by two. The price of the water plus U$3 is the price of the shower. This club is too expensive for me, so I will try another one that I can pay only half.How much money did I spend?What amount do I want to spend in the new club?2)Last night I went to a restaurant to eat a bunch of things. To start, the appetizers cost U$1.50. Iate four, so 4 times U$1.50. I had the soup which cost three times one appetizer, and the juice cost thedouble of the soup. I drank two cups of juice. The meat dish cost U$100 minus half, and the wine costU$100 divided by four. I also had dessert. I ate ice cream that cost U$100 minus U$90 plus one.How much was my dinner?Was U$85 enough to pay?3)I want to sell some things in my house. Do you want to buy? I have a radio for U$50 and a phone for the price of the radio plus U$25. I have three rock CDs for the price of the phone divided bythree. I have a laptop computer for the price of the CDs times twenty. And I have a confortable chair for the price of the radio minus U$10. If you buy everything I will give you a discount of 10%.How much is the discount?How much is everything minus the radio?4)My partner made some business, I´ll tell you what he did: he spent U$70 on some tools, plustriple that on some office supplies. I gave him U$120 to pay some taxes and he spent what I gave him plus U$80 because the tax payment was past due. Arrangements for the office party consumed fivetimes thirty dollars. We owe four months of cleaning services to the maid which cost U$85 a month,we wish to pay now. And we have to pay a fortnight worth of parking service, each day costs U$10.ii

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