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A Lovable Boy

A Lovable Boy

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Published by Jpumpe Bhuvan

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Published by: Jpumpe Bhuvan on Jun 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A LOVABLE BOY Hi it’s a simple love story or tale to tell a moral…………..ha ha ha , everyone say in their picture or any stories , or even in a tea shop they say amoral…but im not like Shankar taking 2 years and more money to say asimple moral and like other heros…then why not me to say a moral in astory of mine..A super look guy always feel happy when he praised , tat to by a girl…. Somy hero is not smart but he like to b praised by girls..On the day my 1st day of school 9
grade..as like lingusamy my( hero)name is shiva..don worry no fights and songs..Machan wats up da , Catherin looks very different nw..she look bettr than8
..Arjun excited n say ya awesome…man god given her everythingbeautiful , but y he playd on us manMyself worried and said yes da,I don kno whether she vil talk or not,She lives in my street machan thn daily I can see her in morning andevening,wat a color she sArjun said oops I can join u then in home eveningShiva.. no men if my dad had doubt he throw both of us.V hav fun in school..Shiva :But machan I have to try to talk with her da, but I don kno hw tostart..As like my days run by seeing her in street and class hours and I tried inher church also.Coz of her my testosterone climbs like monkey for a estrogenNo one knows how they start to love a girl, n no one say in world say theydidn’t love anyoneI also in love with Catherine..don ask y I fall in love with a most beautifulgal in class,I don’t hav answer for that..
But I love her deeply n madlyNext day is the happiest day in my life , she talked a single word to me.. nnow I love that word and its flying like a butterfly in mind ..thanks… shetold wen I passed her book.Arjun today im very happy , she saw me n also told thanks nu.Hey it took 4 months for u to talk a single word da,ur a loser’No da.. I stil have fear of to proposal machiAnyway don waste time shiva , u hav to do something to attract her.Already 4 of them proposed her. And still u can make it.And really sometimes only the friends who take very much care for a beerI confussed nw , and sleep is not coming until it was 2 , I thinking of herstil..yes v all do usually without knowing whether they think us as vdo..but its a beautiful cinema we cant see in movie alsoIm the hero here , I fight for my gal, driving in Ecr , kissing her in lips,marriage , ofcourse 1
night ,till death v can imagine like a monkey jumoing 4m one tree to othrI passed my ninth and still I didn’t proposed her and now in tenth mostexpected year for everyone to choose their group for 11
.But I choose wat she choose..And luckly I met her in church accidently.She said is that u shiva always posing me in classShe giggledI kept quite for a while,She replied u goin any tution for board examI say noShe gave a smile n started to go,
I stoped her and say I love………………………….. jesusShe replied everyone in world love jesusBut in my mind I said… no one in world love u except me and I do..She asked wat happen ..i told v b friendsShe smiled and say yes.That day I was very happy n start to read also.Our frenship is on in class, I start to talk to her , making fun , and really Idon kno whether she likes it or not ,Next Sunday I wait for her in church till her bible class over , but no girlsunderstand how many hour a boy wait, they don care of it.She said hi..wt u doin hereI said practicing for sports day .on way I saw u coming from church..shesurely kno im waiting for her.I asked her u hav mobileShe said yes and uNo my father is not happy with telecom minister raja as he corrupt in 3gspectrum , so he expecting for 4g spectrum for me..hope so soon I getShe laughed n said , I like u…………………………………………………………..night im see her 1000 of clips and videos in my memory card..i simply outof my mind.And singing dancing with joy…aiyo nan paithyama ayetanSimply a gal can do tat to a boy , its not a fault , it’s a simple chemicalreaction makes a bond either covalent or ionic , like that testosterone andestrogen bond .I meant it and proposed her the next day in my class….She gave a dirty look..And see I love that dirty look also..this is main weakness of guys.Later then she didn’t talked to me not even see meTill 12 th I studied in the same school..

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