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Stimulate Your Own Immune System

Stimulate Your Own Immune System

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Published by Temple of the stars

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Published by: Temple of the stars on Jun 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stimulate Your Own Immune System
by Wayne F. PerkinsCan you stimulate your own immune system?
I work with people that are faced with life challenging illnesses such ascancer, AIDS, leukemia PNH, etc.It's very interesting how some people can fight these illnesses in spite of a bleak picture that the scientific community can paint for them. That hopelessness can be reinforced by friends and family. I have watched many times as friends and family"pull away from the person once the dreadful disease is confirmed by a doctor or alaboratory. I believe that the friends and family are trying to deal with their own lossof their loved one and it is too painful an experience to see their friend suffer fromsuch a blow. What kind of advice can you give your friend? How can you help that person you love find that "control" we sometimes feel we have in our lives? I haveworked on a volunteer basis, giving these "fighters" exercises in stimulating their ownimmune systems. Does it work? In every case, it seems to help the individual getsome of that "control" back. Will it make the individual well again? Sometimes the person does get well again. As the person's control increases, they get some of their confidence back. They listen and practice their physician's instructions. They listenand practice their religious instructions. They listen and practice their nutritionalinstructions. They pray a lot. They forgive a lot. They love a lot. They believe a lot.They live they way they feel they should always have lived.Whether you are sick or well, the following two scripts are exercises you canuse each day to give you the "control" you need in your life. If you print this out, itwill take up about 5 full sheets paper. READ the printed scripts into a recordingdevice. Then listen to it when you are at home or in a quiet, comfortable place. Eachtime you see two or three periods like this ..., stop talking or listening and focus on thequiet of the hypnotic condition your are experiencing.1
Exercise One - Eyes Open Method
With your body relaxed focus your attention and your eyes on a fixed object.Take a deep breath, drinking in life sustaining oxygen and breathe out immuneinhibitors. Feel at one with your body. Your body is relaxing, deeply relaxing. All of your muscles are going loose, limp and deeply relaxed. Nothing will disturb you, justlisten to the sound of my voice. Each and every time I suggest sleep or relaxation toyou... you will go deeper and sounder into this deep, healing state of mind. Your mindis alert and aware... your body is relaxing deeply.Your eyes are beginning to feel tired. I am going to count from five down toone. You may close your eyes at any time but by the time I reach one, close your eyesdown tightly, this will assist you in relaxing very, very deeply. Your mind is alert andaware but your body is relaxing, perfectly. Five... four... three... eyes getting heavy,closing down... two... closing down... one... close your eyes down tight, shutting outthe light. You are relaxing more with each and every breath that you take and everysound that you hear. Each and every deep breath is sending you deeper and sounder into this pleasant state of mind. Your healing state of mind. You are here in thePresent Moment, relaxing and feeling good... mind alert and aware and your bodyrelaxing, deeply. You feel good, you feel fine, you are perfectly, relaxed. Concentrateon relaxing the muscles of your forehead... picture in your mind that you can actuallysee the muscles of your forehead and as you think about these muscles... you feelthem relax... Your may even feel a tingling sensation come over your forehead. Letthat sensation travel down to your face. your neck... your chest, your stomach...traveling down to the long muscles of your legs... going all the way down to your feet. Now think about your feet for a moment. Picture in your mind that you an actually seethe muscles in your left or right foot... Watch as the muscles in your left or right footrelax... let go... go limp at the thought. Your legs and feet are totally relaxed...responding to your total concentration. Each and every deep breath that you take issending you deeper and sounder into hypnosis... and healing... each and every soundthat you hear is sending you deeper and sounder into this beneficial state of mind. Nothing will disturb you, just listen to the sound of my voice... each and every time Isuggest relaxation to you now or in the future, your relaxation will become deeper and2
more pronounced... You feel calm and confident and filled with the self satisfactionfor becoming master of your mind and master of your body.As you relax, picture in your mind that you are looking at the night sky. Youcan imagine it complete with stars and planets and with a full moon or crescent moon,or with no moon or no stars at all. Whatever sky you imagine is the correct sky. Now,somewhere in that night sky I want you to imagine a large wheel. It can be a spokewagon wheel or a bicycle wheel or an automobile wheel. Any wheel you picture is thecorrect wheel. As you picture this wheel, your body is relaxing, deeply relaxing. Allof your muscles are going loose and limp and relaxed. Now as you see the wheel projected in the night sky, make the wheel start turning... It can go slow or fast but inany case, have the wheel move. You may also want the wheel to move toward or away from you. As it moves toward you it gets bigger and bigger as it moves awayfrom you, it seems to get smaller in the night sky. As the wheel moves your bodyrelaxes deeply. Now, as you are imagining the wheel in the sky turning and moving, hold theimages in your mind and begin counting backward to yourself from 100 down to 1.Count at this speed... one hundred, ninety-nine... ninety eight, ninety seven... and soon. Keep counting and as you do you will go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Your subconscious mind is listening to each and every suggestion I give you and you willfind your life is changing in a very positive and beneficial way. Keep counting...relax.go deeper and sounder into this pleasant state of relaxation. Even though wehave been relaxing for just a few minutes... when we are finished it may seem thatyou have slept deeply for a very long time... a very long and beneficial sleep for your  body. Keep counting backward slowly, picturing the wheel in the sky. As you do, youare relaxing perfectly... feeling good... When you emerge from this session, you willfeel better then you have ever felt in your entire life.Breathe deep and relax. Take in the life sustaining oxygen, and exhale pushingout all hatred, jealousy, distress, anxiety, and all negative emotions. You can alwaysget them back easily enough, but the are not required for proper healing. Replacethese negative emotions with hope, love, forgiveness, confidence. With every breaththat you take, feel the healing grow. You have complete control over this process.3

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