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Am I Depressed

Am I Depressed

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Published by scribe7

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Published by: scribe7 on Jun 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Aging web site at:
and Ohio State University Extension’s “Aging in Ohio” web site at:
Am I Depressed?
he word “depression” is used to de-scribe two distinct maladies. One useis to express disappointment. For ex-ample, if someone doesn’t return your call or your favorite restaurant is closing.The other use of the word depression ismedical. This is a physical illness causedby a biological imbalance in your body,specifically, in the chemistry of your brain. Some of the symptoms of medicaldepression include:
Sleep disorders
Physical aches and pains
Eating irregularities
Difficulty concentrating
Feeling worthless
Suicidal thoughts
Sad and anxious moodsAccording to the National Institutesof Health, a thorough diagnosis is neededif four or more of the symptoms of de-pression persist for more than twoweeks, or are interfering with work or family life. With available treatment, 80percent of the people with serious de-pression, even those with the most severeforms, can improve significantly. Symp-toms can be relieved, usually in a matter of weeks!Depression is NOT a personal weak-ness. It cannot be willed or wished away,nor is it a lack of character, laziness, or something you can simply snap out of.Depression affects people of all ages.When it affects an older adult, therecould be several causes:
Brain chemicals not balanced
Genetic factors (depression is a ge-netic biological illness)
Long-term or sudden illness
Medication side effects
Personality/low self-esteem
Losses and changes in lifeIt is safe to say that as we age, thereare many changes in our lives. Is it pos-

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