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Published by Da' Na C. Manns
rewrite to the doc about jacob finding a mate
rewrite to the doc about jacob finding a mate

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Da' Na C. Manns on Jun 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Bella hurry up," I scorned her again as I sat in the department store with her as shelooked for some book she had been dying to have."Jacob you didn't have to come," she peeked out from behind the shelf and smiled."Yeah, I don't come and your little friend picks this time to show her face," the littlefriend I was referring to was a vampire named Victoria, she has been after Bella for months and itseems she's been trying to get pass our defense lines but we're good. No bloodsucker would beable to pass us."That wasn't nice, Jake." she said quietly, too quite for any normal human being to say but seeing how I was a shape shifter, I heard her with no problem."You could have at least brought your boyfriend with you." Bella's boyfriend was avampire, my immortal enemy, his name was Edward."You know why he couldn't be here." it was a sunny day in Forks today meaning her little bloodsucker would glow if he came out. Sometimes I wished the fairy tales were true and if thesunlight caught those creatures, they’d burn until there was nothing left but ashes."Just hurry up Bells," I said as I sat back in the seat and pushed my hair out of my face. Itwas time for a cut.****I watched Jacob from a distance; he was stretched out on the couch, his big body lookingto almost be too big for the chair. I smiled at him as I thought about the small Jacob I use to befriends with, the timid, laughing, nice Jake. Now there is the confident, arrogant, sometimes meanand sarcastic Jacob but I love him all the same.My life, the love of my life was a vampire and my best friend was a werewolf. I lovedthem both and sometimes in the dead of night, I felt so bad for my friend because he loved me ina way I could never return. I sometimes felt like I had them both and I couldn't deny the fact that Iwas a little selfish with them. I wanted them all to myself; I cringed at the thought of Jacob ever finding his mate all the time.How would I handle that?****"I can't believe this!" I hit my fist on the steering wheel again. I was lost, now my car decides it wants to die, no cell phone signal and now it's raining! I didn't have many options; Icould sit here and wait for someone to drive by. I looked around where I was and laughed, I wasin the middle of freaking nowhere; all I could see was trees and more trees. Or I could startwalking; the old Indian man told me there was a house a few miles this way that would help mewith everything I need,
whatever that meant 
. I exhaled loudly as I went into my book bag and pulled out my sweater and jacket. I placed them both on, tucked my pants into my boots, tiedthem tightly. I gathered up all the small things I thought I would need, a couple of energy bars, a bottle of water, soap, flashlight, I stuffed it into the bag with my clothes zipped it up tight andstarted on my way.I don't even know why I'm here, I don't know what it was that was calling me to the lakeat La Push but it was something I was feeling for months, the next time I feel a calling like this, Iwas just going to ignore it because this is ridiculous.A couple of miles felt like forty to my feet and back, I was athletic but walking throughthis forest while raining had me wanting nothing more but then to take a hot bath, maybe find ahotel for the night but from the looks of this house there was nothing even remotely close to ahotel near. I walked up the stairs and knocked softly."Who is it?" I heard an old voice speak."Um, my name is Dana Williams, I'm on vacation and my truck broke down a few milesaway from here," the door was opened and I found an aged man, who looked a lot like the manwho told me to come here but he was in a wheel chair, he had long black hair instead of grey
hair.."I'm sorry I couldn't hear you," he smiled."My name is Dana Williams, I'm on vacation and my truck broke down a few miles awayfrom here,” the thunder boomed around us and I jumped. The old man smiled. "A man namedTaha Aki told me I would find what I was looking for here, I just need a phone to call for help,"his eyes harden as he looked at me."Who?""He said his name was Taha Aki," he looked me up and down then wheeled himself back,the thunder boomed again and I jumped as I walked in."Could you describe this old man to me?""Yeah," I smiled. "Well he actually looked a lot like you but he wore to extremely long braids with beads on the ends of them," I went into my pocket. "He told me to get this to a manname Billy," I showed him the three beads, they were yellow, blue and green, the colors of the bracelet my grandmother gave me when I was born, the one I wore everywhere I went and loveddearly."I'm Billy," he wheeled over to me and took the beads. I watched as his hand started totremble as he brought it to cover his mouth, his eyes watered and I watched the first tear fall, Ididn't know what to do or say but as I looked around the small house, something about it feltright."I'm sorry," I whispered as I stepped towards the door."Don't leave," he whispered, I turned back to him. "Why don't you get out of those wetclothes, then you can call whoever you need, or you can call first but I don't want you to getsick.""Where's the bathroom?" I asked, he smiled."Up the stairs, the first door you'll see.""Thank you Mr. Billy." I said as I walked up the stairs.When I came back down from my shower, the once empty living room was now full of  people, I was feeling weird. The smell of herbs and spices had my mouth watering though."Dana," I heard my name being called as another sound of thunder boomed and the lightswent out. It was completely pitch black."Everyone stay calm, Billy where do you keep your candles?" I heard a younger man'svoice."They're already set out; we just need to light them." I heard Billy answer When the candles were lit, I put my hand over my eyes as I sat on the bottom step. Howwas I going to call for help with no electricity? Today was not my day."Would there so happen to be a hotel anywhere near?" I asked as they all looked at me."The nearest hotel is back in town," another young voice said."Let me introduce you to everyone Dana," Billy said as he held his hand out for me Istood and took it. "This is Sue Clearwater," he said pointing at the woman behind the counter inthe kitchen."Nice to meet you," she walked over and hugged me. "You're beautiful," I felt myself  blush as she released me."Thank you," I said softly."This is Sam and his wife Emily," I shook both their hands, and tried not to stare at thegiant scars on the side of her face. Jesus what the hell happen to her."And finally there is Paul, Seth, Embry, Jared and Kim.""Nice to meet you all," I smiled and they all stared at me, I ran my fingers through myhair and yawned. "Excuse me; it's been a very long day.""I agree, are you hungry?" Sue asked."More so tired but I have to get to my truck and-""And do what?" Sam cut me off. "The way the weather is going at it, you'd get sick 
walking in that," he pointed at the window and he was probably right but he didn't have to be sosmug about it."Well what would you have me do, then?" I snapped quietly because he was working onthe smallest nerve I had."You're looking for a hotel?""We've established that." he paused and stared at me with hard eyes."Pay Billy and you can sleep here.""You're getting a little ahead of yourself, who’s to say Billy wants me in his house.""You would have to sleep in Rachel's room but that's fine with me," Billy said."Why can't she have Jacob's room, it's bigger." Sue said."No," I was not going to put anyone out. "The couch is fine," I smiled."Rachel is away for college you can take her room," I nodded."Well come into the kitchen and I'll feed you then Embry will show you to the roomwhere you can sleep." I smiled at Billy."Thank you." I whispered. ______ They watched as she walked away with Sue."Any of you feel different?" Sam asked Seth and Embry, they shook their heads."She isn't mine." Seth said."Mine either," Embry agreed. "Too bad, she's hot." he smiled."How do you know she belongs to someone here?" Emily asked Billy."She said Taha Aki showed her how to get here," he answered as he watched theconfusion on their faces."She could be lying," Sam whispered."I thought so too, until she gave me these," he showed them the three beads. "I had these buried with my father," he knew these beads because of the small carved designs on each bead."She maybe Jacob's." Emily smiled; Billy smiled because he knew she was."Where is he anyway?" Paul asked."Out with Bella," he growled."I'm really getting tired of him with those bloodsuckers." Paul said."Isn't he in love with Bella?" Emily soft voice asked, none of them said anything. "Howwill he handle this?" they all looked at Dana who was smiling in the kitchen with Sue."We shall have to wait and see but I get the feeling, she'll change his mind." Billy said."Yeah, did you see the way she looked at you Sam, she was ready to attack you," Embrylaughed."Okay Embry, Dana's ready for her room and get her a couple of blankets it gets cold atnight." Sue came over as Embry stood, when the two of them walked off."What do you think of her?" Sam asked, Sue was very intuitive when it came to reading a person."She's kind hearted, giving, caring, but she's strong, stubborn, and determine," shehanded Billy an envelope. He opened it up and inside was three hundred dollar bills. "I told her itwas too much but she wouldn't take it back.""How long is she planning on staying?" Sam asked."She said she'll call the tow people in the morning and see what they can do for her car.""I could have Jacob take a look at it." Billy said with a smile."That could actually work," Jared said."From what she told me, she doesn't have any family left, she lost them in a fire her  parents that is and her grandmother died last year now, it’s just her," Jacob came walking throughthe door soaking wet."Jacob," Billy called, his son looked at him and he looked pissed.

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ive added more to this story,please let me know what you think
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OMG you have to continue this it awsome i love it so much :D verry ariginal
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