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Carrier 11192009

Carrier 11192009

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Published by Mark Hannah

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Published by: Mark Hannah on Jun 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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please recycle our paper.
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Fact of the Week 
Average stress levelsin classical musicianswhile performing
pilots during combat.
Golf Clubs
Learn from Berry golferChadd Reynolds
Donor funds arbor additions
 Managing Editor
In a time of year when families searchthrough groves of trees to pick out the per-fect one, Berry has picked more than 130 to beplanted on campus later this month.The trees will be planted, beginning Nov.30, along the paved path that begins in front of 
monument near Victory Lake. The project willcost more than $50,000, a sum donated to theschool by an anonymous donor.Vice President of Finance Brian Erb saidthe trees are being planted to replace the un-healthy and, in some cases, dead trees on ei-ther side of the pathway.
the past few years, we’ve already lost about
said. “So it’s important that we start replacing
oaks, while a few are willow oaks. Erb said thenew trees will all be willow oaks because theyhave a longer average life span than the wateroaks.In addition to planting the new trees, about
scheduled to be removed.Select Trees, a wholesaler of large trees based in Athens, is supplying the trees for theproject. According to the company’s Web site,
company is known for producing trees withfoliage that is highly impenetrable to diseaseand insects.The new trees will be back-planted around
 be planted in-between and slightly behind the
trees space to grow taller and fuller with time.Each new oak stands between 15 and 20 feetin height and weighs more than 2,000 poundseach. Erb said they should reach around 35
reach their peak height in 10 years’ time.As is the case with most of the trees oncampus, these oaks were planted long ago and
The trees were planted in the 1920s duringthe construction of Victory Lake. The path was
in memory of the 11 Berry students killed dur-ing World War I.The trees lined on both sides of the path
with the shadows of the trees covering theroad, creating the illusion that you are walkingunderneath a canopy as you proceed downthe path.This effect is a common feature on campus,and Erb said it is part of what stands out aboutBerry’s landscape.
he said. “It’s something people rememberwhen they visit here and something they come
Connect Rome Church affected by bar closing
 Managing Editor
“At this point, I have no ideawhere we’re meeting, but I do
These were the sentiments of Connect Rome Pastor Josh Rob-erts after he discovered that hischurch, known around town as
hold their weekly services.McCrobie’s, the downtown bar that, for seven months, has been the home of Connect Rome,closed Nov. 13 after failing to pay
over 15 months. The bar’s licenseto sell alcohol was revoked by thestate.McCrobie’s reopened Wednes-day, serving only food.Roberts said last week’s eventsdid not take him by surprise.
he said. “So we’ve been talk-ing about what to do for a while
For the short term, Roberts saidConnect Rome would continue tomeet at McCrobie’s until a deci-sion is made as to the future of the bar Nov. 27. Beyond that, Robertssaid he has discussed moving ser-vices to 333 On Broad, anotherdowntown restaurant.While the restaurant would bea step down with regard to space,Roberts said the upcoming holi-day season should cause a dip inattendance, making church at 333more feasible.“It’s obviously a much smaller
that about 150 of the people thatcome to Connect Rome are gonna be going home for Christmas, we
Roberts also said he hoped tokeep the church downtown toaccommodate the attendees whohave no mode of transportation.“We have a lot of people cometo Connect Rome that are home-
in the downtown area so that theydon’t have far to come to go to
Roberts’ assistant, senior Jean-nene Parsons, said she and Rob-erts have been in constant discus-sions with venues since news of the bar’s closing came in.“When we found out, Joshand I immediately wanted to
“We knew it was coming, but Iwas just shocked that it actually
Roberts also said he has beenin discussions with the Rome cityauditorium about holding Sun-day services there. The buildingseats 1,000.“The city auditorium is our
-lem of not having enough open
Recyclableclothing hitsrunway
Asst. Photo Editor
Asst. News Editor
Kermit said it best – “It’s not
Kermit would be happy toknow that Project greenBERRYhas helped begin to change theperception of what it means to be
“Most people think that it’s[the environmental movement] just about a lot of things they have
Letcher.Project greenBERRY has com- bined fashion and innovationto showcase a new side of recy-cling in a fashion show on Thurs-day at 6:30 p.m. in the KrannertBallroom.Seventh and eighth graders atBerry College Middle School cre-ated the project.“We started meeting in Octo-
-ent volunteer. “We met once ortwice a week and talked about it[Project greenBERRY] outside of 
The students found the mainfocus of the project after a tripto Marglen Industries. Atkinsonsaid the company converts plastic bottles into materials for rugs.“One sort of outcome is to getpeople to put their plastic bottles
Atkinson said she has beenamazed at the middle schoolers’dedication and desire to learn.“I think that anything thosekids do that opens their eyes is
Turner, retired director of theRome/Floyd Recycling Center.“This is something that is fun. Ithelps them realize that there is
The show is not only aboutfashion, but it is also about theimportance of reusing materials.The middle school students haveplaced restrictions on the fabric of items in the fashion show.
out of 75 percent of recycled ma-
Supplies that are being used
-cling centers.
” PG. 2SEE “
” PG. 2
The new willow oaks will be planted
Hall and ending at Victory Lake. The trees will be planted in-between and slightly behind theexisting trees in an effort to maintain the canopy landscape of the area.

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