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fight4truth.com john bedini

fight4truth.com john bedini

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Published by jrod
Part of my bedini device manual. if you cannot build it with the documents im posting, then get someone who can!
Part of my bedini device manual. if you cannot build it with the documents im posting, then get someone who can!

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Published by: jrod on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I, ERWIN BADERTSCHER, have never met nor talked to
John Bedini
personally to this datenor have I
: Erwin-Badertscher 
, although I feel that I know him for a long time. I thought itwas only proper having to seek for his approval to use his drawings on my pages, especiallyconsidering his work being patent pending. As a group member and private researcher, I haveasked John Bedini through Rick, the moderator of the Bedini Monopole Group anindependent operator and researcher of the John Bedini technology, for permission to useJohn’s patented SG technology on my Web Pages. Rick kindly sent me the following reply:----- Original Message -----From: RickTo:
 Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 10:13 AM<>Subject: From John
<>Erwin, <>This is what John wrote me back about your post: <>He is free to experiment like everybody else with the device. You just can not turn into abusiness for profit. There are a lot of people with Internet pages on this device. He may postwhat he wants too.John Bedini.A text on part of John Bedini's inventions --->
What does SG stand for: School Girl ------>http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Bedini_SGWhat does SSG mean: Simplified School Girl----->http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bedini_Monopole/ The SG axiom is a compliment for Shawnee Baughmann a ten-year-old girl who built theBedini patented circuit and demonstrated it at a school science fair in 2001, winning all honorsat the fair.
The device ran for five days non stop on one and the same battery
. This youthis a prime example in following John's exact direction without change, bringing forth a truereplicate of 
John Bedinis successful scalar extraction
The Bedini Circuit andmonopole motor. Shawnee and John Bedini's picture
A word of merit:
John Bedini placed some important posts at the beginning stages of the groups to get themgoing, so did Rick Friedrich all through, along with some friends well versed in the technology.I hope I didn't bungle up too much of what they
taught, with my own ideas
on my pages. Ispent many hours making notes from studying all the posts. So all I am doing here really, isalso lending a helping hand for the ones that want to learn this technology. Teaching people tobuild SG's is really John and Ricks basic Idea in the first place.
If you are interested in building such an SG energizer but don't know whereto begin or just want to see what's cook'n, then join my shop talk and lookthrough my pages.
Study Tom Bearden's papers, John Bedini, Tesla's patents and EdwinGray's cold electricity circuit via Peter Lindemann for in depth theory, you wont find it in mysite. Some people forever theorize instead proving their theory by building it!You might wonder about the purpose of just charging batteries. To your pondering I amasking you, do you have enough knowledge and know how to build an efficient perhaps self running energizer off of its own capacitor or fed by batteries which charge themselvesresulting of your setup.... create a machine that has enough power output for selpreservation.....? Well then, get going.... you have to start some where!!!One thing is for sure;if you tackle the Bedini circuit, you are in for some pleasant surprises!
Out of phase,
Posted Feb. 4 08I would like to get you on the self running thinking track right off the bat, which does nothappen automatically, because one tends to forget Shawnee’s second coil which is the self running key to the whole SG apparatus. First you tend to concentrate on one coil, and thentwo, then you are all exited you made them run. Before you know it you are working on a four coiler and have it all laid out, only to suddenly realize, you have no room for the separategenerating coil, or two, which are there to feed your primary battery making it a self runner.Also design your shaft long enough for a fly wheel for kinetic energy and a commutator or make the main rotor the flywheel.The out of phase principle (but doesn't have to be) is roughly explained in picture form of myschematics page,
, Motor sketch out of my shop note book.For the generating coils I'd try 1000 ft or more of # 20 to 23AWG single strand, or morestrands see
below, rectified charging a capacitor and timed commutator dump.Would be interesting to note the difference between a standard charging coil versus a HV coilto charge batteries with.John Koorn also a lively Bedini tech. experimenter has some interesting news in his lab notesregarding the back-popping experiment from the generator coil.http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/bedini_monopole2/message/3387If you are interested in how I switch to primary charge of the self running monopole, then goto 
index oo Monopole magneto 11a.Also see out of phase:
I want you to realize that the exact coil design you do not need to worry bout. The Bedini SGwill run whether you use a 100 feet wire quad filer 3/4 rod core
or follow my suggestionswhich lean close to the proper battery impedance. The major difference in coils re: wires arethe generating coils and the driving/charging coils as I mentioned above. Study just roughlyRick's window SG self runner of peswiki to enhance your knowledge for the setup you dowant to build once you are past the first two or three battery charging machines.
To prevent you from confusion, Rick's SG was designed with the window motor mode in mind,meaning a change of magnet polarity at every 180º, and horizontal coil of 800 turns wrappedaround the whole machine which is the reason Rick calling it a hybrid SG.
Start small andstick to the conventional SG design and keep John Bedini's 10 and 12 coiler in mind!!!
Peswiki:http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Bedini_SG:Self-Runner http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Bedini_SG:Self-runner:DetailsDo not compare Rick's demonstrations with mine. As a beginner you will not likely be able toreplicate his stuff since he does not give any step by step and close up picture instructions. Igave up looking at his video demos and photos not getting the help I needed. Any picture isuseless if one cannot see all detail, especially if it is meant for reproductive tutoring. If it isn'twhy wonder when people do not care. Rick writes in PESWiki.com re: Self-runner :"
Everyone wanted to have this done and demanded the details but no one seemed to makemuch effort in replicating what had been given in the book all the way back in 1984. That book had long been out of print, and John gave me permission to republish it until it cameback out in the 2006 publication. I was earnest in my research and did numerousexperiments. I posted many schematics of my successful research but did not seem togenerate much interest by others.One schematic I called ‘Increased Volts’ where I used what we call the trifilar capacitor pulser circuit as shown in the one patent and just pulsed thecapacitor back into the only battery (while momentarily disconnecting the battery from thecircuit). This I did and filmed over 8 hours where the volts climbed slowly.
Most of Tom Bearden's writings have only value for people who are interested in theory andcan understand it, but has little meaning for practical applicators, which is just my humbleopinion. John Bedini is an engineer, I'm not!Rick is forgetting that John Bedini was pushed against the wall, hence his explanations arelimited. The 1984 book is not easy to replicate without any help, which is the reason peoplehaven't tackled it, same with
Increased Volts’ 
by Rick.
It is one thing to demonstrate aworking principle, but another thing to produce a practical working machine.
I do notlike the words "spoon feeding" since there are many people who would give things a whirlwhile getting some
explanations and pointers along with it, which is what helping your neighbor is all about. Just because I have been given a certain ability to accomplish a certainthing toes not mean my neighbor is gifted with the same, which is the reason we ought to helpeach other out.
Tools needed, see
General PartsI listened very carefully what was said and is written about these SG energizers. I had enoughto go by, to prove to myself, that
John Bedini's designs all work as claimed,
the ones I builtso far I’m vouching for anyhow. Now you have enough info. to build something which willsatisfy your needs for the basics,
if you don't wander off, that is!!
.Before you'll start building, study
drawings carefully, make notes while you cover 
text,thus you'll get most of your questions answered.
Re-read my text every once in a while. I

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