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Published by sunil

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Published by: sunil on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.abase v.~ oneself/sbloweroneself/sb indignity;degradeoneself/sb ;2.abash todestroy theself-possessionor self-confidenceof:disconcert3.abate v.make orbecome less4.abbreviatev. ~ sth shorten(a word,phrase, etc),esp by omittingletters5.abdicatev. resign fromor formallyrenounce thethrone6.aberrantadj. notfollowing thenormal orcorrect way7.aberrationn. deviationfrom what isaccepted asnormal or right8.abet v.~ sb (in sth)help orencourage sb tocommit anoffence or dosth wrong9.abeyancen. be inabeyance;fall/go intoabeyance (of aright, rule,problem, etc)be suspendedtemporarily;not be in forceor use for atime10.abhor v.feel hatred anddisgust for(sb/sth); detest11.abide v.(esp withcan/could, innegativesentences orquestionscan/could)tolerate(sb/sth);endure; bear12.abjectadj. wretched;hopeless13.abjure v.promise orswear to giveup (a claim, anopinion, abelief, etc);renounceformally14.ablutionn. (fml or joc )ceremonialwashing of thebody, hands,sacred vessels,etc15.abnegationn. denial orrenunciation(of a doctrine)16.abode n.house; home17.abolish v.end theexistence of 18.abominableadj. ~(fml )causingdisgust;detestable19.abominatev. feel hatredor disgust for(sth/sb); detest;loathe20.aboriginaladj. inhabitinga land from avery earlyperiod, espbefore thearrival of colonists21.abortiveadj. coming tonothing;unsuccessful22.abrasiveadj. thatscrapes or rubssth away;rough23.abridgev. makeshorter, esp byusing fewerwords;condense24.abrogatev. cancel,repeal or annul(sth)25.abscissionThe act of cutting off, asin a surgicaloperation.26.abscondv. ~go awaysuddenly andsecretly, esp inorder to avoidarrest27.absoluteadj. complete;total28.absolve v.~ sb (fml esplaw , ) clear sb(of guilt);declare sb free(from blame, apromise, aduty, etc)29.abstain v.~ keep oneself from doing orenjoying sth,esp fromtakingalcoholicdrinks;refrain ;30.abstemiousadj. not takingmuch food ordrink; not self-indulgent;moderate31.abstinencen. ~ abstaining,esp from foodor alcoholicdrinks32.abstractadj. existing inthought or asan idea but nothaving aphysical orpracticalexistence33.abstruseadj. difficult tounderstand34.abusiveadj. criticizingharshly andrudely;insulting35.abut v.~ on/against st(of land or abuilding) havea commonboundary orside with sth;adjoin sth36.abysmaladj. extremelybad37.abyss n.hole so deepthat it seems tohave no bottom38.academicadj. of schools,colleges, etcaccede v.~ (fml ) takeofficeacceleratev. make movefaster orhappen earlier;increase thespeed of accessibleadj. ~ that canbe reached,used, etcaccessoryn. thing that isa useful ordecorativeextra but thatis not essential;minor fitting orattachment39.acclaimv. welcome(sb/sth) withshouts of approval;applaud loudly40.acclimateto adapt to anewtemperature,altitude,climate,
environment,or situation41.acclivity n.upward slope42.accoladen. praise;approval43.accommodatev. providelodging orroom for44.accomplicen. person whohelps anotherto do sthwicked orillegal45.accord n.peace treaty;agreement46.accost v.approach andspeak to (sb)boldly47.accoutreequip48.accretionn. growth orincrease bymeans of gradualadditions49.accrue v.~ (from sth)come as anaturalincrease oradvantage, espfinancial;accumulate50.acerbitySourness of taste,character, ortone.51.aceticadj. of,containing,producing, orderived fromacetic acid orvinegar52.acidulousadj. rathersharp or bitterin taste ormanner53.acknowledgev. accept thetruth of admit(sth)54.acme n.highest stage of development;point of perfection55.acne n.inflammationof the oil-glands of theskin, producingred pimples onthe face andneck 56.acousticsn. qualities of a room, hall,etc that make itgood or bad forcarrying sound57.acquiescev. ~ (fml )accept sthwithoutprotest; offerno opposition(to a plan,conclusion, etc)58.acquittaln. judgementthat a person isnot guilty of the crime withwhich he hasbeen charged59.acridadj. having astrongly bittersmell or taste60.acrimoniousadj. bitter61.acrophobia"acro'phobicadjectiv62.actuarialcalculating;pertaining toinsurancestatistics63.actuaryn. expert whocalculatesinsurance risksand premiums64.actuate v.make (amachine, anelectricaldevice, etc)move or work;make (aprocess) begin ,;65.acuity n.(esp of thoughtor the senses)sharpness;acuteness66.acumenn. ability tounderstandand judgethings quicklyand clearly;shrewdness67.acuteadj. verygreat; severe68.adage n.traditionalsaying;proverb ;69.adamantadj. firmly orstubbornlydetermined;unwilling to bepersuaded70.adapt v.~ sth (for sth)make sthsuitable for anew use,situation, etc;modify sth71.addendumn. thing that isto be added72.addictionn. ~ conditionof takingdrugs, etchabitually andbeing unable tostop doing sowithoutsufferingadverse effects73.addle v.confuse(sth/sb);muddle74.addressn. details of where a personlives, works orcan be found,and whereletters, etc maybe delivered75.adeptadj. ~ ~ (at/indoing sth)expert orskilful in(doing) sth76.adherev. ~ (to sth)remainattached (tosth); stick (asif) by means of glue or suction77.adherentn. supporter of a party ordoctrine78.adjacenthaving acommonendpoint orborder alsoimmediatelypreceding orfollowing79.adjoin v.be next ornearest to and joined with80.adjournv. stop (ameeting, etc)for a time;postpone81.adjunctn. ~ thing thatis added orattached to sthelse but is lessimportant andnot essential82.adjurationsolemn urging83.adjutantn. army officerresponsible foradministrativework in abattalion84.admonishto expresswarning ordisapproval toespecially in agentle, earnest,or solicitousmanner85.adore v.love deeply andrespect (sb)highly86.adorn v.~ sth/sb/oneself 
add beauty orornament tosth/sb/oneself 87.adroitadj. ~ skilful;clever88.adulationn. excessiveadmiration orpraise; flattery89.adulteratev. make poorerin quality byadding anothersubstance90.Adventn. the ~ of sth/sb theapproach orarrival of 91.adventitiousadj. notplanned;accidental92.adversaryn. opponent ina contest;enemy93.adverseadj. notfavourable;contrary94.adversityn.unfavourableconditions;trouble95.advert n.=advertisement96.advocacyn. ~ giving of support (to acause, etc)97.advocatev. speak publicly infavour of (sth);recommend;support98.aegis n.under the aegisof sb/sth withthe protectionor support of sb/sth, esp apublicinstitution99.aerie =eyrie100.aesthetic adj.concerned withbeauty and theappreciation of beauty101.affableadj. polite andfriendly102.affectedadj. not naturalor genuine;pretended;artificial103.affidavitn. writtenstatement thatcan be used asevidence incourt, made bysb who swearsthat it is true104.affiliation n.affiliating orbeing affiliated105.affinityn. ~ ~ (betweenA and B)structuralresemblance orsimilarity of character;relationship106.affirmation n.affirming107.affixv. ~ sth (fml )stick, fasten orattach sth108.affliction n. pain;suffering;distress109.affluence n.abundance of money, goodsor property;wealth110.affrontn. ~ (to sb/sth)deliberatelyinsulting ordisrespectfulremark, action,etc, esp inpublic111.afterlifen. existencethat is thoughtby some tofollow death112.agapeadj. ~ (of themouth) wideopen, esp withwonder113.agendan. matters of business to bediscussed at ameeting, etc114.agglomeration n.action of agglomerating115.aggrandize to makeappear great orgreater:praisehighly116.aggregate v. ~ sb(fml ) beformed orbring sb intoan assembledgroup oramount117.aghastadj. ~ filledwith horror oramazement118.agilitynimbleness119.agitatev. causeanxiety to (aperson, hisfeelings, etc);disturb; excite120.agnosticn. person whobelieves thatnothing can beknown aboutthe existence of God or of anythingexcept materialthings121.agogadj. eager;excited122.agrarian adj. of land123.airyadj. havingplenty of freshair movingabout; well-ventilated124.alacrityn. prompt andeager readiness125.alchemyn. medievalform of chemistry, thechief aim of which was todiscover how tturn ordinarymetals intogold ,126.alcoven. small spacein a room, etcformed by partof the wallbeing set back;recess127.aliasn. name bywhich a personis called atother times orin other places;false name128.alienatev. ~ sb causesb to becomeunfriendly orindifferent;estrange sb129.alimentary adj. of food anddigestion130.alimonyn. allowancethat a courtmay order aman to pay tohis wife orformer wifebefore or aftera legalseparation ordivorce131.allayv. make (sth)less; relieve132.allegev. state (sth) asa fact butwithout proof;give as anargument orexcuse

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