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Red Cross, Red Crescent Magazine. No. 1, 2010

Red Cross, Red Crescent Magazine. No. 1, 2010



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Red Cross / Red Crescent magazine covers a range of humanitarian issues. Articles include features on the activities of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies as they seek to help people around the world. The magazine is free of charge. You can find previous issues here: http://www.redcross.int/EN/mag/archives.html
Red Cross / Red Crescent magazine covers a range of humanitarian issues. Articles include features on the activities of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies as they seek to help people around the world. The magazine is free of charge. You can find previous issues here: http://www.redcross.int/EN/mag/archives.html

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Published by: International Committee of the Red Cross on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Emerging from the rin
“I’m aliv”
Retoring family link after natral diater
A nw battlfl
The Movement take on the challenge of rban violence
TB bhin bars
Getting ick in prion doen’t have to be a death entence
R Crss R Crscnt
IssuE 1.2010redcro.int
TE MGIE  TE ITERTI
Red CRo
Red CReCeT
Th Intrnatinal R Crss anR Crscnt Mvmnt
is made up of theInternational Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), theInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red CrescentSocieties (IFRC) and the National Societies.
Th Intrnatinal Cmmitt  th RCrss
i an impartial, netral and independentorganization whoe exclively hmanitarianmiion i to protect the live and dignity of victim of war and internal violence and to providethem with aitance. It direct and coordinatethe international relief activitie condcted bythe Movement in itation of conict. It alo en-deavor to prevent ering by promoting andtrengthening hmanitarian law and niveralhmanitarian principle. Etablihed in 1863, theICRC i at the origin of the International Red Croand Red Crecent Movement.
Th Intrnatinal Fratin  R Crssan R Crscnt citis
work on the baiof the ndamental Principle of the InternationalRed Cro and Red Crecent Movement to inpire,facilitate and promote all hmanitarian activitiecarried ot by it member ational societie toimprove the itation of the mot vlnerablepeople. onded in 1919, the IRC direct andcoordinate international aitance of theMovement to victim of natral and technologicaldiater, to refgee and in health emergencie.It act a the ocial repreentative of it memberocietie in the international eld. It promotecooperation between ational societie andwork to trengthen their capacity to carry oteective diater preparedne, health and ocialprogramme.
atinal R Crss an R Crscntcitis
embody the work and principle of the International Red Cro and Red CrecentMovement in more than 186 contrie. ationalsocietie act a axiliarie to the pblic athoritieof their own contrie in the hmanitarian eldand provide a range of ervice inclding diaterrelief, health and ocial programme. ringwartime, ational societie ait the aectedcivilian poplation and pport the army medicalervice where appropriate.
Th Intrnatinal R Crss
an R Crscnt Mvmnt
 i gided by even fndamental principle:
humanity, impartiality, nutrality, inpnnc, vluntary srvic, unity
ll Red Cro and Red Crecent activitie have one central prpoe:
t hlp withut iscriminatin ths wh sur an thus cntribut t pac in th wrl.
International Federation ofRed Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    f g  that werealize what is most important to our heartsand minds. t is in the deepest adversity thatwe discover who we really are. n Haiti we have lostso much. But we have learned a reat deal aboutwho we are as a nation, as a ational ociety and asindividual volunteers.ven as we rieve our loved ones, our colleaues,our brothers and sisters, we can still nd reasons tobe thankul. hose who have survived, even thosewho have lost everythin, nd comort in beinable to help others in need.We are above all proud and rateul in the know-lede that we belon to a worldwide humanitarianmovement based on humanity’s hihest ideals.his bond we have with our brothers and sistersaround the world is somethin no act o nature cantake away.n recent months,  have heard the volunteers o the Haitian ational ed Cross ociety described asheroes. We will leave this to others to jude, but certainly consider the word apt when  think aboutmy colleaues’ couraeous actions.heir heroism did not start on 12 January. t beanthe day they joined as ed Cross volunteers. t wasthe preparation o these volunteers — those whosurvived and those who did not — that helped usrespond to this terrible catastrophe.t was their presence — day in and day out — thataorded the Haitian ational ed Cross ocietythe respect and cooperation o communitiesthat have suered so reatly. ten in daner,always determined, these volunteers have bravedhurricanes and oods. hey have helped peoplerebuild their homes and nd new livelihoods sincethe hurricanes o 2008 and 2009. Just last year, theyhelped train more than 15,000 people in rst aid,promoted ood hyiene and blood donation, andworked towards the prevention o HV/D andmalaria, hihly prevalent diseases in Haiti.hey did not do all this alone, however. Deleations
IssuE 1.2010
Mving muntains
Recognizing the corage and determination of aiti’ ational society volnteer
“It is in the deepest adversity that wediscover who we really are. In Haiti we have lost so much. But we have learned a great deal about who weare as a nation, asa National Society and as individual volunteers.” 
 Michaèle Gédéon, president of theHaitian National Red Cross Society,during a recent visit to Léogâne.
Photo: lex Wynter/IRC
rom the merican, Canadian, french, germanand panish ed Cross ocieties — alon withcolleaues rom the CC and the fC — havebeen workin side-by-side with us or many years.When the earthquake struck, ational ocietyvolunteers rom around the world poured into Haitiwithout a moment’s hesitation, willin to oer theirenery, dedication, skills and love.  would like tothank all o these everyday heroes — as well asall those who ave their time and money to helpHaiti recover and rebuild. hese people are thevery essence o the ovement that Henry Dunantdreamed o.We have a sayin in Haiti that “behind everymountain, there lies another mountain”. othincould be truer or us today. ot only must we helppeople with their immediate survival, we mustmake it throuh the next bi hurdle — the rains andhurricanes — to bein lookin at Haiti’s lon-termsurvival.
Wè jodi-a, men sonje denmen
, as we say inCreole. ive today, but think about tomorrow.
Michaèl Améé Géén
President, Haitian National Red Cross Society 

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kathleen added this note
Haiti five months after the devastating earthquake. International Red Cross surveys what's happening now.
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I am praying for all the people in Haiti I and my wife give to the Kroger Stores and Red Cross whenever we can,God Bless:))))
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