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Published by John John Jubilo

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Published by: John John Jubilo on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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======================================+ Battle Realms : Winter of the Wolf ++ Created by Liquid Entertainment +======================================Topics:Go to a particular topic by searching for the three letters next to it.[IBR]1. Installing Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf[IDX]2. Installing DirectX 8[ADD] 3. Addenda[TSG] 4. Troubleshooting[FRP] 5. Special troubleshooting information for firewall users.[TCH] 6. Getting Technical Support===============================================================================[IBR] 1. Installing Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf1. Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf requires Battle Realms, included in theBattle Realms: Winter of the Wolf box. If you have previouslyinstalled Battle Realms on your computer, you may skip to Step 7.2. If the Battle Realms CD is not in your computer's CD-ROM drive, put itinto the drive. Doing this will run the Battle Realms Autoplay program -a screen will ask you if you want to install Battle Realms, visit thewww.battlerealms.com website, or exit.Click on the Install Battle Realms option.3. If you have Autoplay turned off on your computer or the Autoplay fails tostart automatically when you insert the Battle Realms CD, you will have to manually start the Battle Realms Autoplay program or the Battle Realmsinstaller.a. Open "My Computer" or Windows Explorer.b. You should see the icon for your computer's CD-ROM drive, double clickon it. This may trigger Autoplay. If so, skip down to step 4.c. To run the Battle Realms Autoplay, double-click on the AutoPlay iconandskip down to step 4 for installing Battle Realms.d. To directly run the Battle Realms installer, double-click on the Setupicon and skip to step 4.4. When you click on the option to Install Battle Realms, the Battle Realmsinstaller launches.5. When the installer runs for the first time on many Windows 98 computers, itwill install files it needs to correctly install the game. If this happens,the installer will need to restart your computer.After your computer has restarted, the installer usually restartsautomatically and you can go on to step 6 below.
If the installer doesn't restart automatically when the computer restarts,just go back to the beginning of this section on installing the game. - When the installer runs on a Windows 2000 computer, it may warn that anold version of Windows Installer was found. This may be ignored - justclick the OK button to continue the installation.6. Since you are installing Battle Realms for the first time, one option willbe available, Complete Installation. You may also specify the hard drivelocation where Battle Realms will be installed. 7. Once installation of Battle Realms is complete, remove the CD from theCD-ROM drive and insert the second CD for Battle Realms: Winter of theWolf. Doing this will run the Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf Autoplayprogram - a screen will once again ask you if you want to install Winter ofthe Wolf, visit the www.battlerealms.com website, or exit.Click on the Install Battle Realms option.If the AutoPlay does not run, see Step 3 above for information on how tocontinue.8. One option will be available, Complete Installation. Follow the on-screeninstructions to complete the installation of Battle Realms: Winter of theWolf.9. Once installation is complete, you will once again be taken to theAutoplay menu seen before, only now with the option to Play Winter of theWolf.**************************************************************************Uninstalling Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf**************************************************************************Winter of the Wolf makes irreversible changes to the Battle Realms code,and thus cannot be uninstalled separately from the original Battle Realmsgame. By choosing to Uninstall Winter of the Wolf, you are choosing todelete all Battle Realms products from your computer.**************************************************************************===============================================================================[IDX] 2. DirectX 8+++ Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf requires DirectX 8 to run properly.DirectX 8 is included on the original Battle Realms CD. - After Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf has finished copying thegame files, remove the CD and replace it with the Battle Realms CD.After a brief load period, the following menu should load automatically.Play Battle RealmsInstall Direct XUninstall Battle Realmswww.battlerealms.comExit
 To install DirectX, select the second option, Install DirectX. If youdon't know what version of DirectX you have or if you have DirectX atall, confirm the installation of DirectX. If for some reason the installer does not install DirectX, you caninstall it using one of the two DirectX installer files provided onthe Battle Realms CD or you can go to the Microsoft website(www.microsoft.com/directx) and get the latest version from there.+++ What if you don't know or aren't sure what version of DirectX you have?Don't worry, if you run the DirectX installer on a computer that alreadyhas the current DirectX on it, the installer will NOT damage the existingDirectX installation. It might give you newer versions of the DirectXfiles, but it will NOT replace the files on your computer with older files. Note: ONLY for users of the DirectX Software Development Kit (SDK):This is just to remind DX SDK users that, if you have installedthe Debug version of the DX runtime files, the installer wesupply may replace these files with the Retail version.Again, this is just a reminder ONLY for computer programmers whoare writing programs that use DirectX.+++ Manual install of DirectX 8 using the Battle Realms CD:You can manually run the DirectX installer from the Battle Realms CD.Here's how: 1. If the Battle Realms CD is not in your computer's CD-ROM drive, putit into the drive. Doing this should cause the Battle Realms AutoPlay program to appear - a screen will ask you if you want to install orplay Battle Realms or visit the www.battlerealms.com website.Click on the Exit button so that the AutoPlay closes. 2. With the Battle Realms CD in your computer's CD-ROM drive, open "MyComputer" or Windows Explorer. 3. You should see the icon for your computer's CD-Rom drive. RIGHT-CLICK on this icon and choose "Explore" so you can see the files on the BattleRealms CD.4. You should see a file named "DX80" and one named "DX80NT". The first one - DX80 is for Windows 98 and Windows ME, the other,DX80NT, is for Windows 2000.Double-click on the one that is right for your computer and follow itsinstructions. 

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